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Sometimes the Wrong Stuff Leads to the Right Stuff

Have you ever accepted a job you knew you were going to quit? Or joined a program you knew you would eventually cancel? Or meet a person who you knew was not right for you, however you still allowed them into your life knowing that you'd eventually have to let them go? You somehow had a sixth sense that things would not work out, yet something compelled you to go through with the situation anyway. You felt there was something to be learned or gained, or perhaps the situation would lead you to a better situation? This kind of stuff happens to me all too often! It's actually the story of my life! Crazy as it may sound, sometimes the wrong stuff leads us to the right stuff! In fact, it just happened to me again last week. Well, it was approximately a 3 week process that finally came to it's end last week as I had suspected it would all along! However, if I hadn't taken the opportunity to participate in this situation, this article and perhaps my entire blog might not even exist right now!

You see, I had signed up for an authors' blog site ran by a shady company. I knew from the very beginning that something wasn't right, however I decided to sign up for the site anyway. Turns out that being on this site and watching their how-to videos actually motivated me to start blogging! I finally quit the site, well uh... I was actually terminated for asking too many questions about their integrity. They said I was slandering their name. I was just trying to find out if the other authors were receiving their checks or not. All roads pointed to not! Oh well...but hey, I knew where this was headed all along! However, I am actually quite grateful that I took the opportunity to blog on this shady company's site, otherwise I might not be blogging right now at all! In fact, taking the initiative to blog on the authors' blog site actually inspired and empowered me to create my own website blog! This is a prime example of how the wrong stuff can lead to the right stuff!

There's also the time that I took a 9-5 job that I knew I was going to quit. The day finally came. I was too depressed and couldn't take it anymore so I quit! The act of quitting inspired me to write my world peace anthem “Do You Hear My cry?” This song may have never come into existence had I not taken the job that I knew I was eventually going to quit!

There's also the time when I accidentally got caught up in a police sting operation and had to become a Minister of the Universal life church and a Reiki Energy Healer to protect myself legally due to the repercussions of the situation. This was one of the most bizarre situations I've encountered in my life. I intuitively knew something was wrong, yet I still allowed myself to become involved. Something told me not to be scared...that the the universe was protecting me. Had I not become involved in this ridiculous situation I may have never become a reiki energy healer nor started my own reiki business: Jennie's Reiki! I would go into more details about what happened, however this story is way too embarrassing for me to blog about right now. Perhaps in the future I will be ready to talk publicly about what happened. Yet this is another example of how the wrong stuff can lead to the right stuff! And throughout the whole ordeal, while I was handcuffed and being questioned, I remained very calm for I knew intuitively that there was a greater meaning and purpose to this situation. Believe it or not, just the year before this whole situation occurred I was actually interested in becoming a reiki energy healer. I had a conversation with the universe and asked, “If I am meant to become a reiki healer than could you maybe just create some type of crazy situation to help make it happen?” Wow! What an example of 'watch what you wish for'! However, I am so grateful now after all is said and done. Becoming a reiki energy healer has changed my life more than I could've ever imagined!

There's also the time I stayed friends with a girl that I knew I should no longer be friends with. We had been best friends for years but things started looking murky. We actually moved out to LA together. I knew the friendship was coming to an end but I held on just long enough to meet a new best friend. This new best friend has been one of the most amazing people I've met in my entire life. He helped me to become the person I am today. His name is Xavior Powers and he is the co-writer of my spiritual self-help poetry book “A Lover in the Land of Hell.” We are also both co-founders of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3). Had I not moved out to LA with the friend who was not really my friend anymore, I most likely would've never met Xavior, started a non-profit or wrote a book. Wow! But something told me, just stay friends a little longer, move out to LA together and a better situation will present itself! It sure did!

There's also the time I was living in a real crappy neighborhood and knew I had to move out soon. I got involved with a person, it was actually a friend of a friend, who threatened my life. I knew he was bad news from the very beginning. Anyway, I ended up moving out from my crappy neighborhood to a beautiful neighborhood where I still reside. Had my life not been threatened would I have moved? However I knew for the longest time that I needed to leave that neighborhood. Now, as I look back on this terrifying situation I realize how grateful I am that this horrible guy came into my life. He helped me take a step that needed to be taken!

A 3 month depression in New York led me to move out to California to start a new life! A life time of suffering with health issues and trying to solve them led me to write my spiritual self-help poetry book, become a reiki energy healer, co-founder of Self Saviorz Society...and now a blogger! Somehow a series of wrong stuff seems to have led me to the right stuff!

Perhaps in reality there really is no wrong stuff, just opportunities to learn, grow and become better beings on this planet! Maybe it's all just a matter of perspective? In the end, I believe we must connect with our intuition (our higher selves) and have the foresight and awareness to see and feel where things may lead. We must trust in the universe and know that we are always being guided towards situations or people who will help us to become better. So if you've gotten involved in a bad situation and feel like you've messed up, don't be so hard on yourself. Try to see the good that came out of it, the lessons, the inner growth. Everything has it's purpose and you are always exactly where you are supposed to be! If you are currently involved in a bad situation as you are reading this and you are kicking yourself....just remember, the right stuff could be waiting for you right around the corner! Be patient! Have faith! It will all work out in the end! As you can see from all of my experiences, oftentimes the wrong stuff does lead us to the right stuff!

Do you have an inspiring story about the wrong stuff leading you to the right stuff in your life? Please feel free to share your story in the comments section. Peace and Blessings!

Jennie Haiman is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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