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The Magic of Crystals

Crystals are not just pretty to look at. They have amazing metaphysical and healing properties as well! I am constantly being reminded of the magic of crystals and it never ceases to amaze me! It seems that I have been intrigued with crystals ever since I was a young child. I remember going to a flea market with my dad and immediately being taken in by a black egg shaped crystal. My dad had to buy it for me. It was the only thing I wanted. I believe this may have been my first experience with crystals. At the time I was just a young child and I had absolutely no experience or knowledge of crystals, yet I was completely mesmerized by this beautiful black crystal egg. Somehow it provided me with a feeling of comfort. Well, now, years later, I am aware that black crystals are grounding and provide energetic protection. At the time this was something I actually needed and still need to this day! I believe the crystal may have been onyx although I’m not 100% sure. Onyx is a great healing stone which provides defense against negativity consciously being directed at you. It provides support in difficult times and centers your energy in times of mental or physical stress. As a child I was dealing with quite a bit of stress and trauma so it makes sense that I was naturally drawn to this crystal. Nowadays my go to choice for grounding and protection is black tourmaline. This is a well known protection crystal in the crystal community.

Fast forward years later… A mysterious crystal called moldavite was brought up in a conversation about evolving spiritually. Actually I was told to get a crystal made from a meteor. When I did the research I found this high frequency crystal called moldavite. When I went to the crystal store to purchase moldavite it was the beginning of a serious crystal addiction for me. I was in the crystal store almost every week seeking out new crystals and learning about their metaphysical properties. The amazing thing about moldavite is that it is known for running away from people. That's right! If the moldavite crystal feels that you are not ready for it's intense life changing energy it will just just disappear into thin air. So ofcourse I've lost a few moldavite crystals in my time. In fact recently, when I went on a trip to NY to visit my dad and stay with him for a week, my moldavite crystal literally dove out of my necklace and disappeared. I went searching and found it at the bottom of a container full of random stuff. I also lost my citrine crystal as well behind the bed I was sleeping in. Well, these crystals definitely did not resonate with the frequency of that environment! I whispered to them to hang in there and please not leave me again...and so they never left me again after that!

Speaking of citrine, I have been using this crystal for a very long time to help balance and heal my solar plexus chakra and manifest abundance. I have dealt with a lot of financial issues over the years so the citrine crystal has been important to me. I meditate with the citrine on my stomach and achieve very interesting positive results. I will receive more phone calls for work, feel more confident in myself, etc, etc. It is a great crystal for balancing the ego and manifestation. I also like to combine it with pyrite which is a metal that can be used for manifestation as well.

Selenite became an important crystal to me when I realized I could use it to cleanse my other crystals. I also started placing my jewelry on selenite at the end of the day and would leave it their overnight so the energy could be renewed. When I became a reiki energy healer I figured out that an entire room could be cleared and energized with reiki just by adding reiki to a crystal ball. Instead of saging or smudging an entire space, one can actually use a reiki infused selenite sphere! I also like to sit in my meditation pyramid and hold one selenite sphere in each hand. It helps me to relax, clears away negative energy and balances my energy field. In fact, I've become so excited about reiki infused selenite spheres that I've decided to sell them on ebay! Check it out: Jennie's Reiki Crystals

Most recently I was guided to add rose quartz and a herkimer diamond to my crystal energy necklace which already contains moldavite, citrine, selenite, labradorite and black tourmaline. Rose quartz is a heart chakra crystal that helps heal sadness, anger, frustration and unbalanced emotions. Whenever I feel upset I just go to sleep with a rose quartz on my heart and everything is better in the morning! Labradorite, another heart chakra crystal, helps protect the auric field and aids in energy healing sessions among other things. I believe what really inspired me to write this article is the herkimer diamond. The herkimer diamond is a very special crystal (ofcourse they're all special) that amplifies the energy of other crystals that it works with, enhances ones psychic abilities, creates synchronicities, etc. As I mentioned, I just added it to my necklace a few days ago. I was feeling a little tired but my energy boosted immediately when this crystal was added and days later my energy is still immensely boosted! Not only that, I fell asleep in my meditation pyramid for approx 5 hours wearing my crystal necklace. I woke up and went into my bed, added citrine, pyrite and selenite to my solar plexus region and started meditating on how to generate more income. This is when I came up with my brilliant idea to sell reiki infused selenite crystal balls on ebay. I came up with the whole description and price: Custom Energized Holy Fire Reiki Selenite Crystal Spheres for $33.33! A powerful number! I opened my eyes and looked up at the clock... 3:33! That's right! That's when I knew something special was happening. Then a day or so later I'm taking a walk and I see a sign for a garage sale at 3333 Perlita street. Yeah! Coincidence? I think not! Synchronization! All this just by adding 2 extra crystals to my crystal energy necklace. So in summary... yes, crystals are pretty magical indeed! Even the small ones are amazingly powerful! Purchase some crystals for yourself and see if you too can feel the magic!

Jennie Haiman is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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