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Bee Nice to the Bees!

Once you get over the fear of being stung, you'll find that bees are actually some really cool little creatures! In fact, if all the bees in the world were to die, humans would not survive! Therefore, in the grand scheme of things, bees are actually necessary! They are needed for pollination! In fact one third of the world's food supply is pollinated by bees! So without bees we would definitely be in trouble! Yet honeybees having been dying at an alarming rate over the past decade or so… up to 30 percent per year! So why are all the bees dying? At first, no one knew why. But over the last few years scientists have discovered that a class of insecticides called neonicotinoids have been the main culprit! Widely used in agriculture, these chemicals can have lethal effects on bees. Other pesticides, invasive parasites and a decline in the quality of the bees’ diets has also made an impact.

So how can we help the bees? They are going through so much! Why not start by being nice to them? Seriously! Understand that bees are not out to get you! They don’t fly around intending to sting people. If a bee is around you or lands on you, stay calm! They are very smart and can smell your pheromones. If they smell fear or anger it may trigger them to sting you! If they smell happy thoughts they may become your friend! I kid you not! I actually enjoy when bees visit me on my balcony these days. I get the feeling that each bee that visits me goes back to its hive and tells the others, “Hey, there’s this really cool human on the balcony over there and she lets us fly around her head and even sit on her. She’s so nice. She doesn’t even get scared or swing at us.” Well, it’s true!! I’ve even trained my cats to stay calm and allow the bees to fly around their little faces!

I was actually quite shocked recently as I realized how well my cats had been trained. I was visited on my balcony but yet another friendly bee. I was sitting in my chair as the bee flew around my head and body to check me out. My cat Roscoe just calmly watched from the floor. But then the bee flew over to Roscoe to check him out. Perhaps Roscoe remembered that he was stung by a bee a few years back? Or perhaps he remembers me telling him not to swat at the bees? But he was such a good little man cat! He just sat there as calmly as I had been and let the bee fly around his head until it decided to fly away. Now that bee will go back and tell the others that there’s also a cool cat on the balcony! Ha! But seriously, I do believe there is a definite telepathic communication going on…and I do believe that the bees know that I mean them no harm.

In fact, recently I had discovered that a bee was stuck between my balcony door and the screen. I tried to help it but found that it was having difficulty flying. Turns out that when the weather gets too cold they are unable to fly. So I immediately went onto google to find out how I could help this poor bee. First, I found out that I needed to take him into my apartment (in a well ventilated container) to help him warm up. Then I needed to feed him some honey mixed with water or sugar water. I actually gave him a nice chunk of Manuka honey which he did start to eat. Then I watered it down for him a bit to make it easier. After a few moments he started to get his energy back and was moving around in his little container. So I took him back outside on my balcony and opened up the container. I said, “Hey little guy…you are free to go now!” And, as if he understood in that moment, he immediately took to flight. Good deed done! Happy Bee! Now he can go back and tell all of his friends.

By the way, I feel there’s one more thing I should say. If you find a bees’ nest on your property and do not want it there, please consider removing it in a humane way so that the bees get relocated instead of killed. With all the bees that are dying right now, I think that’s the least we can do!

UPDATE (May 22, 2023)! Here's some links I just received (from about RoundUp and RoundUp Alternatives. These links not only include information about how RoundUp can pose a risk to humans and animals, but also what organic alternatives are available on the market today and home recipes that one can try using.

Check it out! :

Jennie Haiman is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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