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Cell Phone Addiction

In this day and age cell phone addiction has become a serious issue as far as I’m concerned. I purposely own two stupid phones (aka flip phones) and I refuse to upgrade to a smart phone no matter how much I may appear to be living in the dark ages. However, I don't think too many people are noticing much of what I'm doing anyway. The majority of people nowadays are too busy engaging with their cell phones. The problem is that our advanced cell phone technology has literally taken over the brains of our society. At what cost I ask myself? At what cost?

I was in a restaurant in Silverlake one evening eating by myself. I love eating out alone! Even crazier, I purposely turn off my cell phone so I can really focus on the atmosphere and my food. I like to be present…really present and feel out the energy of a space. I am very conscious of my surroundings. But as I started to look around I noticed something appalling. Just about everyone had their cell phones next to their plates as if waiting for the next call or text. Some people were actually texting at the table (which seems to be a pretty typical event nowadays). But the thing I found most shocking was happening right next to me.

A young girl, perhaps 12 or so years old, was sitting at a table across from her father. They were having a nice father/ daughter date together. The only problem was that the father was completely engulfed in his cell phone. I was watching the whole scenario in absolute horror. Is this really happening? No conversation, no communication…just a father texting on a cell phone and a daughter sitting and watching her father text. At some point the waitress brought the young girl some crayons so she could draw a picture and not be completely bored out of her mind while waiting for her food. But seriously… has our so-called advanced society really come to this? Are we so obsessed with our cell phones that we must ignore our own children? What type of example are we setting for our future generations?

My car had to go into the shop recently to get repaired so I decided to take buses around town. I haven’t taken a bus in quite a while, however I was astonished by what I was witnessing. A very large percentage of passengers were busy on their cell phones. Some were texting, but others were actually watching television shows and movies. It was beginning to appear as though I was one of the very few live and present people on the bus. Even worse, I found that all the surrounding cell phone wi-fi was starting to give me a headache and make me feel nauseous. I happen to be very sensitive to wi-fi and EMF’s. But that’s another topic!

The epitome of this foolishness was exhibited to me one day when I went to go swimming at my gym. I couldn’t fathom what I saw! A man had his cell phone planted right next to the swimming pool as if he was expecting an important call or text while swimming! I leave my phone in my locker…sometimes even in my car! Is it really necessary to be on your phone while working out…especially while swimming? Seriously?

What saddens me the most though is how this cell phone epidemic is affecting the youth. Instead of playing with one another, children are playing with their cell phones. Truly, this is an unnatural way of being. Once upon a time children would go outside and play in the sun and in the dirt. Children would be creative. They would bond with each other without the distraction of their cell phones. Now children are hooked to their phones just like their parents are. And the age group of children using cell phones appears to be getting younger and younger everyday! They are watching us. We are their role models! Is this what we want folks? A future generation of disconnected robotic humans that do most of their communicating through electronic devices?

Yes, it’s true, I am no cell phone saint myself. I won’t sit here writing this article as if I’m not guilty of my own cell phone crimes. I will admit… Even with my stupid phones I have texted while driving on quite a few occasions. Even worse, I have texted while rollerblading! Well, I’m not sure if that’s really worse, but it’s still not good. Regardless, I make every possible effort to stay off my phone and live my life present and in the moment. I don’t believe I came to this planet to be on my cell phone 24/ 7. Unfortunately, this is what we as a society have now become…cell phone junkies. Is life more tolerable with a cell phone in hand? Is communicating on devices actually easier than communicating with real live people? Is life so boring that we must entertain ourselves with our cell phones at all times? Turn off your cell phone and take a look around you. Life is happening whether you are paying attention to it or not!

Sadly, I fear that one day people are going to wake up and realize that they’ve spent their entire lives on an electronic device. If you believe that you may be one of these people, perhaps it’s time for some cell phone detoxification? Do you think you can go a whole weekend without your cell phone? How about a whole week? Yes, I realize many people need to use their cell phones for work. But how about outside of work? Can cell phone time be minimized? The answer is Yes! All you have to do is make the effort! And remember folks…turn off your cell phone before going to sleep! There is no need to sleep with a cell phone!

Jennie Haiman is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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