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My Experience with the Turpentine Parasite Cleanse (The First 9 days!)

In my last article, “The Turpentine Parasite Cleanse”, I explain how this cleanse was re-discovered by Dr. Jennifer Daniels MD who learned that the African American slaves were utilizing turpentine oil and sugar to heal themselves. I also explain in detail how to prepare and perform this cleanse properly. In this article I would like to take things one step further and explain my personal experience with this cleanse thus far. I started this turpentine cleanse on February 17th, 2019, so it's been approximately 2 weeks now. But the first 9 days have been the most exciting! Quite a bit has transpired and it would be most beneficial for you, my audience, to hear about my experience!

Before beginning the turpentine cleanse, I did a ton of research. I watched videos and read quite a few articles online. Even so, I didn't find out that it is recommended to do some cleansing before the cleanse (kidney, liver, colon cleansing, etc) until the day before I had scheduled to start taking the turpentine. So I had to do some last minute prepping...and quick! I was way too excited to get started and couldn't envision waiting an extra week or even an extra month to do this cleanse! So in an effort to at least clean my colon/ intestines/ bowels before my turpentine cleanse, I took 1 tablespoon of castor oil followed by 1 tablespoon of psyllium husk in water a few hours later, followed by a warm water enema with reverse osmosis water a few hours after that! It was an all day cleansing event! So at the very least... the exit for the parasites was nice and clear! It's very important that the parasites are able get out of your body otherwise it's said that they will run and hide somewhere that they don't an organ!...And you don't want that!

I decided to follow the strict dietary guidelines I read about (at least for the first 4 days), which for me meant only eliminating beans, my black bean/ brown rice tempeh and my olive and coconut oils. I also stopped using the cashew dressing at my favorite organic restaurant! All that was left to eat was greens, vegetables, fruit, quinoa, millet and/or brown rice. Pretty dull! And I hadn't even eaten any fruit in approximately 1 month because I was experiencing candida reactions to all of the sugar I ingested which was really only blueberries and strawberries! I had become super sensitive to fruit sugar after drinking ¼ of a green apple in a green drink so I decided to stop all fruit for a while! And this happened while I was taking my asian herbs for candida (and other health issues). So I really needed to take my cleansing one step further!

I also decided to eliminate all of my supplements with the exception of my probiotic pill at meal time (2x a day) and my 2 cortisol health pills at bedtime to help me get a goodnight's rest. I was a bit nervous since I had not eaten one piece of fruit or any other form of sugar in about a month, and I had not ingested sugar cane for many years. I experience very bad reactions to sugar, yet now I was preparing to ingest a whole teaspoon of cane sugar with turpentine. I was more concerned about the sugar than the turpentine! Ofcourse, I made sure it was organic cane sugar! Even though technically, the instructions really call for white sugar. But I can't stand eating anything white and refined. It's terrible stuff! Almost forgot, on this cleanse it's important to drink tons of non-alkaline water. So I stocked up on reverse osmosis water and drank my usual 60 ounces or more daily... (at least for the first 4 days). After the first 4 days I experimented with drinking alkaline water again between doses. I'm just an alkaline water drinker at heart (and spring water)... but spring water gets expensive when you only drink out of glass bottles!

The night before the cleanse I took pity on all the little creatures inside me that were about to die. I don't like killing anything. I am actually against killing even the tiniest of bugs. Everything is conscious and deserves a chance to live. However, if these parasites could be responsible for my various health conditions, then they would have to go! But not without a blessing and some reiki energy healing first! I wanted to make sure that their death was as pleasant and painless as possible. I didn't want them to suffer. So I got in my meditation pyramid and started sending reiki to “all the beings in my body that were about to die from the turpentine cleanse.” I told them I was sorry and asked the spirit to help them transition to their next dimension in a peaceful, positive and loving way.

The oddest thing started happening. I felt a wave of positive reiki energy mainly focused on my head. I wondered... “Are most of my parasites hiding in my head?” It was a most disturbing thought. But then things got worse! I sent reiki distance healing to myself and I started feeling things crawling in my neck and head! One squiggly thing by my left eye! One thing on the top right side of my head where I get headaches! And one very prominent creature in the middle left side of my neck where I get neck pain! Oh my God! They were all riled up! So I asked the reiki spirits to help them all calm down and make them forget that they were about to die. The movement in my head ceased thank goodness! But I was a bit in shock for the rest of the night, as I had never ever felt anything like this before! It was something out of a horror movie!

Then I had a vision. What if brain parasites have been causing my mood disorder this whole time? What if brain parasites are responsible for my family's genetic predisposition for mood disorder and alcoholism? Could this be a legitimate theory? I told my mother and she scoffed at the notion. She said, “Please don't tell anyone about your crazy theory. They might try to lock you up in the nut house.” But then I went on google and found exactly what I had envisioned! There were several articles with studies on the link between brain parasites and bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia. I was really onto something! I sent some of these articles to my mother and she didn't have much to say. I also told my father what I found out, but considering all of the psychotropic drugs and recent ECT treatments for depression, I don't think he was really hearing what I was trying to tell him. But there is really something to this! And I was convinced that it was time to eliminate my brain parasites, and any other parasites that were taking advantage of my body and my mind!

So the morning came! It was a Sunday morning, 2 weeks and 3 days before I published this article. I took 1 teaspoon of organic cane sugar and spread it across a regular large spoon and I placed some tissue under the spoon to hold it upright so nothing would spill. I added ½ a teaspoon of turpentine to the sugar. I made sure there was some sugar that was untouched by the turpentine. I let it sit and soak for a moment and then down the hatch it went followed by 12 ounces of reverse osmosis water. The turpentine smelled and tasted surprisingly good. And I felt good. 45 minutes later I took 2 L-Ornithine amino acid capsules which I opened up in my mouth, as I like to do with capsules, and chased it down with water. Approximately 20 minutes later I took 1 tablespoon of enterosgel mixed in water. I was still feeling good! I did some meditating in my pyramid, and once again I felt things crawling in my head. But it was odd, because when I got out of the pyramid I didn't feel these things crawling in my head anymore. They seemed to only get jumpy in the pyramid. I thought nothing of it and continued with my day.

I decided to take a drive to my neighborhood farmers market. I got out of my car to walk over to the market and that's when I noticed that everything looked clearer than usual. I also felt very calm and somewhat euphoric. That's an interesting effect I thought! After a while I did feel mild nausea here and there and I was a bit extra tired...but no big deal! I went back in my meditation pyramid again later on, but there was no longer any crawling action in my head...thank goodness! I wondered if the parasites were sick, dying or already dead. I kept looking at my stool when I went to the bathroom, but everything just appeared normal. Perhaps the parasites were mixed in with my stool? There was no way of knowing. I wasn't going to dig in the toilet bowl and dissect my stool to find out!

The next morning (Day 2) I tried turpentine with castor oil. This time I took 1 whole teaspoon of turpentine followed by 1 tablespoon of castor oil and chased it down with water. Yuck! I decided that the rest of my cleanse would be turpentine and sugar since that combination is what is recommended for candida overgrowth anyway. You want to bait the candida and parasites with the sugar. Then the turpentine gets them!. The castor oil had me going to the bathroom quite a bit. Lots of liquid diarrhea! Not optimal... but at least stuff was coming out of me! Things seemed to be going quite well until Day 3 when I ate a plate of fruit for dinner! I was tolerating cane sugar so well that I figured I could probably tolerate some fruit! Plus I enjoy experimenting! Most of the fruit was actually not sweet. I had cucumber, avocado and tomato...followed by blueberries, half a green apple, a kiwi and a passion fruit. Well... that was just way too much fruit sugar for me... so that's when the 4 day migraine began! Perhaps there was some die off involved with this migraine as well? Parasite do love sugar! They probably had a big party that night!

Around Day 3, I also tried reintroducing my asian herb pills once a day, as far away from the turpentine dose as I could take it. It seemed as though the asian herbs didn't mix too well with the turpentine cleanse, so I stopped taking them altogether. And what I began to notice was that I really didn't need to take the asian herbs anymore! Quite interesting as I had been dependent on taking 4-6 pills a day for almost a year! If I stopped taking them, then my mood would decline! But not on turpentine! My mood was great...except for the migraine pain ofcourse.

However...I did also start experiencing diarrhea followed by constipation which ensued for the majority of the cleanse. Not too good! When I started the cleanse I thought I was going 3x a day. But things went down hill with that pretty fast! I wasn't too sure what caused this? Perhaps my sibo (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) was acting up again without my asian herbs to stop it? But I felt worse taking the asian herbs...or so I thought. Perhaps it had to do with my sudden change of diet and adding fruit back in so abruptly. I don't know... But my spiritual mentor told me that everyone gets constipated on the turpentine cleanse and to take laxatives. So maybe what I was experiencing was normal? I was experimenting with castor oil at first, but all that did was cause half a day of diarrhea followed my constipation. Then I moved on to trying Dr. Sebi's pills in the afternoon some days and in the evening some days. These pills worked better, however they did cause some cramping and I would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night having to use the bathroom. It didn't cause diarrhea but it also didn't cure the constipation. If I took the pills in the afternoon or evening, I would have a few bowel movements the next morning before breakfast, but then everything would stop again and constipation would set in for the rest of the day! So I had to find something else to take! Way later in the cleanse (around the 2 week mark) I was made aware of a great laxative called Swiss Kriss and so I started taking that!

On Day 4, I felt it was necessary to start taking my Methyl Guard Plus B vitamins again as I was feeling a bit weak from not eating protein for the last few days nor getting any B vitamins. Since Day 4 was going to be the last day of the 4 days in a row, I decided to try something radical. I took my spiritual mentor's advise and decided to do the turpentine/ sugar cleanse at night when the parasites are supposedly most active. But I made a grave mistake (one with outstanding results however)! But regardless, a painful mistake that I will never make again. I hope you can learn from this so you don't have to go through what I went through. The turpentine should be fine to take at night. You just have to make sure you take it on an empty stomach. Well, I ate a very light dinner... just a piece of cucumber, raw olives and steamed leafy greens at around 6:45pm. I was done eating by 7pm. I figured everything would be digested after 2 hours at 9pm. So at 9pm I took the turpentine with sugar and a few hours later is when the real hell began!

I started to get nauseous. No big deal. I was experiencing light nausea just the other day and it went away! Around 3:30/4 am I was so nauseous that I felt like I had to vomit. I tried taking 2 of Dr. Sebi's chelation pills to help me go to the bathroom but I ended up vomiting them out of my mouth and my nose... and the herbs burned my nose. Then I tried taking activated charcoal but vomited that up as well. Finally I tried taking baking soda. That too got vomited up, however, after that my stomach settled down and I was able to go to sleep finally. Keep in my mind, as this was all happening I also had a migraine. And the migraine continued for 2 days after the 4 day cleanse ended. So taking turpentine only 2 hours after eating (even a tiny meal) was just not enough time. My spiritual mentor however seemed to feel that I had upset the parasites and that's why I was dealing with such terrible nausea and vomiting. He didn't think it had anything to do with eating the meal too close to the dose. Anyhow, even after experiencing all of that trauma, I decided I would continue taking the turpentine and sugar twice a week for the next month or so. Am I glutton for punishment or what?

After the first 4 days ended, I couldn't see myself staying on the strict diet anymore. I felt that I had to go back to eating what I ate before or I would starve. I needed protein. But thankfully, I eat a very healthy diet. So it really wasn't a big deal! I was back on my black bean/ brown rice tempeh, olive and coconut oils and actual black beans and brown rice. I also went back on alkaline water for a little while. I felt much better once I did this. I think I had actually lost a little weight. People were telling me this... and I'm already pretty thin so that was not necessary!

So 4 days later, after experiencing nausea, vomiting, and a migraine (which finally went away) it was time for me to take my next dose of turpentine and sugar! This time as soon as I smelled the turpentine I was nauseated! It no longer had a pleasant smell. I thought to myself, “Wow, this is going to be a long month!” But than something magical occurred... I went to the bathroom, but instead of having a normal bowel movement a whole bunch of white slippery things started coming out of me. Sorry to be so graphic! But I was beyond excited! I finally got to see some parasites... and some were huge...maybe like the size of a lemon! I couldn't believe it! Then I had to go to the bathroom again and more white looking stuff came out of me! I'm a pretty thin woman, so I began wondering where all these things could have been hiding in my body. It was pretty gross! The day continued and I actually felt pretty good.

Then my friend, who had also started doing the turpentine cleanse, told me that our spiritual mentor recommended that we eat Indian Food on this cleanse because the spices will help remove the parasites faster. So although I was a bit nervous because I usually cannot tolerate spices, I decided to try eating Indian Food that evening. Not only that, but I took 3 bites out of my friend's Indian cookies! And I never eat cookies! I haven't eaten non organic cookies with real cane sugar in years. The cookies also contained wheat and dairy which I don't consume. So I was really taking a crazy chance! When I got home after eating, I noticed that my whole body was shaking. So I took some activated charcoal to detox. This actually helped. I stopped shaking thank goodness!

The next day I woke up and went to the bathroom and more white blobs came out of me... however this time something new was floating in the toilet! It was a transparent worm-like creature, perhaps 12 inches or so in length, and contained little balls of food throughout it's body! Holy shit! I went online trying to figure out what this was. Turns out, this creature looked exactly like a tapeworm! How did I inherit a tapeworm? How did I have so many parasites living inside of me? Besides that, I also ended up having to take a dysbiocide pill with my breakfast due to a candida reaction I started to notice from eating the cookies. Dysbiocide is one of my natural antibiotic pills left over from my SIBO protocol a few years back. It actually worked and my candida symptoms subsided! Interesting how the sugar with turpentine doesn't cause a candida reaction, but 3 bites of cookies a few hours later did! So that was the first 9 days of my cleanse! It was surprisingly eventful!

So you're probably wondering how I'm feeling after all this craziness! Well, I feel pretty good actually. My mood has been stable. In fact, it appears that I don't even need my asian herbs to keep my mood stable anymore. I had been dependent on them for approximately 12 months. Not anymore it seems! They were also keeping my immune system boosted. Well, I stopped taking them and I'm not getting sick! Ofcourse I also take a whole array of natural supplements that are very helpful. And I did actually add shilajit to my regimen after the first 9 days. Shilajit is supposed to be very good for mood stability, immune system, etc. My joint pain appears to have diminished although I'm still a bit crackly. My stomach seemed flatter during those first 9 days, although there have been some not so flat stomach days since then. And I am continuing to take my Swiss Kriss laxatives. So perhaps if I get back on the asian herbs I won't need the laxatives anymore? There's a possibility I may get back on them.

As for hormonal imbalance...that's yet to be seen....although my sex drive is still non-existent so I may start taking an herbal elixir I found on amazon. I haven't had anymore headaches though, but I usually only get them once a month anyway. So only time will tell! One interesting positive thing I've noticed is that my meditations have become stronger. However that may just be attributed to the Mercury Retrograde phase in Pisces that we just went into... Anyway...If anything new and exciting happens I'll be sure to post an update! But overall... I definitely recommend that everyone try this cleanse...and continue doing it! It is seriously the best cleanse I have ever done! Some people I've talked to are very scared to ingest turpentine. Don't fear the cleanse! You probably have a ton of parasites living off of you that you're not even aware of! I wasn't aware until I saw them for myself! This cleanse may just be the best thing you've ever done for yourself!

Til next time... Peace and Blessings!

Update (May 8, 2019) : After following the turpentine protocol for almost 2 1/2 months I decided that I needed to call it quits for a while. Although Dr. Daniels claims that the protocol can be performed safely for up to 6 months or longer, I've found that the turpentine wasn't mixing too well with my other holistic protocols (specifically asian herbs and acupuncture). I still feel that the immediate results were absolutely fantastic. I removed a whole bunch of parasites that I didn't even realize had been hiding in my body for who knows how long. It was a significantly life changing positive cleanse that I would still recommend for everyone to try. At the very least...try it for 9 days! However, I personally performed this cleanse for too long! Unfortunately quite a few of my old health conditions seemed to resurface. So it's all about balance folks! I have a great tendency to overdue things a bit. I've learned my lesson and I am grateful for the experience. Perhaps in a year or so from now I will do it all again. But next time... Perhaps 2 weeks at the most!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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