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“Pif is Like Real Life” Hip Hop Poetry Lyrics

From Queens New York to LA, had a plan, make it someday

Sell you a dream, lie in your face, that's the Hollywood way

But that's okay, answered craigslist ads, went room to room

It was ground hog day, was trapped in doom and gloom

Wouldn't sleep with these men- kicked out homeless again

Scraping money together for hotels, had to fend

Crying daily, hopeless but I wouldn't give up

I was stronger than that, I knew I'd triumph

Told I was too skinny, too white and too female

Rejection superficial, no one looking at true skill

A positive MC, I spit truth most can't handle

Jealous rappers out done by a woman? Now that's a scandal!

I demand respect, but how can I change minds?

With all this bitch, hoe and slut on tv all the time!

Controlled masses, my style's nothing but bad ass

Y'all better recognize, Pif's flow is like madness

Pif is like, Pif Pif Pif Pif Pif is like- real life

I'm from New York

Pif is like, Pif Pif Pif Pif Pif is like- real life

I'm from New York

Backstabbing best friends, music managers and partners

Had to learn the hard way there's a business to this art form

I was quick to anger, diplomacy not my thing

'Til I learned to meditate, I could never win

Worked as a stripper for a while, prostitution ain't my game

Never knock another's hustle, never know just where they've been

Been to hell and back- but life goes on, I ain't no pawn

and although I've been scorned, with this game I have been warned

I woke up, third eye active, channeled verses, rhymes like magic

Style so intense, no record deal just would be tragic

Famous with the universe, if your blind to see

all the beauty and God energy that's inside of me

Infinity- I live on through my words, uplift your thoughts with my verse

A female MC is a blessing, not a curse

Not looking for love, for love I do not search

For the love is in my words- with every verse I give birth

Pif is like, Pif Pif Pif Pif Pif is like- real life

I'm from New York

Pif is like, Pif Pif Pif Pif Pif is like- real life

I'm from New York

I rise above all genders, nationality and race

Beyond astrology, humanity, this body and this face

Time and space- Light being, enlightened empath

Sacred geometry, math, I don't talk- I walk the path

God frequency, synchronicity, simplicity

I pluck my rhymes out of the highest galaxy

Divine thought, intellectual spark-

I won't stop 'til I make my mark!

Risen from the dark, evolved spirit, old soul

Don't believe in aging- so I'll never grow old

Style so bold, I spit fire, never a work for hire

Better come correct, I can see through liars

I aspire for nothing, I live my craft

In service to mankind, I speak on your behalf

A genius mind, I'm the rarest find

Resilient, Brilliant, PifStar is like one of a kind!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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