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HOW You Eat May Be Just As Important As WHAT You Eat!

I've recently embarked on an incredible journey down the rabbit hole of "Human Design". As I discussed in my last article, Human Design is a system of self- knowledge designed to help you understand how to navigate this plane of existence more efficiently in order to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. I actually found out about Human Design approximately 2 or so weeks ago when I visited a neighborhood cafe to purchase a healthy meal. I'm quite the talker and so I started to telling one of the female employees how I've been dealing with health issues for a long time and I just don't know what I should be eating anymore. I've tried several diets, doctors, supplements, acupuncture, herbs, meditation, reiki... etc. I've made tremendous progress ofcourse, but I'm still experiencing some issues. I've been wondering what's missing from my equation here! The female employee told me to look up something called "Human Design". She didn't explain what it was, but I wrote it down and thanked her for the information. I returned home and googled "Human Design". I decided to get a free Human Design chart (Bodygraph) created for me online and then I started looking up keywords in my chart. But nothing I found said anything about diet or nutrition. So I was left wondering why this lady would even recommend that I look up Human Design. I left the whole thing alone until about a week and a half later when I overheard my friend talking on the phone about Human Design. This re-sparked my interest. There must've been a good reason for Human Design to pop up once again so quickly. So I went back online and decided to dig deeper. I soon found out that when you get past your type, inner authority and all the other surface level stuff, there's an advanced study of Human Design called “The Four Keys of Transformation.” And within The Four Keys of Transformation we have the Primary Health System “PHS” (inner design), the Environment (outer design) and Rave Psychology (inner and outer designs). I was particularly interested in the Primary Health System to start because it seemed to focus on diet. But when I began researching the Primary Health System, I soon found out that it doesn't actually recommend any particular diet. I was astounded... and confused! No particular diet? I was a bit disappointed. I suppose, like the rest of us, I am just so conditioned to hear that one diet is better than the next that I expected to hear a dietary recommendation for my Human Design chart. I felt that maybe I had to look elsewhere for answers. But I kept studying and things got real interesting actually! Turns's not what you eat that matters! It's how you eat! And perhaps even where you eat! Rather... how you digest and doing so in your optimal environment! I was flabbergasted! But it all started to make sense to me. The Primary Health System explains how we are designed to eat in order to optimize digestion. Turns out that we all happen to digest a little differently! And by the way, digest doesn't just refer to digesting food, it refers to digesting anything in life. Now that's something I never heard before! As for the environment... The environment explains the most supportive environment for an individual whereby they will experience the least resistance. Therefore eating in one's best environment should optimize their digestion of food (and of life). Fascinating!

Some people have a very primitive digestive system and will only be able to eat one particular food at a time, finish it and move on the next piece of food or alternate back and forth between foods. Others can only ingest warm liquids and foods or cold liquids and foods. Some need to listen to music or people speaking while eating while others must eat in silence or with the volume turned down. Some need to eat calmly while others should eat nervously, etc. In terms of environments, some people do better in crowded places while others should be alone or with one person at a time. Some people do better in humid environments while others should be in dry environments... etc etc... I've actually included a chart down below of all the possibilities! It's very interesting to see how this is all organized.

As I've recently found out, I should be eating with music playing or while hearing people talk. It makes sense to me... As a child I always did my homework while watching television and I got excellent grades! Obviously I digested my school work better hearing voices talking in the background. Interesting huh? So you see, it's not all about digesting food! My best environment happens to be indoors as opposed to outside in nature and it should be a dry, non-humid hot environment... Funny thing- I always intuitively turn the air conditioner off when I sit down to eat. It's as if I digest better when my body temperature is hot rather than cold. But it must be dry heat! No humidity for me! Humidity is pretty low in Los Angeles so thankfully I happen to be living in the right place!

I believe many of us are already intuitively eating the way we're supposed to, however there's also a high percentage of individuals who feel pressure to conform to societal norms. Perhaps you eat lunch everyday surrounded by loud co-workers when in reality you need to eat alone in silence? Or perhaps you're eating during the daytime when you are meant to eat at night! Eating the wrong way could actually spell disaster for your health and well being! And when you start eating the right way you may find that you're functioning at a much higher and more productive level. This tends to be the case! Since I've started implementing my Primary Health System and Environment information I've been feeling a boost of energy. I've even managed to get my headaches under control! All I have to do is put some headphones on and listen to some chakra music or positive affirmations. The pain eventually subsides! It's quite incredible!

So if you're experiencing digestion issues or any other health issues, you may wish to experiment and see which way of eating/ digesting works best for you. Or, you can get an advanced reading of your Human Design Chart so you know exactly the right steps to take! I personally did a lot of reading and then paid $30 for an advanced chart which I managed to decode using the "Four Transformations" chart down below. It's really not that difficult to figure out... if you enjoy studying! Anyway, "The Four Keys of Transformation", particularly "The Primary Health System" and "Environment" of Human Design, is definitely something to look into! I'm going to continue studying this brilliant system. I just can't wait to see what I learn next! Wishing you all the best on your spiritual health conscious journey! Peace and Blessings!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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