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No Kids, It's Not Cool To Be a Sociopath!

We happen to be in the pre-shadow phase of a very dark Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio that actually goes retrograde on October 31st...Halloween! At the same time, the movie “The Joker” has just been released exactly one week before the pre-shadow phase began! Coincidence? I think not! Now, I have not actually watched this movie, however I was given a detailed description from my good friend who did happen to watch this film in its entirely. Basically, if you haven't seen the film, a very normal and kind hearted young man, who is constantly being mistreated and bullied by others, eventually loses his job, is taken off his psychotropic meds and turns into a cold hearted killer. The audience is made to empathize and feel sorry for this young man and his unfortunate plight in life. But even worse, instead of being depicted as a cold hearted criminal sociopath killer, he ends up being the hero of the movie! So what is the message we are telling our kids with this movie? The message ends up being that it's cool, and perhaps even heroic, to stop taking your psychotropic meds and become a sociopathic killer. The message is that nice guys finish last... That being a good guy is not going to bring us any satisfaction, peace of mind or happiness in our disturbed world. In fact, the young man in the film appears to be happier once he stops taking his meds and starts taking out his pent up rage on those who would bully him. Yes, perhaps the bullies did deserve some type of justice? But is killing them really the correct way to deal with the situation? Perhaps yes, if it was a matter of life and death and protecting oneself from harm. But, no, if one has stopped taking their medication and is acting out of a mental imbalance, then we are dealing with a whole other extreme. Do we not see that these movies are destroying our youth? Children are quite impressionable. So are many adults! This is negative subliminal programming at its worst! Yes, I do believe in freedom of speech and the expression of art... but this movie is condoning violence as a positive way of dealing with being mistreated and bullied. Yes, bullying is wrong and has to stop and yes, children and adults do need to stand up for themselves in some way. However, getting angry and going on a killing spree is not the way folks! We are creating a society whereby school shootings are becoming the norm. Schools are actually having drills for school shootings now! On the otherhand, I would say that this movie is a double edged sword because although it is condoning violent behavior, it is also showing us what the problem is... and it is important to understand the problem if we are to ever find a solution! And we must also understand that there is an underlying agenda to take the guns out of people's hands right now. All these shootings taking place puts pressure on the public and political representatives to take away our second amendment rights to bear arms. But do you really believe that taking away the guns or gun rights is going to resolve this problem? No! It's the violence in video games, and television shows, music and movies that is the ultimate problem here! It's the subliminal programming, the mass manipulation, the promotion of violence that is the problem! We are teaching society and its future generations that violence is the way! That is the problem! And, another issue is that we are placing our children on loads of dangerous pharmaceuticals and psychotropic drugs that are creating more problems than good. Even worse, the powers that be are making it so that children and adults are getting hooked on these medications. Then people are getting their health insurance taken away leaving them with no access to the drugs that they are now helplessly addicted to. Drug withdrawal is a massive social crisis that we as a society are currently facing. Instead of placing children on all these toxic and addictive medications, it would be in our best interest to incorporate a more natural healing approach. What we really need to do is take more responsibility for what we allow our children to view and listen to, and what we allow our children to ingest in terms of medications, drugs and unhealthy foods. We need to take steps to ensure that our children are being exposed to positive, meaningful, helpful, balanced ways of being and self expression. We need to teach people, starting at a young age, to be more tolerant and respectful of people who are different and to just be more compassionate and loving beings. We need to teach self-love. We need to teach children (and adults) not to bully one another. And, to take things one step further, we need to eat healthier, learn to meditate and engage in activities that are positive, uplifting and inspiring. And we need to teach our children to do the same. This is how we change the world folks. This is how we create a better future. We must take responsibility for our consciousness and the consciousness of our future generations! Indeed, we all have a choice! We can get sucked into the negativity or we can rise above it and become better people... a more spiritually and consciously evolved people! A more spiritually and consciously evolved society! Rising above the negativity and subliminal programming is always going to be a challenge, as well as take extra strength and willpower, especially for those who are being treated poorly by society. It is not an easy path. Perhaps a path less travelled by most these days although it doesn't have to be this way! What happens to the young man in the movie is quite understandable. But I assure you... getting off your meds and killing so-called bad people is not the answer. Being a sociopath is not cool! And we need to make sure as a society that we don't allow our children, our future generations, to start believing that this type of behavior is right or cool! Folks... there is an evil agenda at play and it is directed mainly at our children. We need to start taking responsibility for our society and society's children... our future! We need to invoke some positive change now while we still have the chance! I'd like to add, if you are a child, young adult or even an adult reading this article, and you are having violent thoughts due to feeling mistreated by society, I urge you to seek professional help. There are plenty of free and affordable counseling services available. Just google free mental health counseling services online. If you are interested in getting taken off of your psychotropic drugs, I urge you to do this with a licensed psychiatrist. It is very dangerous to take it upon yourself to ween off of pharmaceuticals. I personally believe in taking natural substances for mental health, but you must still ween off of your psychotropic drugs properly and not stop taking them cold turkey. I am aware that the world can be a cruel place and people can be heartless scum bags, but good caring people do exist. Please try to see the good in the world. It may be difficult to reprogram yourself to see the good after being treated badly for so long, but it is possible. With a little faith and effort, your thoughts and reality can change for the better. Peace and Blessings!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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