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Perhaps It’s Time For a New Moon Cleanse!

When I was in college, quite a long time ago, I was diagnosed with a gastrointestinal condition called gastritis. More recently, just a few years back, I was diagnosed with yet another gastrointestinal condition called small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (sibo). Besides suffering from gastrointestinal health problems for most of my life, I’ve also been dealing with a mood disorder, joint pain, migraines and so forth. After receiving alternative treatments from a few different integrative doctors, a nutritionist and a naturopath, and adjusting my diet several times, I finally discovered that acupuncture and herbs is the answer for me!

I have been visiting my favorite Korean acupuncturist Dr. Kim religiously for around 3-4 years now. I follow his dietary advice, and for a very long time I visited him weekly for acupuncture treatments and took his amazing herbs daily. As my condition improved I started to take breaks from acupuncture treatments and herbs. Usually after about a month or so without the acupuncture and herbs my health would begin to decline at which point I would go back to see Dr. Kim and everything would get better again. More recently, I’ve been able to stop seeing Dr. Kim for months and not have any problems. I even came up with my own daily regimen of herbs… and it was working…for a while!

Then covid-19 hit and I started to eat all types of foods that I don’t normally consume! I was doing very well for a while and so I continued eating these foods (grassfed burgers, fries, ketchup, cookies, vegan icecream, vegan/ gluten free pizza, breads, pastas and so forth). I also continued drinking my superfood shakes and I started practicing intermittent fasting whereby I would only eat one solid meal a day. I was hoping the intermittent fasting would help combat eating all of these foods that I don’t normally eat.

However, just a few days ago on Monday July 20, 2020 we entered into a New Moon Cycle. In the week leading up to the new moon I had become aware that my gastrointestinal health was beginning to suffer… again! My mood was also going down hill… Joint pain, sensitive teeth and pain/ringing in my left ear. All bad signs! I tried taking digestive enzyme pills… many many digestive enzyme pills and probiotics! But it was too late. The damage had been done! And so I knew that alas it was time for a cleanse to re-boot my digestive system and start over again!

So on Sunday evening (the night before the new moon) I began my week of cleansing. I started with a healing salt bath. Then before bed I drank psyllium husk with bentonite clay to cleanse my intestinal tract and colon. The next day, Day 1 (Monday- New Moon Day) I started my day off with some coconut oil pulling. Oil pulling draws out toxins from the body among other health benefits. Then I decided to stop eating solid food altogether! Fasting is an excellent way to give one’s digestive system a break and help the body to detox. I had two protein shakes… along with all of my superfoods and supplements. Unfortunately the 2nd shake didn’t digest so well so I decided to completely eliminate my shakes, superfoods and supplements (at least a for a little while).

On Tuesday, Day 2, all I consumed was thin liquids (basically juicing.) I drank fresh pressed juices, veggies and almond milks. I also got lucky and managed to get a last minute appointment with Dr. Kim. It was so nice to see him again and I was especially pleased that he was still in business! I was given an acupuncture treatment and I purchased his amazing life changing herbs… which I started taking immediately after the treatment. Finally, my last drink of the day was an absolutely delicious coconut activated charcoal lemonade! Activated charcoal helps rid the body of unwanted toxic substances.

I continued taking my herbs, oil pulling and only drinking my fruit, veggie and almond milks on Day 3… all in preparation for the big event on Day 4 (Thursday) a colonic! Ha ha! I may continue with the liquids through Friday and perhaps even through the weekend. But as I write this article I am already feeling better! The big test is to see what will happen when I start eating solid foods again. But I’m sure everything will work out just fine because Dr. Kim’s herbs are the real deal! And I will definitely start visiting him again weekly. It’s apparent that I’m not the only one with this idea, as his office was seriously packed on Tuesday. Well, not that packed (Covid)! But packed enough!

So if you’ve been slacking off these last few months, as many of us have been doing due to the stress of this pandemic, perhaps now is the time to take the initiative to do a cleanse! It doesn’t have to be as intricate or extreme as what I’m doing… I like to push myself to the limit and take things as far as I can go. But just a little cleansing goes a long way! So perhaps while we are still in this new moon cycle you may try one or more of the things I have mentioned in this article. It’s not that difficult! Take good care of yourself! Your body, mind and spirit will thank you!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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