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5G & Covid-19 Vaccine Warning!

Sorry folks but it's time for another Covid-19 vaccine (and 5G) warning article! I try to keep my articles as positive as I can.... But just look at the world we live in... It's not a pleasant reality! And I believe it's quite important that we try to protect ourselves from any type of impending danger. But don't worry... I'm gonna keep this article short & sweet... well, not really sweet... but to the point. So here goes... The following is a series of text messages that I recently sent to my loved ones (who are mostly vaccinated...unfortunately)...

"I highly recommend that you get rid of anything 5g, smart appliances/smart tv asap!"

"Its going to affect the vaccinated more than anyone!"

"People are going to start having heart attacks, seizures and just going crazy from the 5g being shot through the phones and appliances...especially the vaccinated!"

"Weapons for self defense have also been recommended cause people are about to go crazy! You've been warned!"

"Hundreds of people died at at the astro world festival concert recently. The audience was all vaccinated and they were being hit with a 5g vibration weapon. People have been posting about what happened but the posts are being repeatedly censored off the internet."

"You can look up Travis Scott Astroworld on bitchute. It was a satanic ritual using 5g. Hundreds died!"

"Ive been told that the vibration was affecting people who were carrying 5g phones in their pockets."

"However this deadly vibration shoots out from anything 5g and smart appliances. This is why AT&T is now adding 5g fiber optic wiring to apartment buildings. Its now installed in my building but I told them I didn't want it in my apartment.

"By the way, I viewed footage of the concert. The musician Travis Scott was telling the audience that they were going to die that night. As people were falling over and getting trampled he wouldn't stop performing. People were screaming for him to stop the show. It was very creepy to watch."

"When millions of people start dying soon they are going to say its because of the next covid variant. However the real cause is going to be 5g and its going to affect the vaccinated more than anyone. This has been the plan all along! Stay away from all 5g and smart appliances!"

"At this present time I can only think of a hand full of ways to combat this agenda. 1. Dont get vaccinated 2. Stay away from 5g and smart technology 3. Stay away from crowds of people and 4. Utilize earthing/grounding technology"

"Oh yeah... 5. You may need to invest in weapons for self defense."

So the Next Day This Happens...

"This info was just forwarded to me today! Fwd: "NRG Park is one of the places in the world that uses 5G Ultra Wideband.

So many young people going into cardiac arrest? That’s not from being crushed or trampled. That’s due to something happening in the blood and heart.

The footage I saw of the first person being carried out of the crowd unconscious… the crowd was still and there was room to move. He wasn’t crushed.

There WERE people getting crushed, also, but that’s not why some went into cardiac arrest.

Not only do 5G frequencies cause a “fight or flight” response in the body (explains the trampling)…

…But if the mRNA technology in the vaxxes is responsive to 5G and EMF, we are lining people up for heart damage at these 5G events!


(The mRNA vaxxes contain copolymer nanoparticles.

“light, temperature, pH, power (electro-responsive), magnetic field and ultrasound have been used to control drug release from copolymer nanoparticles.”

(Quoted from:


You had to be double-vaxxed to attend Astroworld.

In fact, prior to the event, back in May, they were bribing kids with the chance to win Astroworld tickets for getting vaccinated.

These were KIDS going into cardiac arrest!!!!!

Not saying I know for sure that the cardiac arrest is a result of the vaxxes + 5G Ultra Wideband…. But it makes sense to me, given the research of hydrogel and copolymer nanoparticles that are used in these new vaccines.

And if there is Graphene oxide in the shots as well….... something very sinister is going on.


((If anyone reading this has been vaxxed, I don’t mean to frighten or offend you. These are my own theories, based on my own research. I do also have recommendations for flushing these dangerous substances out of the body.))"

So after all this I find out that youtube finally stopped censoring the Astroworld concert and actually published the entire concert so people could watch it for free. Supposedly youtube is not showing the hundreds of people who died during the concert in their video though. But wow! Needless to say... I would never watch this concert online and I would never recommend that anyone else watch it either! Do you really wish to listen to the 5G frequency that killed hundreds of people? Do you even want to expose yourself to such a negative scene? I sure don't!

Now, as if all this isn't enough...I have one more thing to show you... This video is extra creepy! It's a 2 minute clip from a movie that came out overseas in 2007. Check this out:

So there you have it folks! Be prepared! Stay positive! And if you took the vaccine please detox yourself asap... Cause it's about to be a Dark Winter!


The FDA Asks Federal Judge to Grant it Until the Year 2076 to Fully Release Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Data - by Aaron Siri - Injecting Freedom

I wonder what they don't want us to know?

And here's an important video to take a look at if you're interested in knowing what the vaccine actually does...

And finally... Have you ever watched the tv show X Files? Supposedly Season 11 explains everything that's going on right now with the vaccine. I'm not sure if this is true, but my friend says that the only way to find Season 11 is on the Dark Web.


My spiritual mentor says that this video explains covid-19 and the vaccine better than any other video he's watched so far... and I happen to agree. This is a very informative video that really explains the virus, the vaccine, election fraud, black lives matter and the riots...and where this is all headed...

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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