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Another Awkward Covid Conversation... And My New Empowering Argument!

So yesterday, during my morning prayer/ meditation, I randomly decided to affirm that "the best words always come out of my mouth to communicate with people, animals, insects, plants, etc." (I've experienced many issues communicating with people and wanted to empower myself to overcome these issues... ) So at that exact moment, when I stated my empowering affirmation out loud, I felt a bunch of tingling sensations on the back right side of my neck... There was movement in my throat chakra and I knew that something had shifted! Yet I still wasn't exactly aware of what would transpire just a few hours later!

There's a general societal rule that one must follow in order to get along peacefully with others: Do not discuss religion, do not discuss politics... And please never discuss covid vaccinations! Well, avoiding these types of conversations has never been so easy for me to do! I seem to be a magnet for controversial debates...

So after engaging in a wonderful enlightening conversation with a hospital worker that I met at Honda, I ran into one of my sourpuss neighbors. Not the guy who lives under me, but another neighbor... an older blue eyed caucasian know it all, who lives in a townhouse right next to where I feed the apartment complex's squirrels (particularly my favorite beautiful squirrel "Ms. Perfect Patches" who I haven't seen in quite a while...and all of her babies.)

This sourpuss neighbor's 2 cats love me and always come out to greet me when I call the squirrels to come get their nuts. So I'm talking to this guy and I get a little close to him to pet one of his cats- a very sweet old orange guy that looks a little like my cat Felix. I always felt that this neighbor was a little jealous of my relationship with this particular cat... because supposedly this cat is very picky about who he comes out to greet. But anyway, back to the story...

So my neighbor immediately backs up and in a panic he states, "Don't come too close. I was exposed to covid." He goes on to state that his daughter has covid but she's staying with her mother now. So I calmly told him that I wasn't worried. I went on to tell him that I don't think I ever caught covid, but I did experience a bad case of bronchitis recently. However, I was feeling depressed at the time and I believe that my negative thoughts helped create the bronchitis.

So my neighbor goes into a whole rant about how he took the first round of vaccines but not the 2nd round yet...(or something to that effect?) At this point in the conversation my neighbor pauses awaiting my response... He was basically waiting for me to tell him that I took the vaccine as well... (But I didn't take it!) There was a very long uncomfortable silence as I smiled trying to think of what to say that would be politically correct and not make things more awkward for me. Finally I broke the silence by saying, "I live in another dimension so I don't worry about getting sick." At this point my neighbor knew that I didn't take the vaccine even though I didn't specifically admit to this.

So my neighbor starts going into a whole sermon about how serious covid is. He tells me that his good friend died of covid. So I told him that my dad's close friend died of covid as well... after he was placed on the respirator! I said, "So the question is...what really killed him? Covid or the respirator?" Then I asked my neighbor if his friend was placed on the respirator. My neighbor reluctantly responded, "Yes, I believe he was." So I silently raised up my hands and shrugged as if to ask "Was is covid or the respirator that killed your friend?"

At this point my neighbor starts to explain that he's a man of science. He went to school for science and was a science honors student... I even got the sense that he works in some field of science. Perhaps at the top of his field? So I told him that I was an honors student as well and that I even graduated college with honors. So in a condescending tone my neighbor asks me, "Did you study science?" (Knowing in his mind that I couldn't have been a science major.) "No", I bluntly and unapologetically stated, "I studied marketing... Then I continued, "So I know how they market cures and sickness to the public!" (Stunned silence) My neighbor is thinking "Did she just really say that?" And I'm thinking "Did I just really say that?" Mind you, I have never been a great debater. These types of conversations usually end with the other person getting their point across and me feeling like the loser that couldn't express my point well enough. But for some reason, something had changed at this moment... The words I was speaking were completely unplanned and seemed to be channeled from somewhere... I had absolutely no idea where this conversation was headed and I had no idea that I was actually going to be able to prove my point. There was nothing left to be said. I won the debate.

My neighbor, this great man of science, didn't know how to respond. There was nothing more that either of us could say. This was probably the first covid argument/ debate that my neighbor actually lost. I was embarrassed for him and immediately opted to change the topic. I redirected the conversation to my desire to go back to feeding the squirrels, which had been occurring before this awkward conversation even began. At this point, my neighbor, feeling demasculinated by my victory, felt the need to try to exert his authority over me to make himself (and his ego) feel better. He asked me if I could stop feeding the squirrels right next to his townhouse front door. He started making excuses stating how they have diseases, and how they all group up by his front door begging for nuts, he's worried about his cats, etc... I peacefully agreed to comply with his request and together we decided which trees I would leave the nuts at and which trees I would stay away from... Basically I will still be feeding the squirrels right by his I'm not sure if anything is really going to change, but it made him feel good that I was willing to respect his feelings on the matter and change some of my actions.

I told my friend the story and he said, "Wow, now you're definitely on the neighbor's hit list." Do I care? No, not really. I've always been the black sheep outcast. I am the glitch in the matrix. I am perfectly comfortable being the circle amongst a society of squares. It makes life more challenging, but also interesting, and yes, quite exciting when I do meet another circle! Or engage in an awkward conversation with a sour vaccinated science-oriented square! After all this time it feels really good to finally be able to put my words together to prove an excellent point! My throat chakra is on fire! More conversational wins to come! But in the end, it's not about winning or losing,... I am not competing with anyone. I am really not trying to debate. In the end, I believe the most important thing is peace. Being at peace with the decisions we make in life and living in peaceful harmony with those around us... and perhaps every so often engaging in a healthy empowering uplifting debate. If the debate/ argument can make a positive difference in someone's life then perhaps it was worth it after all?

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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