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Are You Going to Escape this 3rd Dimension Hell and Reach the 5th Dimension (in Time)?

Supposedly the G-d we've all been praying to in the age of pisces is the Demiurge, also referred to as Satan- a fallen angel of the Elohim who is currently trapped in the 4th dimension trying desperately to get to the 3rd dimension (earth) to rule over the people. (Sounds like a comic book movie huh?) He (it), the demiurge, is the weakest entity in the 4th dimension and really can't accomplish much there. He has no power. In order to get here to the 3rd dimension the demiurge would need a body. It would have to be an AI body. Apparently that is the only type of body that would work for him.

Over the years he's been influencing his followers to build the 5G network which is actually the antenna to bring him here. This demiurge is the G-d of AI and the G-d of a new religion called "Transhumanism." The demiurge's goal is to kill as many people as possible and make the rest into his slaves. His followers will never make it out of the 3rd dimension. And as I've been warned, the covid vaccine will either kill the recipient who took it or transform them into AI to be ruled by the demiurge. I think I would probably prefer death (which doesn't really exist anyway)!

The goal of the spiritually enlightened/ advanced human being at this moment is to leave the 3rd dimension and get to the 4th dimension in order to get to the 5th dimension. Basically we need to leave hell and travel to heaven. In order to achieve such a magnificent journey to the 5th dimension there are some things we must do! The first step is to keep our immune system strong and stay alive! Anyone wishing to leave the 3rd dimension and travel to the 5th dimension must not take any vaccines or flu shots at this point. I've also been told that now is the time to sleep in a meditation pyramid. Now is also the time to carry your ye ming zhu stones (dragon pearls) with you wherever you travel since during this time the stones will become activated and provide you with protection in the event of an emergency. It is also a good idea to either tattoo Solomon's Seal onto your body or wear the pendant at all times for protection. I wear the pendant at all times and I sleep in my meditation pyramid wearing the rings.

It's also important to listen to positive affirmations right now, especially because were getting purposely beamed with negative frequencies everyday. We have also been getting microdosed with LSD and mushrooms through the chemtrails. These substances actually aid us in creating our reality much faster. So whatever we think right now is really becoming our reality- but the powers that be are in control of our thoughts because of their control over the media and the entertainment that were viewing. That's why it's absolutely necessary to unplug from everything and regain control over our thoughts and feelings.

I have recently been advised to record a "Happy Zone" affirmation which I have done and am now listening to when I sleep at night in my meditation pyramid. In this recording I state " I feel good and I keep feeling better. I feel great. I feel amazing. Everything is beautiful. The best of everything is coming to me right now. I have the best of everything right now. I am always happy. I am always harmonious. I am always peaceful." After the first night sleeping with this playing I woke up feeling much better and was able to drag myself out of bed when the alarm clock rang instead of oversleeping!

Due to recent sickness and congestion, that has affected my entire household and has been quite difficult to remedy, I have decided to change my entire diet. To initiate this change I performed a turpentine parasite cleanse followed by an approximately 2 day liquid fast. I actually could've gone longer than that. I had absolutely no appetite when I started eating again! Now I am on what I would call the Sebi/ Sibo Taoist diet. I created this myself! I combined Dr. Sebi's nutritional guide with my sibo (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) low fodmap diet! Ha ha! Then I took the ancient Taoist list of forbidden foods and added that into the mix!

Although the Taoist list of forbidden foods is a little confusing since some websites list certain foods to give up and others list other foods to give up... So I created a combined list of all the information I found which is: No rice, no wheat, no millet, no hempseeds, no soybeans, no oats and no beans. I am still however eating hempseeds which are green lighted on Dr. Sebi's list and the sibo list and garbanzo beans which are the only acceptable bean on Dr. Sebi's list and the sibo list. I believe the worst culprits on the Taoist list are wheat and soybeans, followed by rice, millet, oats and all other beans. The Dr. Sebi and sibo list are quite comparable to a certain degree, although it appears the Sebi list is much more challenging due to the complete elimination of animal products. Between the two lists the only grains that are acceptable to ingest are quinoa, amaranth and spelt (only sourdough spelt on the sibo list). Wild rice is also okay, but not according to the Taoist list. I think what's really been messing me up is that I've been eating wheat challah bread for Shabbat...which also includes a pinch of dairy! I am now going to substitute the wheat (dairy) challah with sourdough spelt bread for shabbat instead! Spelt is actually one of the ancient shabbat breads that prayers can be recited over! Thank the heavens!

Besides the diet change, I have also added a new incredible organic whole foods vitamin to my diet called "Abundant Earth." I found it on amazon and it has wonderful reviews. This vitamin is perfect for all those with the MTHFR gene mutation! There are no synthetics in it and all the B vitamins are in their correct form! I sent it to my mother for her birthday. Unfortunately she took the covid vaccine and has been experiencing an unbalanced dizzy/ nauseous sensation for a while now. She said she was experiencing this before she took the vaccine. Anyway, after the 2nd day of taking this vitamin, the horrible unbalanced dizzy/ nauseous sensation she was experiencing has gone away. Hurray! Now, that's an amazing vitamin! I will have to write a good review on amazon!

So it's been 11 days now since I took my first dose of turpentine and started my new diet... My sickness and congestion appears to be gone! I have been getting some stomach pains and chest pains here and there though so I think it's time to schedule an acupuncture visit soon. The turpentine can be really rough on the stomach! Besides my sickness being gone, my energy levels have gone up! Hurray!

But back to leaving the 3rd dimension and getting to the 5th dimension... supposedly there's a group of beings (the Annunaki) (ourselves in the future?) who are here on this planet right now helping the few chosen ones to leave this 3rd dimension and finally make it to the 5th dimension. There are also others waiting in our atmosphere to come down and help if/ when it becomes necessary. That's a comforting thought!

So that's the story! You want to get out of this 3rd dimensional hell reality? It's going to take a little effort- but it's possible! all things are possible!

UPDATE and CORRECTION! I didn't mean to condemn those who took the vaccine to an inevitable fate of death or slavery. That is an unfair assessment of the situation. In fact, I've been told that it is completely possible to override the covid vaccine. With enough faith, perseverance and mental power a cure for the covid vaccine may certainly be achieved... More on this coming soon...! Be well!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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