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Bonding With God (And Uncovering The Truth!)

So I've been doing a lot of praying and meditating in Hebrew as of late! Perhaps I've been overdoing it just a bit? I do have a tendency to go overboard and completely immerse myself in whatever I am focused on. But I am a (Splenic) Projector in the system of Human Design so I am supposed to focus, absorb and master systems! That is what I do best! But I can honestly say that I've been feeling real high lately.. high on God! High on Hashem! And all his wonderful angels that have been accompanying me on my journey to enlightenment! I've been feeling surprisingly euphoric (at least until I ate pasta with pesto two nights in a again!) But quite frankly I am perplexed and amazed at the immensely powerful energy contained within the Hebrew letters and prayers!

You see... my initial intention was to manifest abundance or so it seemed? And while it does appear that abundance, massive abundance, is in the process of manifesting for me... And I am truly grateful and amazed by what is now taking place in my life... I find that bonding with God has given me more satisfaction than I could ever imagine.

I feel that perhaps everything I've been through in this lifetime has led me up to this moment. This moment of clarity brought forth through Hashem. I've experienced so many misfortunes in this lifetime... Physical health issues, mood disorder, difficulties manifesting money, family issues, etc... and I've been working so hard to better myself... and finally it appears that all roads lead right back to God. That's how I feel right now.

When I entered this world, this last time around, I ended up with two Jewish atheist parents. Yes, atheist Jews... that have no real belief in anything! And at first I thought I was an atheist too! I attended Jewish summer camps but I never went to Hebrew school. That was my choice. I never had a Bat Mitvah. choice. I attended synagogue with my mother (and sometimes my father...they separated when I was only four years old) on the High Holidays and celebrated Hanukah when I was a kid but I wasn't really into any of it. So I drifted away from Judaism in my adulthood. But I'm a Pisces with a Scorpio moon and a Scorpio Rising... so I feel a lot! I feel God energy running through me and so I know that I am not alone. There is definitely a higher power. I couldn't ignore this intuitive feeling that emerged from my psyche when I was attending college years ago. That day I knew that God existed and had always been with me... and my life has never been the same since! But, regardless of my conscious acceptance of a higher power, I was still for the most part disinterested in Judaism!

But Judaism... or I'd rather say, God, Hashem, found a way to get me back. My best guy friend, spiritual mentor, music partner and also roommate (he is like a brother to me... That's the best way to explain it) recently decided to convert to Judaism. As he was taking his online classes twice a week, I somehow managed to absorb the energy of it all. I started desiring to practice/ observe Shabbat. Sooner or later I was observing Shabbat every Friday night sunset through Saturday night Havdalah (approximately one hour after sunset). I remember the first time I had recited the Shabbat prayers. I started to cry. I could feel the presence of Hashem back in my life. The energy was powerful. But it didn't end there! I was just getting started!

I started reciting Hebrew Prayers before and after all of my meals! I hadn't done this since my Jewish sleep away camp days many many years ago! I started reading my friend's Judaism curriculum books. I taught myself to read Hebrew! Not to understand it (I'm still working on that part) but just to read it. I learned pretty fast! I started reciting the Miracle prayer daily, also known as the Ana B'choach. More recently I discovered the book "Walking in the Fire: Classical Torah/ Kabbalistic Meditations, Practices and prayers." As I mention in my article "Next Level Kabbalistic Prayers and Meditations!" , I started practicing a very special meditation from this book that helps one bond with God/ Hashem. I also started reciting Prosperity Prayers, a Protection Invocation and the Ten Pasukim for protection from this book on a daily basis. Energy was getting intense and massive shifts were starting to take place in my life!

After reading most of this book I decided that I must keep a kosher diet. So I stopped eating all meat and poultry and replaced it with eggs and fish (Alaskan Sockeye Salmon). I also take Cod Liver Oil. Yes it's kosher! And if I do decide to eat meat I will buy kosher meat... but to be honest, kosher meat tastes absolutely disgusting! Perhaps a kosher burger with fries would be okay? If it's slathered in a ton of ketchup ofcourse! Sugar free ketchup (always!) Ehhh... I'll just try to go without the meat. So far so good! I think the eggs and fish are good enough for me! After reading this book I also took a particular interest in going to a Mikveh to cleanse myself (It's a ritual cleansing bath), however I just haven't found the time yet to call the place to get details. But I will be going to a mikveh soon enough! It's on my to do list!

So then my friend handed me a book called "The 42 Letter Name of God: The Mystical Name of Manifestation" by Baal Kadmon. It's such a short easy read but it is beyond powerful. This book is the Law of Attraction on steroids! And may just be the final piece of missing information/ energy needed to make all of my dreams in life come true. Well, there's alway more information...but Yes, this little book is super serious! The very first night I recited these special Hebrew words (that are formed from the Kabbalistic Ana B'choach Miracle Prayer) I knew something had changed. It was Friday night, Shabbat, and I had recited these magical words by the light of my two burning shabbat candles. I also had my synergy stones sitting on the table next to me. They had been in my pocket earlier but the intense energy was becoming a bit too much for me to bear.

So later on, before going to bed, I step into my meditation pyramid and recite my usual evening prayers that I recite before going to bed. I was actually very tired and not too focused on what I was saying, however... I started reciting a money affirmation that I recite ever night, my final recitation before going to bed. I wrote and memorized this affirmation while reading a fabulous book called "The Prosperity Bible: The Greatest Writings of All Time on the Secrets to Wealth and Prosperity" by Napoleon Hill and several others. As I stated the words "My faith is so strong that I can now see this money before my eyes" I heard a ringing in my left ear. Then I said "I can touch it with my hands" and I felt the energy of the ringing enter my head. It felt like tingly calming cooling energy. And that's when I knew that my affirmation would surely be manifested! It was a wonderful feeling!

This exact experience hasn't repeated itself again, yet I do experience ringing in my left ear while reciting prayers or while in meditation and I am always feeling energy going into my head, face and other parts of my body while I am praying. I find myself also becoming emotional and starting to cry while reciting Hebrew Prayers. I became particularly emotional and burst into tears after being guided to sing the special magical words taken from the 42 Letter Name of God/ Ana B'choach prayer to the tune of pachelbel canon along with this mantra recording on youtube: Wow! I also recently started reading/ reciting Tehilim Psalms daily and I find I cry almost every day now when reading them. These are truly powerful Psalms. I actually became inspired to read last week's torah portion which I never attempted to do on my own. So I went online and printed out Pedukei and commentary on Pedukei. I actually found it to be a very interesting read on Saturday. I think I may start printing out the Torah Portion ever week now!

I also just started reading a very interesting book all about the Hebrew Letters called "The Wisdom in the Hebrew Alphabet" by Rabbi Michael L. Munk. This book alerted me to the fact that the current Hebrew letters we read and write with are not the original Hebrew letters! It gets deeper my friends...much deeper! I also just started reciting the weekday Amidah prayer twice a day. Hashem sees that I'm trying! You know... I've become so fascinated with the energy of these prayers that I finally decided to crack open my "Prayerbook Hebrew the Easy Way" book and learn how to understand Hebrew words, instead of just being able to read them with no comprehension! Well, I understand a few words! I actually purchased this book on Oct 31, 2020 and shortly after that I did start to read it... but I knew that it wasn't time yet and so I stopped reading it. My brain was a bit fried. But there is a season for everything and so now the time has come to try again! My brain is on fire right now! I am absorbing everything at a phenomenal speed. I am super excited and motivated to learn Hebrew... especially because I've been reciting so many Hebrew prayers daily and I can feel them working in my life. I can feel everything changing. So it would be great to actually understand what I'm reading...

Finally, I just finished reading an interesting little book called "All About the SABBATHS: Keeping, Guarding & Remembering" by Unknown Hebrew. I am actually very interested in learning how the Hebrew Israelites observe Shabbat. I heard that it is a much more powerful Sabbath then the regular Jewish Shabbat. Unfortunately I didn't find what I was seeking in this book, although it was a very interesting book filled with quite a few bible quotes... however... Ask and you shall receive! Interestingly enough, after typing out the first draft of this article, I did start receiving some answers. My best friend/ mentor just told me that Hebrew originated with Voodoo! Hebrew prayers are actually watered down voodoo! Whoa! His mentor (who is also my mentor) just handed him some super secret manuscripts all about this! I think this is going to be a very interesting reading week!

So in summary, yes, I've been bonding with God. It's been a wonderful, enlightening, super empowering experience that I doubt will end anytime soon. It's a life long adventure I'm sure! Everyday things just keep getting better and better. Everyday I receive more and more answers! More and more counsel from Hashem! Many are the thoughts in my heart, but it is the counsel of HaShem that shall arise.” Thank you Hashem!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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