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Cure Sickness and Banish Malevolent Spirits with the Esoteric Hebrew Name of Jesus

So it all started when my spiritual mentor/ close friend/ roommate received a book from his (our) spiritual mentor called "Tetragrammaton: The Secret to Evoking Angelic Powers and The Key To The Apocalypse" by Donald Tyson. Wow! What a powerful book! Supposedly this book wasn't meant for me to read nor was it meant for my friend to read either. He was supposed to scan it. Yet somehow I started reading it and now I can't put it down. In fact, this book is so powerful that if I read it at night I have trouble going to sleep. The energy is immense!

So in this book the author explains that out of all the names of power, the name Yeheshuah is the most potent for curing sickness and banishing malevolent spirits, when properly vibrated. Yeheshuah is the esoteric name of the Messiah of the Jews and the Christ of the Christians. The name Yeheshuah (Yud Hei Shin Vav Hei) is not only a banishing formula but also a healing formula. It can be used to purge or purify objects, places or people haunted by negative spirits.

According to the author Donald Tyson, to free a person from nightmares, possession, depression or obsession the healer should place their right hand on the forehead of the sufferer and their left hand over their own heart. Then the healer should visualize the Hebrew letters I V SH V H (Yud Hei Shin Vav Hei) glowing in their own heart. Then the healer should recite the letters so that their breath touches the face of the person they are healing. (Not too acceptable these days with covid- I know!) The healer should vibrate the letters of Yeheshuah over and over again in a rhythmic chant and time the rhythm of their vibrations of the name so as they sound out the letters, the patient inhales. (Yes, not great in these covid stricken days... I know I know lol).

Then the healer should visualize the white light of the name flowing from their heart center, up their left arm, across their body, and out their right hand into the forehead of the recipient. They should visualize the body of the recipient filling with white light and dark shadows fleeing from this light through the top of the person's head and out the soles of their feet.

To heal sickness, the right hand should be placed firmly over the site of the illness and the white light of I V SH V H (Yud Hei Shin Vav Hei) should be concentrated in this area. The healer should then recite the name with their lips close to the part of the body that is sick so the breath touches the skin in this place. (Okay, so that's a bit more acceptable than breathing on the person's face!) It may also help if the sick person visualizes the white light flowing into their sick organ or other part of their body that is not doing well. The healer should repeat the name over and over again in time with the inhalations of the patient for a period of 15 to 30 minutes each day until there is a complete recovery. The author goes on to say that healing by means of Yeheshuah should only be attempted in conjunction with regular medical treatment. So there's my disclaimer!

Now I personally haven't experimented with this exact procedure, however I did experiment with a simplified version. After reading this part of the book I literally just started saying Yeheshuah over and over again out loud. That's when my cat Felix (who is currently on medication for cryptococcus of the central nervous system... aka really bad fungus) started hovering over to me. The word Yeheshuah (not even the hebrew letters, but just saying the word) got my cat's attention. He landed in my lap in my meditation pyramid. So I kept saying Yeheshuah over and over again as I laid my hands upon Felix's body and allowed reiki energy to flow. I am a reiki healer by the way in case you haven't been reading all of my articles and didn't know. Anyway, Felix was purring. He absolutely loved it! So even just saying the word Yeheshuah over and over again can have a healing effect (with or without reiki)! Things need not be so complex!

There is another way to purge negativity from a vessel and fill it with holy light. In the book the vessel used is a bowl of water, however I decided to take this ritual and use myself as the vessel instead...and my cats! Why not? Start by placing your right hand over your head (or over the head of the recipient) and your left hand over your heart. You can even place Ye Ming Ju Dragon Pearl stones over your heart with your left hand which actually amplifies the power of the healing. Now say out loud "By the authority of the name Yeheshuah I banish all shadows, negativity and sickness from my (this) holy vessel." Then say "Yud Hei Shin Vav Hei" while drawing out a counter clockwise spiral in the air with your right index finger pointing down at your head and starting in the center of your head and spiraling outward and upward. Finally point your right index finger up to the sky as you say the last "Hei". Visualize negative energy and shadows rising up out of you.

Then keep your same right hand high over your head and say " By the authority of the name of power Yehovashah I infuse myself (this vessel) with holy light. Then say "Yud Hei Vav Shin Hei" while drawing a clockwise spiral in the air over your head going inward and downward with the right index finger pointing down at your head and ending in the middle of your head. Say the last "Hei" when you point down in the middle. Visualize yourself filling with light. Finally, when it feels that you can no longer take in anymore light then you may place your hands together and say something like "I thank the Supreme Light for the fulfillment of cleansing myself of negativity and charging myself with holy light." In the book the author tells you how to seal the light into the vessel but I decided to omit this part. I don't really feel comfortable sealing the light into my body for some reason. It just feels best to practice this ritual daily when I wake up. This had actually become my new morning ritual. It's super powerful and energizing. I've even tried it out on my cats Roscoe and Felix and they seem to love it too! Lot's of purring! That let's me know everything I need to know!

If you are a reiki healer like myself you may also wish to incorporate reiki into your healing ritual as well. I like to place reiki symbols on the walls, ceiling and floor of the room, as well as on all of my chakras, on my hands and around my whole body. This definitely heightens and strengthens the energy of the healing. Feel free to experiment! Use your intuition. Allow the spirit to guide you! Play around and create your own healing ritual using the words Yeheshuah and Yehovashah. Just remember, Yeheshuah banishes negative energy and Yehovashah invokes positive energy. Counterclockwise banishes and clockwise invokes! In the end... Your intention is the most important thing! Your thoughts create your reality! Til next time! Cleanse, purify and stay charged up with Holy Light! Blessings!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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