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Cursed Gifts... And Keeping the Peace!

This article is a follow up to my previous article titled "A Last Minute Thanksgiving Family Get Together!" This past Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I engaged in a text message conversation with my mother explaining to her the various terrible things that transpired over the weekend after my step daughter received a gift from a close family member... A family member who is known to send cursed gifts! Ofcourse this time I had hoped that things would be different, but unfortunately that was not the case! The following is simply my text message account of all that has occurred since receiving this cursed gift and what I plan to do about it... Names have been changed for anonymity purposes!

"Energy has been really bad since we received a gift for Lucy from Joanna in the mail."

"My car wouldn't start on Friday and I couldn't take Lucy to school. Then Lucy used toxic paint markers that exploded everywhere including all over her body and the carpet and all over my hands. Then my blender broke and I cut myself on the glass. I couldn't make my shake yesterday and I've been having bad anxiety and trouble getting out of bed. These horrible things appear to happen with any interaction/ energy transferal between myself and Joanna. So I'm trying to cleanse my energy right now. I took pine oil because I felt something trying to get me sick. So please give me a little time to call."

"I also just found out that the neighbor under me has reconnected his wifi which may explain my difficulties getting out of bed lately."

"She sent a potholder loom."

"It's a nice gift and Lucy likes it. I think Joanna's intentions are good? We seem to have patched things up and get along now. But any interaction with her seems to still have negative consequences. I can't help but wonder if she's conscious of this poisonous energy that's connected to her gifts. Or maybe this is all stemming from my thoughts and I am creating this? But if my thoughts are creating this that still doesn't explain the death of family members years ago and my car accident in her car and other bad incidents revolving around her unless there is a past life connection with all of this which could very well be the case. My spiritual mentor told me she was using black magic against me years ago. I've forgiven her for everything but there's still an energetic problem that appears to need resolution."

"Perhaps this would all be worse if I wasn't wearing my protection medallion and reciting prayers for protection daily?"

"I started playing my voodoo music again for extra protection."

"I want to be on good terms with this lady because it keeps my *** and I on better terms. But her energy causes great distress and negativity to erupt in my life."

"I think it's very possible that the simple act of discussing these negative happenings can be creating even more negativity in my life. It's the law of attraction. From this point forward I am going to do my best to ignore and not discuss any more negative events and negative feelings. I think this could be the best approach!"

"I'm already starting to feel better. This will be my newest challenge!"

"Negativity I hereby banish you from my consciousness!"

"Now I have to play my spirit attachment audio! I'm trying to stay positive but Dwayne and I just had an argument about Lucy having access to a baseball bat and Lucy kept intervening to tell me to shut up. This is a kid who over the weekend spent her time making Voodoo dolls to inflict pain on her grandmother and some bully from kindergarten. She gets angry and hits when she knows she's not allowed and now I'm supposed to be ok with her holding onto a real baseball bat?"

"I have to look out for my safety and the safety of the cats."

"I've already hid all the knives, scissors and other dangerous objects. Now I have to wait for Dwayne to turn his back so I can hide the baseball bat. The worst thing about all of this is that Dwayne allows Lucy to talk back to me and makes me out to be the villain in front of her. I get disrespected all the time. It's not a comfortable living arrangement."

"I'm trying to stay positive and think positive thoughts. But the dark side is really on me right now. Next time I won't state my complaint out loud. I will just quietly do what must be done when no one is looking."

"I'm really trying to make this work."

"Ehh. Terrible weekend!"

"So in the end Lucy has been punished for talking back to me and the bat has been hidden."

"Dwayne spoke to our spiritual mentor who says that Joanna is purposely sending cursed gifts to Lucy. He also says that she's jealous of Lucy. Our mentor says that from now on we must donate her gifts to charity and not keep them. Then we can replace the gift with something else. That's the diplomatic way to handle things."

"Our mentor also says that my *** has been under Joanna's spell for many years, that he's in a fog and can't see her evil ways. So that's the story! This isn't all just a figment of my imagination. Joanna has been sending curses that must get blocked!"

"Dwayne spoke to out spiritual mentor again and we were advised to throw away all of Joanna's gifts to Lucy...especially the weaving loom! But all the gifts have curses on them. Our mentor said Joanna did this intentionally to cause problems between everyone in the apartment. She saw that I seemed happy raising a daughter and she got jealous and is consciously trying to destroy our happy home. Things were relatively peaceful and harmonious until the last gift arrived. Our mentor said that in ancient days witches would weave curses. This potholder weaving gift is no coincidence! I also found it odd that the box was opened already when it arrived! Also in ancient days witches would hide cursed items in people's homes on purpose and the people living there didn't even know that something was left in their home. Then everything would get bad in that home and no one would understand why. I wonder if she's left items with Grandma P*** and Uncle A**** before they died. Based on her supposed generosity and gift giving habits I now believe this could very well be what had occurred. Perhaps cursed gifts are her specialty?"

"Anyway, I feel much better since I burned sage and palo santo around the apartment and around Lucy's gifts last night. I also placed reiki symbols in every room, wall, ceiling and floor. I did a reiki clearing in each room and I slept holding selenite crystals and listening to my entity attachment audio. I slept pretty well and woke up with energy and no anxiety... although my nose was stuffy and runny so apparently sickness is being purged out of me now. Everything was peaceful and harmonious this morning thank the heavens! But I still have to go back to the apartment and throw away all of Lucy's gifts when she's not looking. FYI My *** was trying to get me to pick up this last gift from the airport which I refused to do. Just imagine what could have happened if I was driving in the car with that gift! Perhaps there was a cursed item in the car with me that time I flipped over in Joanna's car? And years ago when she gave Dwayne a crystal I ended up in the hospital after smoking marijuana at a film release party. Dwayne and I both knew something was wrong with the energy on the crystal and he threw it away before the ambulance arrived. I'm starting to see things very clearly now. So in summary, just when I thought all was well with myself and Joanna... now I must be on the look out for her cursed gifts! Well, I should've always been on the look out for her cursed gifts."

"In the end, I will continue being cordial and I will continue accepting her gifts to keep the peace with my *** but no more of her gifts shall enter my apartment or car. And although some would say I should be angry at this lady, I feel absolutely no anger at this point. Not like the old days when I was poisoned by my anger for her. I forgive this lady for apparently she is filled with demons and may not even be aware of it. Ahh it's just another beautiful life challenge I must work to resolve. There is always a blessing in the curse!"

"This is going to be my next article. Lets hope Joanna doesn't read it and then show it to my *** to cause more problems between us!"

"But then it may seem like she's purposely trying to cause problems between us which could work against her in the end."

"My car is stuck at the vons grocery store parking lot. Getting a lyft ride back there now to get another jump start. My jump start machine stopped working again. Do you want to know why?"

"Ok. The car is up and running again."

"I touched a lot of Lucy's gifts today in order to throw them away. The energy ran through me. Dwayne's mentor just hired a professional to remove the cursed energy and cut cords between myself and Joanna. I was also told to visualize the cords being cut."

"I forgot to mention that the drawer that held some of Lucy's gifts fell on her foot the other day. Today when I removed her gifts from the drawer the drawer wouldn't slide back into place correctly. This has all been a very weird creepy experience. Then again, my whole life has been this way!"

"Dwayne took Lucy to school today and he's picking her up later. I caught a cold from all this bad energy so I've been resting. There were some other bad things that happened last night that I didn't tell you about because I was exhausted. After the car got boosted the roadside assistance guy had me electronically sign his smart phone with my finger. Lucy saw this and dramatically screamed you touched the phone your gonna die. Then she just kept screaming your gonna die. It became a chant. I kept telling her to stop but she wouldn't stop. The jump start guy had a weird look on his face. Lucy appeared possessed! I finally had to scream for her to stop and then she stopped. But in my opinion something evil had entered her. Then later last night I overheard Dwayne tell Lucy that the reason I've been acting so crazy is because I've been cursed. I was very upset that he told her this because he's basically giving her a reason to disrespect me now and believe that I'm crazy. I told him the following in text..."

"I overheard what you told Lucy about me in the bathroom. That I'm acting crazy because I've been cursed. I can't believe you would actually tell her this. You just keep giving her more and more reasons to have no respect for me. This is getting too toxic for me. I'm not sure how much longer I can go on like this."

"I think I need some time away from both of you. I'm not feeling well. You should try to find another driver/ caregiver temporarily."

"So this is what Dwayne says..."

"She asked me why you didn't like her anymore"

"So I told her the truth"

"She knew Joanna was a witch"

"Dwayne says from now on he's going to intercept Joanna's packages and that I shouldn't even touch them. Our spiritual mentor is about to provide us with stronger magical tools for protection. What we've been using is not strong enough anymore. Maybe this all had to happen so we could receive these stronger tools. They may become necessary in the near future! Especially with all the angels and demons that are currently being unleashed on the planet."

The End... Or is it? (Dramatic music playing in my

There's never a dull moment in my world... At least I can be grateful for that! No boredom whatsoever! How can I get bored with all this craziness going on around me?

But seriously Joanna... I'm trying to be cool... why you have to keep cursing me? Don't you have anything better to do? Geez!

UPDATE! The day after I published this article both parties, my *** and Joanna caught covid and had to cancel their wedding anniversary! How's that for karma? Maybe I shouldn't have asked the spirit to return the curse to its sender?

UPDATE AGAIN! Great news! I don't have to intercept and throw away anymore cursed gifts! I figured out how to dissolve the curse altogether (and return it to its sender)... More on this at:

ANOTHER UPDATE! Okay, I'm not going to pretend that everything's been just fine and dandy... It's been about a week of strange mishaps since I received the last (Chanukah) gift in the mail for my step daughter. My mentor seems to believe that I have blocked the cursed energy. But everyday has been weird... Except this past Monday. Monday was an excellent day! That was yesterday! But today, Tuesday, my car wouldn't start (the new battery I just purchased lost power again) and I got into a car accident and smashed up my trunk door. And that's just today... Everyday has been weird and off since the gift arrived. But I see it all as a great challenge. I just have to work harder on improving my shielding skills. FYI... The other day, while praying and meditating, I decided not to return the curses to the sender anymore... but instead just block them and send them away. I feel better about that! I don't feel good about sending curses to anyone... even if they sent curses to me! I'm confident that I'm going to master this! All in due time!

FINAL UPDATE?: It appears that certain events have occurred making it possible for me to kindly ask that no more gifts be sent to my step daughter... My step daughter's father still seems to believe that the gifts are cursed and that were better off not even allowing them to enter into the apartment. Crazy times!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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