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Didn't Take The Covid-19 Vaccine? Congratulations! You're Stronger Than Most People On this Planet!

In the powerful words of Lee Walters...

I couldn't have said this better myself!

Although in reality, I am one who has always marched to the beat of my own drum! From the very beginning of my life on this planet I've had issues with so-called authority figures telling me what to do, or what to think, or what to believe... In fact, never mind authority figures, even friends of mine have experienced great difficulties convincing me to do things that I didn't want to do.

I remember a very interesting occasion when I was only ten years old. I was at my friend's apartment. There were 3 of us...all girls. We were alone. My friend's parents weren't home. So the girl friend who lived at this apartment went into her parents bedroom and stole some cigarettes. She expected that the 3 of us should smoke together. But I was completely against it. I knew that smoking was unhealthy. But I also knew that a ten year old in particular should not be smoking cigarettes. So I declined the invitation. The one girl friend with the cigarettes started calling me chicken and making chicken noises. I laughed and told her that she sounded just like the cigarette commercial I always see on television. At the time there was a commercial on tv about kids bullying other kids into smoking cigarettes and/or doing drugs. I thought the whole situation was pretty dumb so without a second thought I left the bedroom and proceeded to the living room whereby I waited for my two friends to finish giving themselves lung cancer. When they were done they came back to the living room and no one said anything to me about it... We just moved on with the play date! No one cared that I didn't smoke... most importantly I didn't care! In fact, as I recall, the whole situation was quite empowering for me.

Around the same age, perhaps maybe eleven or twelve years old, I decided that I was no longer allergic to cats and that I would stop receiving allergy shots. I had been getting allergy shots since the age of four when I was diagnosed with asthma and cat allergies. It was strange that all of a sudden I should decide that my allergies were gone and that I no longer needed shots. I did not receive this information from any doctor, nor did I discuss my allergies with anyone as far as I can remember. But somehow intuitively I knew that the allergies were gone and it was time to stop getting the shots. Interestingly, my allergies were gone at this point!

At the age of 15 I was home with my mom feeling depressed. She told me that she was about to take a walk up the hill to get some Heinekens and asked me if I wanted one. I felt terrible but intuitively knew that drinking alcohol was not going to solve my issue. So I told my mother "No thank you" and that was the end of it. How many 15 year olds do you think would turn down drinking a beer with their mom when feeling depressed? But for some reason alcohol just had no appeal to me.

Back to conventional medicine... when attending college I was taking several medications at the same time. One was prilosec for gastrointestinal problems, one was birth control and one was for an STD I contracted. But once again intuitively something didn't feel right. Something told me to stop taking all the medications and heal myself naturally. I'm not exactly sure where this thought came from but I knew that it was the right thing to do. So I immediately stopped taking all the medications at once. Then I started to drink fruit shakes with spirulina in them. What especially helped me was when, by the strength of willpower alone, I quit smoking cigarettes (yeah, I finally tried cigarettes in college and got hooked for a brief period of time). I also quit alcohol and coffee. Not an easy thing to do! But I did it!

Somehow I realized that conventional pharmaceuticals weren't for me and I learned how to heal myself naturally... So when covid-19 appeared on the scene, followed by the vaccine, well... it was a no-brainer for me! I haven't had a flu shot or any shot for that matter since college over 20 years ago! I haven't even taken a simple pain killer like tylenol in probably over 15 years! In fact, just a few years ago I had a terrible nail infection whereby my skin was exposed through my nail. It hurt so bad that I finally went to the hospital. The doctor told me that I needed to take an oral antibiotic. I was against it. I had stopped taking conventional medicine/ antibiotics a long time ago. I asked for something topical instead. He reluctantly prescribed a topical antibiotic and told me that I would be back to see him again because the topical antibiotic wouldn't be strong enough. He told me the name of the health issue, which I cannot remember at the moment, but when I told my parents what it was called they got very upset. They told me that I could die of blood poisoning with this type of infection. "Why didn't you get the antibiotic?" my mother belligerently screamed at me. My dad said something to the effect of "I think you're making a mistake." I can't remember their exact words but they were very worried. So you know what I did? I took some time to think over the matter and then decided to take some left over natural antibiotics that were sitting in my kitchen. They were left over from the time when I had a stomach ailment called sibo. The natural antibiotics worked for my stomach issue so I figured they may just work for my finger nail issue as well. So guess what happened? I took the natural antibiotics internally and used the doctor's topical antibiotic externally and by the end of 2 weeks my issue was cured... and no one could believe it!

Now after all this you would think my parents would understand why I do not feel the need to take the covid-19 vaccine. In fact, I've pretty much healed every health issue I've ever had with natural /alternative medicine. So why shouldn't it work this time? Well, I haven't been sick with covid yet! Although I can't be 100% sure because I never even took a covid-19 test! How hilarious is that? I even flew to NYC in September with no vaccine and no covid-19 test. I breathed all over my parents and they breathed all over me and none of us got sick. Yes, I believe my natural supplements helped me out greatly, but I also believe very much in mind over matter. I have quite a bit of faith that I am not meant to get sick, and because of this I have not been sick and I know that I will not get sick.

It's absolutely amazing to me the reasons why people have succumb to this highly controversial and toxic covid-19 vaccine. I am baffled by the level of fear I have personally witnessed. But then, the ignorance is quite appalling to me as well. I couldn't believe it when this man I know told me he got the vaccine because his doctor wouldn't see him as a patient if he didn't take the vaccine. You know what I would've done? Fired that doctor and found a new one! Then he told me that his wife didn't want to take the vaccine, and he was okay with this. But then her friends convinced her to take it anyway. Seriously? With friends like that who needs enemies! My good friend from college didn't want to take the vaccine but she took it anyway because she didn't want to be demoted from her job, lose pay and lose her summer's off. She is a high school teacher and she is pregnant. She was fearful about her employment. Perhaps her excuse is better than most I've heard. But to get a vaccine to attend a sporting event or to eat out at a restaurant has to be one of the most ignorant excuses I have ever heard!

For me this whole situation has been a no-brainer... I knew from the very beginning, before a vaccine even existed, that I was not going to take it. First off I fear nothing. I do not fear death. I do not fear losing friends. I do not fear losing family. I do not fear being judged. I do not fear losing my job...especially because I work for myself. I am not ignorant. I refuse to ignore all the alternative media that is purposely being hidden from the masses. I refuse to ignore all the natural cures that are purposely being suppressed from the public. I don't care about going to a sporting event or eating out at a restaurant. And sorry mom, but I don't care about your $10,000 bribe. $5k for the first shot and $5k for the 2nd shot. No, mom, that wasn't going to work because no amount of money is going to get me to poison myself. Yes, I've been getting pressured from both of my parents to take the vaccine, however, they've also been pressuring me to get a 9 to 5 job for many years as well... and that didn't work out either. So I suppose I am one who can withstand the pressure...and apparently, if you are reading this article and you haven't taken the vaccine either then congratulations, you do very well under pressure as well! In the end, I feel that no one should be forced to take a vaccine if they don't want to take it. I believe that we should all follow our own intuition and do what we feel is best for us....which is not so easy in this day and age of massive brainwashing, manipulation and psychological warfare... however if you've been able to withstand all the societal pressures and still haven't conformed to taking the vaccine just know that I find that to be highly admirable and I personally commend you. Keep up the good work! Sometimes it can be lonely at the top! Just know that you're never alone. There's many more like us than you think. Stay well my friend!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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