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"Fakery Cafe"- Another Lying Food Vendor Gets Added to My Black List!

Message written to Fakery Cafe: Hi. I was told by one of your workers that the eggs you serve and sell at your store are from sunset farms. Is that correct? Do they have a website or phone number? Thanks!

Fakery Cafe's response: Hi, We do not get eggs from Sunset Farms. Thanks

My response: Okay, that's probably why I can't find it online. Can you please tell me where you get your eggs from? Thanks!


Fakery Cafe's response: We get eggs from several places and we do not give our vendor information out. Can you tell me why you are asking and what this is related to?

My response: I ordered eggs at your cafe the other day. One of the workers told me that you get your eggs from sunset farms. However, now I am being told that this is not true. The other day the female owner of Bakery Cafe assured me that the eggs you serve are all pasture raised organic. However, if you buy your eggs from several different vendors, and you are unable to tell me who the vendors actually are, then how can I be sure that you are telling me the truth about the eggs being pasture raised organic? You see, I am highly sensitive and can feel when people are lying to me. That's why I decided to pursue this matter.

However, what actually led me to question your cafe's honesty and integrity regarding the ingredients you use in your food is that a few years back I asked one of your workers if all the food you served was organic and they told me "Yes". However, the other day when I asked about the challah bread being organic I was told that some of the flour is organic and some isn't. Also a few years ago I was told that all the eggs you serve were cooked in olive oil, but I had a strange feeling I was being lied to so I asked again the other day and found out that you cook all your eggs in canola oil. I was horrified!

The answers I have received from your workers and the owner have left me to feel that I have been misled and lied to... and that in fact all your customers have been misled and lied to. Also I suffer from food sensitivities and quite often I don't feel so well after eating at your establishment. This was a red flag for me so I decided I must do more investigating. However, if you do not wish to disclose your egg vendors to me I completely understand. And hopefully you will understand my yelp review and Better Business Bureau Complaint.

By the way your food tastes excellent. My friend loves your vegan caesar salad. But unfortunately, after 11 years of eating at your establishment, your cafe has now officially been added to my restaurant blacklist. Perhaps you should consider being more honest, forthright and transparent with your customers? Why should your vendor information be hidden from your customers unless you have something to hide? It is my hope that this will be an eye opening and learning experience for you. Believe it or not, some people actually care what they put in their bodies.



PS Congratulations on staying open throughout covid. That couldn't have been such an easy thing to do!

I wrote back to Fakery one more time: I actually have one more question for you before I write my review and file my complaint. I just want to get all the facts straight. When I asked the female owner the other day if the eggs were pasture raised and organic... and she answered "Yes" Was that a truthful answer? Were the eggs actually pasture raised organic? I ate your eggs on Saturday afternoon cooked in olive oil. Were those eggs pasture raised and organic? And if so, would you at least be able to tell me what farm Saturday's eggs were from? Or is that still a secret?

Thanks for your time. Jennie

*Approximately 24 hours later I still did not receive a response from Fakery cafe so I wrote them again...

Message to Fakery Cafe: I'm not sure if you received my last two messages since you did not respond, and I would like to give you a chance to respond before I pursue further here is what I wrote to you... (etc etc...)

And now please allow me to present to you my outstandingly terrible, but well deserved, Yelp Review for Fakery Cafe:

Fakery Cafe has now been officially added to my restaurant/ food vendor blacklist! Yes, the food tastes good...very good! And the atmosphere is least it looks nice on the exterior. However, if you are health conscious please look elsewhere! I will get into this in a moment... But that's not all folks...They are bonafide liars! The female owner and the workers have now been caught in several lies regarding their food ingredients, as well as purposely withholding information regarding the vendors they use. They are dishonest and not to be trusted! Please allow me to start from the very beginning.

I've been a customer of Fakery Cafe for over 11 years now! However I never ate there very often because of the bad energy/ vibes I always felt. I'm a very sensitive empathic Reiki Master Energy Healer. So I know these things. If speaking with the owner or the workers makes me feel sick to my stomach then there's a problem. The workers and owners always seem somewhat angry, tired, overworked and annoyed. Not a pleasant energy to have to face when hungry. And I definitely don't want that energy near my food. My good friend says that the place is very "uppity" and he doesn't like to go there either. But back to my story...

Every so often I would crave some eggs over medium, or a croissant or something sweet and I would cave and go back there. But many times after eating their food I would experience food sensitivities. Because of these food sensitivities I started asking questions. The problem is that Fakery cafe deceived me on many occasions (or tried to deceive me because I always felt that something was wrong). It seemed that they would tell me exactly what I wanted to hear-instead of the truth. They never suspected that I would attempt to double check on what they were telling me. A few years ago I asked one of the workers if all the food they served was organic and I was told "Yes". So this past Saturday I said I was interested in the challah bread but just wanted to make sure it was all organic. I was told "No" some ingredients are organic and others aren't. Okay... a few years ago I was told that all the eggs were cooked in olive oil. This past Saturday a worker admitted to me that all the eggs are cooked in toxic canola oil. Then she went on to tell me that the only oil they had in the kitchen was canola oil. The female owner came out and offered me olive oil. Another lie! Either the worker was lying about them only having canola oil or the owner was lying about cooking my eggs in olive oil... but someone was lying to me. I asked the worker if the eggs were pasture raised organic. She didn't know but told me that they are all cage free and from Sunset Farms. So then I asked the female owner if all the eggs they sold were organic and pasture raised and she said "Yes" with an annoyed energy that made me feel nauseated. So I got the eggs and after eating them I had pain in my left ear. I'm not sure this happened why but I haven't eaten eggs in a while so maybe that was it?

I was suspicious about the whole interaction so I looked up sunset farms online but couldn't find it anywhere so I decided to contact Fakery cafe to get the information. This is what they told me: "We do not get eggs from Sunset Farms." So I said "Okay, that's probably why I can't find it online. Can you please tell me where you get your eggs from?" Fakery responds " We get eggs from several places and we do not give our vendor information out. Can you tell me why you are asking and what this is related to?"

Does this not seem suspicious to you? Why won't they tell me where they get there eggs from? The eggs that they serve to their customers and sell in crates at their store. What are they trying to hide? Are they trying to cover up for lying to me... I'm running out of space to tell you how I responded to Fakery but I responded very politely explaining to them the issue and asking them once again if there eggs are really pasture raised organic... or if the female owner purposely lied to me this past Saturday? I can tell you this, it's been over 24 hours and they still have not responded to my message/ question about this issue. So in summary, I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau! If you care about your health don't eat here! Find a better place! Erewhon in Silverlake is good and Sun Cafe in studio city is good. This is the first restaurant/ food vendor that refused to disclose to me where they get there eggs/ ingredients from. Eggs that they are selling right there in crates to you! Don't we have a right to know where our food is coming from? Next time you're in Fakery Cafe start asking questions about their food and see how annoyed they become... I dare you!

***In summary...DO NOT TRUST these Food vendors in LA! Shady Grady!

UPDATE (The Next Day): So these douchebags write back to me the most unbelievably vile dishonest letter. They claim that no one ever told me the eggs were pasture raised organic. Major lie! And they claim that I was harassing and bullying their employees. Another lie! I was asking questions and expecting to receive honest answers. Then they said that they repeatedly asked me to put my mask on correctly and that I refused to do so. Another lie. My mask was off my nose. They asked me to place it back over my nose and I did so twice. Finally they have the nerve to say this "Should you choose to write anything publicly that we deem libelous or defaming we reserve all rights to pursue the matter via any and all avenues available to us." So Fakery Cafe is actually threatening and harassing me not to expose their lies! Time to report these c-suckers to the Better Business Bureau and whoever else I can! I have no pity for devils!

And finally I updated my yelp review with this (I didn't have room to write anything else although I wish I did):

UPDATE: Fakery Cafe finally sends me an absolutely repulsive email reply. No apology! Just more lies! Unbelievably disgusting people. Making up lies to cover up lies! So glad I'm done with these creepos. I would say more but I've wasted enough time with this.

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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