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Mask Wars and The Misuse of Authority and Perceived Power

Dear Ms. Sh*******,

I do hope this email finds you well. I called your library today to inquire about the work schedule of your older asian security guard. I am unsure what his name is, but I was told that for security reasons you were unable to provide me with this information. This is completely understandable. However, the reason for my inquiry is that this older asian security guard has been harassing me over the past few weeks and it's appearing to get worse and more aggressive every time I visit the library. Sadly, I am now starting to experience anxiety about visiting your library ever again.

The last time I visited your library, about a week ago, I had a severely unpleasant experience with your security guard. First of all, some strange guy with sunglasses came to sit diagonally across from me at my table with his laptop. He asked me if someone else was sitting there and I told him No. But it was weird because nobody ever comes and sits down at the same table with me like that. I couldn't see his eyes but I felt him staring at me the whole time I was on the library computer. I don't mean to sound paranoid but he may have even been taping me with his laptop.

My mask had accidentally slipped off my nose a few times and every time this happened your asian security guard seemed to appear out of nowhere to correct the issue. I always obey his orders and put the mask back over my nose, but something was weird this time. I think he was in cahoots with the guy sitting across from me. So all of a sudden your older asian security guard comes up to me and I immediately realized that my mask was off my nose and I quickly placed it back over my nose, however your security guard starts to raise his voice at me in front of everyone and threatened to get the library manager the next time he caught me without the mask over my nose.

He went on and on for about a minute straight and he was getting uncomfortably close to me. In fact he never got this close to me before and he appeared to be positioned right in front of this guy's laptop as if to tape himself being in a position of authority. It was super weird. This security guard never stood so close to me before and never on my left side right in front of another library patron. It was bizarre! My mask position had already been corrected but he wouldn't stop harassing me. I did my best to ignore him and go back to doing my work but it was a difficult situation to endure.

So your security guard finally stops badgering me and walks away. At this point I intuitively turned my computer, keyboard and body position side ways so that the creepy guy sitting across from me with his laptop couldn't see my face. A few minutes later the same older asian security guard sneaks up behind me trying to see if the mask was off my nose again which is wasn't! This time he had another security guard with him. He saw that the mask was on my nose, walked a few paces ahead of me and stopped there with the other security guard and started taking notes in his phone.

I am becoming worried with the situation because every time I go to the library this security guard appears to get more and more aggressive towards me. Yes, it's true, sometimes the mask slips off of my nose but I always correct it right away, so what's the problem? Does this security guard have nothing better to do than harass library patrons about how they are wearing their masks? I am a young attractive female and I visit the library all the time by myself. I am actually considering hiring my own security guard to come to the library with me to protect me from your security guard. My close friend who practices private law is getting ready to file an intent to sue if this security guard's behavior is not corrected. I read some reviews on yelp and it appears that I am not the only one having issues with this security guard. I read that he was taping some man's wife and when the man complained no one cared. This is a major problem! Someone needs to see that justice is pursued in regards to your security guard's unprofessional and abusive use of power.

I'd like to add that I used to wave Hello to this security guard all the time and we even made some friendly small talk. He even told me once that it was okay for me to take my nose out of the mask sometimes. I'm not sure if he was just saying this to set me up for what he's doing now? However, when I started to feel him getting weird towards me I stopped waving, smiling and talking to him. I started to mind my own business. I am typically a very friendly person and so I believe this may have got him upset. It seems like the more I ignore him (not the mask policy) but the more I ignore him personally, the more he tries to get my attention by sneaking up on me and harassing me. I think he may actually get off on being in charge, being an authority figure and having power over other people. He is definitely misusing his position of authority and this has to be stopped! This is very concerning for me and I believe someone should have a good talk with him and settle down his unprofessional behavior before I (or even someone else) decides to take further action on this matter.

I do hope I can comfortably visit your lovely library again without having to constantly look over my shoulder to see if your security guard is following me and preparing to harass and embarrass me in front of other library patrons. I look forward to resolving this issue and the anxiety that your older asian security guard has given me.

Thank you for your consideration in this unfortunate matter.

Sincerely, Anonymous Female

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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