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Monkey Pox: Real Threat or Fake News?

I received this email today and decided to share it with you....

Dear Rofim Friends,

Due to the credible threat that another “pandemic” is afoot, G-d forbid, we see an immediate need to bring lifesaving information to the public, before the media reaches them with misinformation.

The “tabletop exercise” in which they seem to have planned the monkeypox gives June 5, 2022 as the date of their next move. Their May 15 attack date, (published 14 months ago), has already materialized, as on that day 4 monkeypox cases were reported to the WHO.

Yes, they do, strangely, proclaim their plans in advance.

(Note, this exercise was funded by Dustin Moskovitz, the same one who funded the covid planning exercise, Event 201.)

Therefore, even though it’s an extremely busy week with the holiday of Shavuos approaching, it seems critical to have this educational event now.

The message we want to convey is: What could you have done differently in Winter/Spring 2020, if you had known then what you know now?

My strong belief is that we could have 1) prayed harder, if we would have known how bad things would get, 2) not cooperated with masking, 3) not gone for testing and thereby handed them their case numbers, 4) not locked down our houses of prayer, schools, and businesses, 5) not gone to the hospital when ill, where so many died needlessly, but treated early at home.

If we would have known enough to pray more, maybe we could have been saved. If there would have been mass awareness and lack of cooperation, they would not have been able to do what they did.

Of course, whatever already happened was G-d’s will, including our lack of awareness at the time.

However, now it’s our job to try our best to save lives this time around, and make their next pandemic spectacularly UNSUCCESSFUL.

So, please join us on Thursday evening, and please spread this message to your friends.



•Divrei Hisorerus and Tefilla

•Investigator James Roguski

•Dr. Peter McCullough MD

•Dr. Ryan Cole MD

Zoom meeting ID 952 175 3151 Passcode 1818

Call in: 929-205-6099 and enter above meeting ID and passcode

Please help me by sponsoring this event to whatever extent you are possibly able.

I currently owe about $17,000 for ads etc.

I can’t stop as long as there are people to save and G-d gives me the ability.

You can donate at

Thank you.


Brucha Weisberger

Rofim International


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