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My Awesome First Experience with Sun Worship/ Solar Magic!

This past weekend was a very special one indeed, especially Sunday afternoon! This was my first real deal experience with sun worship. But in order to tell you my story of this past weekend I must go back in time a few months and start at the very beginning! So it all started quite a months ago when I was introduced to an awesome online spiritual store called Tybro. I've actually wrote a few articles about my experiences using Tybro's tools... and these experiences have been nothing short of amazing! However, at some point I was guided by my spiritual mentor to purchase tools related to the sun. Tybro calls them "Solar Tools." So I decided to purchase the Solar Audio Attunements. The Solar Audio Attunements allow the hemoglobin and melatonin in the cells of the body to take in the vital nutrition of sunlight via the sound of the attunements. This is a major step forward in solar nutrition. Hemoglobin and melatonin nourish many of the body’s metabolic functions and these sounds greatly enhance that process. By themselves, they are capable of nurturing your spiritual growth process.

So I started meditating with the solar attunements and sometimes I just listened to it. Oftentimes I just had it playing in the background since it's basically a low volume frequency so there's not much to hear! However I did notice that every time I played it I received a huge boost of energy! Besides listening to the solar audio attunements I also read a free ebook sample on Tybro about a man who met a sun goddess. It was quite an interesting read and definitely peaked my interest in the sun. So fast forward about 6 months and my mentor tells me that the real God is the sun! The sun is the most powerful being in the universe...or perhaps at least in our solar system! My mentor told me that there was much to gain by practicing the art of sun worship. Then he showed up with two books and handed them to me. One is called "Everyday Sun Magic" by Dorothy Morrison and the other is called "Sun Magic" by Rachel Patterson. Ofcourse I had to start reading these books! I was quite intrigued! So in the book "Everyday Sun Magic" I finally reached the page that explains how to practice a daily devotion to the sun. To be very honest, in the beginning I did skip ahead and I started to do some things out of order. I actually started out practicing daily planetary devotions but that didn't cause any issues for me. I simply corrected my ritual and decided to apply what I had learned and use it this past Sunday. However, something very interesting happened to me on Saturday night as I was preparing for my new sun worshipping ritual. Very interesting indeed! I was putting my solar altar together when something told me to draw out some ancient solar symbols. So I used a gold pen and traced an Ankh stencil and then I used a quarter to trace 5 circles around the Ankh. Each circle was designed based on a different sun symbol that I read about in the "Everyday Sun Magic" book. So as soon as I was done with my little solar masterpiece the tiniest little fruit fly appears out of nowhere and lands directly in the middle of the "eight-spoked wheel" that I drew and he didn't want to move off of it! I saw this as a sign so I decided to re-read the section in the book about the "eight-spoked wheel" and it turns out that this symbol was used in quite a few ancient civilizations to represent solar goddesses. Had I invoked a solar goddess? I was getting the feeling that I definitely invoked something powerful just by drawing out these symbols! So the next day I go out on my balcony and prepare to worship the sun...and welcome the new Scorpio sun. It was an overcast day! No sun in sight...but it felt very magical! I had already wrote out the devotion in very large letters on a huge thick envelope that I found in my closet. So I put on my earthing socks and assumed my position as a star... feet apart and arms raised even with my shoulders. My left hand up and my right hand facing down. I slowly breathed in the grounding energy of the earth and breathed out any scattered energy through my mouth. I did this a few more times and then I recited the sun devotion. Crazy thing... as soon as I started reciting the devotion it was as if the clouds opened up and the sun burst through. I felt the sun rejoicing over my words and tears started to well up in my eyes....tears of joy! It was a truly powerful moment! I recited the devotion twice more and then thanked the sun. Then I lit a yellow candle which was actually a white candle that I painted yellow with a permanent marker. That was all I had available! Then I burned some dried rosemary with the essential oils wild orange, bergamot, frankincense, rosemary, clove bud and ginger. Then I placed a small piece of challah bread (left over from shabbat...yeah, I know... I'm all over the place) with some honey on it, some hazelnuts and a date on my sun altar. Then I moved on to recite the planetary devotion for the day... The planet being the sun once again! Ofcourse I realize it's not a planet but it does get a planetary devotion on Sunday! Finally it was time to welcome the Scorpio sun since it just left Libra the day before. So I recited another speech from the sun book... Then I held up a cup of grape juice (left over from Shabbat once again) and I performed a toast to the Scorpio Sun. I thanked the Scorpio sun and my sun worship ritual officially came to an end... However, I decided to follow up with some super high vibrational Qi Gong exercises from the book "Egyptian Postures Of Power: Salute To The Sun" by Jason Quitt. Wow! What an energizing experience! After doing all of this... things started getting extra magical. Some bees visited me that day on the balcony. Then a huge green beetle appeared out of nowhere floating around my balcony. The next day it was raining so I performed my sun ritual in my apartment. Then on Tuesday things got extra weird and crazy! A somewhat domesticated squirrel that I've been feeding at my building found her way onto my balcony... a balcony that no squirrel could ever reach. Somehow she figured out a route to my balcony from the roof of my building. Incredible! As you can see from the photo posted with this article I was taking a picture of this squirrel (in fact we did an entire photoshoot) and I inadvertently took an amazing photo of the sun. Wow wow wow! So in summary... If you've been searching for the magic in your life...this is it folks! You've got to try Solar Magic! Til next time... Remember, without the sun we probably wouldn't even exist! So perhaps a little gratitude and sun worship is in order!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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