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The Essential Oil Doctor

On my quest for perfect health I happened to encounter a most unusual integrative doctor who offers a unique alternative approach to conventional medicine. His name is Dr. Dushyant Viswanathan, aka Dr. DV, of the Columbia Center for Integrative Medicine. Dr. DV also has a partner in health named Elaina Heather, whom I believe to be in fact his secret weapon! On the practice's website they describe themselves as the Doctor and the Alchemist! Intriguing to say the very least!

I had been searching for a cure for sibo (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) when I mysteriously found Dr. DV on google one day! I was looking into bacteriophages (a virus that eats bacteria) which supposedly helps treat sibo. Somehow there was a link from the bacteriophages page to Dr. DV's practice in Woodland Hills, CA. I was unsure about taking the bacteriophages and preferred to get a professional opinion and treatment plan, therefore I decided to make an appointment to meet with Dr. DV.

Before showing up for my scheduled appointment I attempted to research Dr. DV. I looked up reviews for his practice but didn't find many. I did however notice that his main practice is located in Maryland. He also won “Top Integrative Internal Medicine Physician in Maryland” by Int’l Assoc of Internists in 2013 and according to The Caster News Vol 15, Iss 2 in 2015 he was among “Los Angeles’ Top 10 Integrative/Holistic Doctors.” This was starting to look very promising! I was eager to meet Dr. DV as I had already been through 2 sibo treatments with two other doctors and still felt that something was missing from the equation. One of these doctors told me he couldn't cure me without the use of psychotropic drugs and actually dropped me as a patient for refusing. The other doctor told me not to be upset if the sibo came back again. He said I would probably have to continue seeing him every few months or years to treat the problem over and over again with antibiotics or the elemental diet (2 weeks without food). I had just done the elemental diet and couldn't imagine having to do it ever again! Both of these doctors were integrative doctors however something was amiss! I was searching for a natural cure, not continuous treatment for the rest of my life.

I was surprised to find that Dr. DV is hidden in a small office in Woodland Hills. I was expecting to find him in a larger office based on the name 'Columbia Center for Integrative Medicine.' Although relatively small, the office has fantastic energy as does Dr. DV! He has spiritual pictures on his wall highlighting the chakra system, etc. Very different from your usual doctor's office! He spent 4 hours with me! Wow! The visit was an adventure! Of course he doesn't take insurance because, if you haven't noticed, none of the good doctors really do! However his prices are quite reasonable compared to other integrative holistic doctors in California and you get a lot more bang for your buck!

Dr. DV's treatment approach is different than the other doctors I've encountered. He's not all about the sibo breath test. He is more interested in the Genova Stool test. I was relieved to find this out. I did not have any interest in taking that sibo breath test again. I had a bad reaction to it before. He also doesn't seem to prescribe antibiotics or elemental diets for sibo which is quite different from the other doctors I've seen. He actually told me he would never recommend the elemental diet for sibo. Based on my symptoms and previous labs Dr. DV started me on a regimen of probiotics, bacteriophages, dietary changes and Elaina's famous detox oil which consists of a proprietary blend of thyme, oregano, dill, lemon balm/ melissa, clay sage, clove, turmeric oil, in a base of coconut oil. Elaina allowed me to know which oils she used in the formula, however the proportions, which were based on my previous Genova Stool test, were top secret! Supposedly everyone's oil proportions are a little different based on their ratios of good and bad bacteria in the gut! Intriguing!

But the most amazing thing about all of this is that the treatment has been working! My stomach is healing and I can finally eat food without tons of gas, bloating and discomfort. I no longer need to be on the low fodmap diet, which apparently causes hormone imbalances if you're on it for too long. I am doing fabulously well! I recently went back for my (3 hour!) follow-up visit as I had taken a saliva hormone test and found out that my hormones are a bit unbalanced. Dr. DV said I can take cortisol pills and a plant based hormone cream... or... Essential Oils! I chose the oils ofcourse! Dr. DV explained to me that Elaina would prepare a specific blend of essential oils for hormone balance which should help treat my mood disorder (mainly anxiety and nervousness these days) and my 3 day migraine that I have to deal with monthly. Elaina also decided to add some essential oils for anxiety, specifically lavender to be taken internally and topically. Who knew that essential oils can be the cure all? What an amazing alternative! I am very excited to see how this all works out.

If you are searching for a truly alternative alternative approach to medicine that really treats the problem (not just suppresses it) I suggest you check out Dr. DV and Elaina at the Columbia Center for Integrative Medicine! Ofcourse Dr. DV also offers conventional medicine, but isn't it nice to know you have choices? I feel so grateful to have found such a wonderful holistic medical practice! The Columbia Center for Integrative medicine is located in Woodland Hills, CA, Lompoc, CA, Palm Desert, CA and Columbia, MD. If you are struggling with unresolved health issues and are seeking a more holistic approach to medicine I suggest you check them out: Til next time!~ Peace and Blessings!

Jennie Haiman is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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