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My First Week of Sun Gazing! 9 Days to Be Exact! Part 1 (There's Just Too Much Info)

So I've been staring at the sun (with my bare eyes) for 9 Days! Not 9 days straight lol! But for a few seconds every day for 9 days. This is a first for me! And quite the accomplishment! It has taken a lot of will power for me to do this! But I think it's worth it! I have witnessed significant positive changes in my life since I began this ritual. Along with sun gazing I have also been sun bathing at peak now I'm very tan!

It all started when my close friend/ spiritual mentor told me that he was joining a secret powerful solar group. Of course I wanted to join too! But I was told that I had to wait. While patiently awaiting my referral to this elite sun gazing group I felt that I should at least be doing something to prepare myself for the group... like...ummm... you know?... SUN GAZING! My friend messed up and told me to start sun gazing 15 minutes a day at any time I wanted. I attempted to sun gaze at 3 pm two days in a row for 15 minutes (in Los Angeles in June!) It was nearly impossible to keep my eyes open... and downright dangerous! Then I got the worst headache ever! When my friend spoke to the sun gazing group and told them what I had started doing they told him to tell me to stop immediately (not because I could go blind or hurt my eyes... but because I could go crazy!)

I found that to be quite interesting, especially because some kind of entity had been creeping into my bedroom with me while I was sleeping and entering my dreams after I started staring at the sun at 3 pm. So I stopped sun gazing! But I was restless...and I wanted to learn more... immediately!

So after pressing my friend relentlessly for any kind of information he could give me about the group, he finally emailed me 3 pdf books about sun gazing! I promptly read the 3 books and began sun gazing immediately! In fact, I actually started sun gazing before I even finished reading the books...and I realized on Day 4 that I was moving a little too fast and had to slow down which was fine with me! I also realized at some point that I was counting a little too slow and that one real minute was equivalent to 46 of my counting seconds! But anyway... you live you learn!

Turns out that sun gazing should be practiced 30-60 minutes after sunrise or 30-60 minutes before sunset. One YouTube video I watched said only to sun gaze within the 30 minute window (30 minutes after sunrise or 30 minutes before sunset) I was sun gazing closer to the hour, particularly because I couldn't get a good grounded view of the sun before then at my building. It is best to be grounded (barefoot on grass, dirt or sand) when sun gazing. Also one should start slow... Starting with 5-10 seconds on the first day and then adding 5-10 seconds each day... Going up to 15 minutes maximum. Some say 45 minutes max is okay. But I was told 15 minutes is the most one should do in a day. This would take a few months of consecutive sun gazing. I started with 10 seconds and then realized when I reached 40 seconds that I should go a little slower... because the sun was too strong for me! I also messed up with timing a bit and was sun gazing a little later than I should have, but I managed to fix that quickly by waking up earlier.

So on Day 1 I decided to try sun gazing around sunset.... 7:20 pm to be exact! The sunset was at 8:08 pm. I was barefoot on dirt by a nearby river. It was a quick 10 seconds that I counted as "1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, etc... It was relaxing. Miraculously the next day I managed to get up early to sun gaze within the morning sun gazing hours. I wore my earthing flip flops to walk over to the back of my building to search for the perfect location. It was around 6:40 am when I finally found a spot... probably a little later which was no good. Sunrise was at 5:42 am. I was cutting it too close! The sun was bright and I had to squint a bit, but I persisted and counted out 20 seconds while staring at the sun barefoot on grass/ dirt in the back of my building (in the dog pooping section! Yuck!). It was the best and only location to view the sun at that time! I had my earplugs in my ears as I felt that I wasn't ready to hear noises yet. I am not and have never been a morning person! After sun gazing I engaged in my Egyptian Postures of Power: Salute to the Sun Qi Gong Exercises followed by a Reiki exercise/ meditation.

On Day 3 I managed to get back to the same location a little earlier and did 30 seconds without earplugs. Because I was able to hear sounds, I befriended a new squirrel that lived in a tree I was standing near. He stared at me in the eyes for a few moments and I realized that I had to return the next day with nuts so I could feed him. Once again...after sun gazing I engaged in my Egyptian Postures of Power: Salute to the Sun Qi Gong Exercises followed by a Reiki exercise/ meditation. A dog came over sniffing me during Qi Gong. The owner had to practically pull him away from me. I love animals... It didn't bother me at all. That day I ordered new earthing flip flops since the ones I was wearing were hurting my feet. I also decided to order gold soap and a colloidal gold tincture that opens the third eye/ pineal gland. I've taken this tincture before, but supposedly this one is a new and improved recipe and a top seller of EckTech.

Day 4 was a real eye opener for me. I was running late so I decided to try to sun gaze from my balcony. I would never make it to my sun gazing spot outside on time. Terrible idea! I was getting frustrated trying to untangle my earthing cords. I was trying to be grounded. It was not a positive energy at all and perhaps I should've just skipped that day but I was already awake and out of bed. The sun was rough on my eyes. It was a little later than the hour window I'm sure! I counted 40 seconds but it was a strain. My eyes didn't have time to adjust to the light and my right eye, which is weaker than my left, had to be closed a few times. I figured out afterwards that one of my feet, I think my left foot, was not plugged into the grounding port at all! I will never sun gaze on my balcony like that again! But it was a good lesson! Once again...after sun gazing I engaged in my Egyptian Postures of Power: Salute to the Sun Qi Gong Exercises followed by a Reiki exercise/ meditation...followed by my solar altar invocation!

On Day 4 I had a bunch of realizations and took some notes: I must stop eating bread. I must stop finishing meals if I'm full (I hate to waste food). I must stop eating so close to bed time. I must go to sleep earlier and wake earlier so I have more time to get ready. I MUST perform sun gazing outside barefoot grounded on grass/ dirt and not plugged in on the balcony. I decided to repeat my 40 seconds over again the next day and not add seconds. I must start taking grounded morning walks. I must walk to sun gaze location so my eyes have time to adjust to the sun instead of walking from a dark room straight to the balcony. I prefer morning sun gazing even if it's more difficult for me to achieve then sunset sun gazing. I must also continue sunbathing for at least 20 minutes a day ( I stopped taking Vitamin D3 which is supposedly bad for you.) Surprisingly, on Day 2, 3 and 4 I woke up before my alarm clock rang in the morning. I am going to start adding foods to my diet that are specific for eye health. My eyes had become more sensitive and had been hurting a little from the sun. Alpha Lipoic acid: Broccoli, Spinach, Brussel Sprouts, Tomatoes- I don't eat brussel sprouts or tomatoes but they're in a fruit and veggie supplement that I take, Quercetin: Capers, Radish Leaves, Apples (peels especially), Onion (peels especially)- I purchased Capers for my salads. Apples are in my supplement. Vitamin A: Orange foods, Green Leafy Veggies, Squash. Vitamin C: Brocolli, Berries, Citrus Fruit, Brussel Sprouts. Lutein & Zeaxanthin: Carrots, Green Leafy Veggies. Rutin: Apples, Buckwheat, Asparagus, Tea (Black tea in particular). Omega 3: Shell fish and fish (especially cold water fish). I take a Vegan Omega 3 Agal oil supplement and I also eat sockeye salmon from time to time. My Natures Way Garden Veggie pill contains Carrot, Brussel Sprouts, Asparagus, Tomato, Spinach and Broccoli. Their Orchard fruit pill that I take contains Orange, Strawberry, Blueberry, Apple, Acai and Raspberry. I've got a lot of my eye health foods covered!

For Day 5 (SUN day)I decided to change my alarm clock time from 6 am and 6:15 am to 5:45 am and 6 am. I had a prophetic money dream that night. I drank magnetized water that morning. I made it myself by wrapping a magnet necklace around my water and placing a powerful magnet next to the water and leaving it to sit overnight on top of an orgonite coaster and within two tensor field generators. I felt the energy in the water. It was super energized. So I became a believer. Now I have a professional magnetic water vortexing funnel coming in the mail! I decided to wear a yellow, purple and gold outfit. Before sun gazing I took the time to raise my arms to the sun 3 times and recite a little impromptu prayer of thanks. I sun gazed for 40 seconds around 6:40 am or so... still too late! My eyes were very watery looking at the sun. I had to close them a few times. After reciting The Body of Light Mantra in a whisper, a squirrel started cackling at me. I fed him some nuts. I then did my Postures of Power Qi Gong Exercises, Body of Light Mantra, Reiki, Body of Light Mantra again... and then walked around feeding the squirrels! I felt more connected to them than usual. I then proceeded to walk around my whole neighborhood but had to remove my earthing shoes and change into sneakers because my feet hurt. I felt the difference immediately. I wasn't as relaxed anymore. I needed to be grounded! At around 8 am, an hour and a half later I returned home. I decided to put ice on my eyes for approximately 5 minutes....then proceeded to meditate as I do everyday! Later on I actually went to a crowded pool at my building and socialized comfortably. I felt way more grounded than usual. I felt more likeable too! I also stopped my friend's baby from crying that night and this baby was having a serious fit. Everyone was shocked! And the craziest thing of all was that for the whole day I fasted on only water, almond milk, coconut water, aloe juice and organic sulfur. In fact, I didn't break the fast until Day 7!

To be continued... There's a lot more information to come! Stay tuned!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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