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Squirrel Wars: The Grand Finale (I hope!)

I'm starting to get into the habit of skipping an article here and there, whereas I used to publish one article every Wednesday. Well, being that I'm a Projector in the system of Human Design, I believe it is healthier for me to be spontaneous as opposed to sticking to a routine schedule. Therefore, I declare, you will receive a new article whenever I decide to publish one! No more self-imposed deadlines! Less stress... more rest! FYI My bronchitis seems to have cleared up, besides a minor throat clearing here and there. I'm feeling much better finally thank the heavens! Now onto the subject matter at hand....

If you've followed my articles religiously you would know that I've engaged in quite a few battles with the neighbors at my apartment complex regarding feeding the squirrels. In December 2023/ January 2024 I became quite ill with bronchitis, pneumonia and finally the flu. I believe my last squirrel battle contributed to this sickness. Months earlier, before I became ill, I had promised one particular male neighbor that I wouldn't place nuts by certain trees near his townhouse. Although I stuck by my promise, this guy turned out to be a real stickler and a super weirdo. He just kept bugging me about putting nuts out for the squirrels near his townhouse. I had to keep reminding him about which trees I promised not to place nuts at. His energy was real uptight and sour and seeing his face often destroyed or nearly destroyed the enjoyment and satisfaction I received from feeding the squirrels.

Come December I was feeling quite exhausted one day when this neighbor 'Tim' had approached me asking me to stop placing fruit near his townhouse for the squirrels to eat. His energy was so off that I couldn't even respond. So I simply turned to look at him without saying a word. So he said 'What did you say?' as if I had actually spoken. I finally stated that I was too tired to talk. Then I just turned and walked away leaving Tim astonished and speechless. I just didn't have the energy to deal with this lunatic! Thus the real battle had begun. Tim started to stalk me when I came close to his townhouse with fruit and nuts. He gave me horrible anxiety and I grew sick. I found myself placing fruit and nuts near his townhouse late at night to avoid him. The cold evening air was not helping my condition.

Then all of a sudden the neighbor who worked in the leasing office 'Bo' started to threaten and harass me about leaving fruit out by Tim's townhouse. He even told me that he caught me on camera leaving out fruit. This thought of being watched on camera gave me even more anxiety. One time 'Bo's' energy was so terrible that I put my hand up in front of him out of defense and told him that the interaction I was having with him was making me sick. Then I walked away. That night I developed an immense pain in my chest. I went to the ER and found out that my bronchitis had turned into pneumonia. So then Bo asks to speak to my roommate. My roommate meets up with him and Bo talks a whole bunch of sh*t about me saying that a bunch of neighbors have been talking about me and they all think I'm crazy and need to be placed on meds. Then he told my friend that he would start fining me $500 for every time I put out fruit.

So I reluctantly stopped putting fruit out for the squirrels near Tim's townhouse. However, I was so angry about the situation that I started placing large amounts of nuts very close to Tim's townhouse by the trees I had promised not to place nuts at. I decided that the promise that I had made to Tim had expired. There was absolutely nothing that Tim could do about it. I was allowed to place nuts wherever I wanted to. Anyway, one of my spiritual mentors insisted that something bad would happen to Tim for preventing me from putting out fruit. He said there was no telling how many spirits were feeding on that fruit I put outside. He said that these spirits would be angry at Tim and bring harm to him for stopping me from putting out fruit. I felt a little sorry for Tim. Supposedly the spirits wouldn't go after 'Bo' since he was simply the messenger. However, every time my friend saw Bo, Bo would covertly speak badly about me. My spiritual mentor said that Bo was speaking badly about many people and that he would be dead within the year. Again I felt bad.

So fast forward to May. I hadn't seen Tim or Bo in a really long time. All of a sudden Tim appeared as I was placing nuts outside close to his townhouse. His hair was long and he had a long beard and his eyes were bugging out of his face. He looked like he went insane and just escaped the psych ward. I was convinced that he was being relentlessly haunted by spirits. He waved to me (looking a little fearful) and I waved back, immediately throwing nuts at a tree in defiance as if to let him know 'Don't f with me.' But I felt bad afterwards because I knew something was terribly wrong. So I told my friend/roommate that I saw Tim and he didn't look so well and I felt bad. My friend simply said 'F that dude.'

Well, lo and behold, my friend runs into Tim and they have a conversation. Tim tells my friend that he's bi-polar and has the MTHFR gene mutation. Apparently, when he was a young child he was attacked by a squirrel and caught rabies. So squirrels have become a trigger for his bi-polarism! He said he felt ashamed and didn't want to tell anyone about this issue. It made him feel like a pussy. Oy! So this whole time I was unknowingly contributing to Tim's suffering! Tim told my friend that he's currently undergoing a spiritual awakening and that he doesn't have a problem with me. He said that his battle is with himself. Then my friend discovered that Tim and Bo are really good friends and that they were both taking zoloft for mood disorders. Then Tim let my friend know that Bo is very sick. His cancer is out of remission. Oy! I decided to send both Tim and Bo some healing energy and a telepathic message of peace from the celestial sanctum (AMORC).

In the end I've learned a few lessons from this experience. You never really truly know what a person is going through so we should always strive to be compassionate. And... People better not f*ck with me cause bad things can and will happen! How's that for duality? But yeah, I'm done putting out nuts and fruit by this guy's townhouse. I think he's been through enough! And I do hope Bo starts drinking some 4 Herb/ Essiac Tea and stops talking badly about people. Poor old dudes!

Update: So perhaps connecting energetically with Tim and Bo was not the wisest decision. Around 5:55 am Tuesday morning a negative entity crawled into bed with me and gave me a terrible astral travel nightmare. This was quite surprising to me as I haven't been haunted in ages! Then Thursday morning around 2 am I woke up with stomach pain, then nausea and finally I was forced to vomit. I think the negative entity came from Tim and the nausea came from Bo. So the final lesson here is that the reality is that there is no duality. We are all one. Our thoughts and actions have an effect on everyone and everything around us and vice versa. So we must be very careful what we think and what we do... and who we decide to connect with! Even trying to help people can have negative consequences! Oy!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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