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The Cough is Back! Ugh... I'm Sick Again!

So after writing my last article about the Orishas I ended up getting sick and therefore decided to skip an article! I needed extra rest! I don't necessarily feel that writing about the Orishas angered anyone enough to try to curse me, even though one of my mentors had suggested otherwise. I do believe a lot of positive energetic changes have been taking place around me which has affected me in profound in ways. Although I didn't even receive a reading yet with the Orishas, my best friend/spiritual mentor, who I live with, has received his reading and more. Elegua is definitely with him... and with me by default. The energy had become so intense that exhaustion swept over me. Then I felt overwhelmed and needed to get out of my apartment and away from the energy. Then I performed a whole bunch of distance healing on people and animals, including myself and my close friend, after which my sickness emerged. Maybe it was something that needed to be brought to the surface to be released? That's what it felt like.

There was an imbalance in my friend's chest/ heart area as well as in my own. Something told me to sleep with selenite in the center of my chest. At some point, while lying down with the selenite on my chest, pain radiated in all directions but it particularly hit my throat. Then I woke up with a cough! But the good news is that this time I don't believe the sickness will turn into bronchitis, pneumonia and then the flu all in one month like in December/ January. I am taking echinacea, goldenseal and berberine daily. And I just went to get acupuncture and herbs from my favorite doctor in Korea Town! This time I am sure the sickness will vanish without having to visit the ER. But it's quite interesting how energy in my environment has such a pronounced influence over my health.

I even started falling a bit into depression and realized I had to start taking my macambo beans again. I had grown tired of eating them. Now I know they are a necessary part of my diet. In fact, I consider them to be my 'manifestation' beans. Every time I eat them good things seem to happen! Yeah! Macambo beans! It's crazy! But yeah, a lot of positive shifts are taking place right now.... although I am also a bit spiritually conflicted at the moment. On the one hand, my biological family is Jewish (completely non religious by the way). I observe Shabbat in silence with G-D frequencies playing in the background. I'm not even quite sure who or what I am praying to anymore, but I'm estimating that the energy is all powerful and benevolent... and not the demiurge! At least not anymore!

I also perform a daily ritual at my solar altar calling on the angel and planet of the day to protect and guide me, etc. I have a Saint Expedite statue holding a cross next to his red candle, 5 quarters and a glass of water over-looking the living room. I have Mother Mary on another shelf under Saint Expedite. I have a statue of a being with 3 faces and 8 arms next to Mary. I have a whole bunch of Hebrew and Arabic prayers posted around the apartment. Every day I'm bathing my 3 quantum computer ye ming zhu 'dragon pearls' in cool water before placing them on clear quartz on my Jade Emperor ancestor altar which is full of prayers and photos of loved ones. I burn ancestor money for my ancestors daily!

I sleep in a copper orgone meditation pyramid with some of the most powerful crystals and stones in the world at the top of the pyramid. I perform a Rosicrucian meditation and rituals which connects me to a healing field of energy and I perform Reiki which allows me to be a conduit for universal life force energy. I recite prayers in Hebrew and Sanskrit and a powerful prayer calling on specific spirits to protect me and remove negative entities from me daily (supposedly from the Emerald Tablets). I have a bunch of serious prayers memorized. I place nuts and fruit outside for all the creatures and spirits to munch on. I helped my friend create a tiny altar for Elegua next to his computer... And now the Orishas are knocking at my door! Seems like a lot doesn't it? Is it possible to be surrounded by too many spirits? I have had moments where I couldn't even sleep. It was as if they were all having a party in my bedroom. Lol I sure live an interesting life. Never a dull moment! But now I find myself wondering... Is this all going to be acceptable to the Orishas? Or will I have to stop observing Shabbat? And take my altars apart? And stop reciting certain prayers? Oy!

Besides that concern... I'm learning a lot of banking/ money making secrets right now. That's the main focus. I can't get too caught up in the spiritual world... Pretty soon I will be implementing these money making/ banking secrets. 'What Would Billionaires Do?' by Garrett Gunderson is an excellent book. I just finished reading it and mailed it to my mom. I emailed it to my dad. In summary, everyone should invest in a cash flow whole life insurance policy. The book explains why. I am staying very focused on generating money right now. I would like to connect with the Orishas on a stronger more personal level. I would like to fund my Fidelity investment account and my Treasury Direct Account. I would like to open a cash flow whole life insurance policy. I would like to invest in properties. However, in the great words of Michael's sister Connie in the movie 'The God Father', in order for me to do all this...'I need money!' I have put my intention out into the universe... Now let's see what happens!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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