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The Secret to Health, Longevity... and Achieving a Higher Consciousness!

I recently mailed this letter to my father in response to his voice message to me stating that all of my covid information is complete b*llshit:

"Dear Dad,

I left you a very short & simple voice message in response to your voice message about the covid information I sent you because I really don't have much more to say. I have my beliefs and opinions and you have yours. We can always respectfully agree to disagree right? We do however have one belief in common and that is... lot's of people are going to die. But that's not a topic I really want to concentrate on because that's negative and depressing.

If I had taken the vaccine and then read what I had sent you, I'm sure my response would have been similar, maybe? So I cannot blame you for your response, which seemed a bit angry. I think more so angry about the idea of misinformation being distributed to the public, or rather what you believe is misinformation- which will lead to many deaths? I too believe the same thing. We just disagree on what is misinformation.

Anyway, I propose not being angry at all and just allowing people to live their own lives and make their own decisions. I could very well be angry at you because you took a vaccine (or rather an experimental gene therapy) that is highly toxic, that I warned you about in the early days of covid. Or I could be angry because you are unable to see what I see or understand or agree with the information I've presented to you. I am not angry though and I'm doing my very best not to be sad either. In fact, I hope I'm wrong. I hope my beliefs turn out to be myths. But there's too much evidence to the contrary. And more so then evidence, there's my intuition, which I always know to follow.

Regardless, I choose now to move on from this topic. The topic of covid and covid vaccines and misinformation. This all appears to be a big distraction. And I choose not to allow the negative side to distract me from my life and the bigger picture. I pray for you and my mom everyday. That seems to be the best I can do right now for the situation.

It is my hope that your health and mood stay positive. And I'm not sure that engaging in heated life and death debates are really good for our health and well being. Perhaps, even the truth is not good for that- for truth could lead to anger and depression and mood disorders. Sometimes it's easier to believe in lies? But anyway, I do not mean to go into a whole other philosophical debate on truth and lies. There's many things we won't agree on.

However, I just started reading a really incredible book called, "Ancient Secrets of Personal Power Tetragrammaton", by Professor Hilton Hotema first published in 1963. I was surprised at what I was reading... Secret information about health and longevity! I decided to photocopy some of this info for you to read. Perhaps you'll agree or disagree? While it's not directly related to the topic of covid or covid vaccines, there is an indirect link since the discussion is on health and science, medicine and doctors, progress and technology.

Hope you find this to be an interesting and enjoyable read! if you really like it I can send you the entire book which is only 97 tiny pages. okay? I love you. Stay well! Stay positive!



Now, I'm not going to publish all the pages of "Ancient Secrets of Personal Power Tetragrammaton" that I sent to my father because that could be considered copyright infringement. And I did send him quite a few pages! However, I would like to share some important points that I read in the prologue of this book:

"It is in order to inform the reader that this author knows something about the Rules of Health. He was born February 7, 1878, and now in his 83rd year feels as fit as he did at forty. he had one slight illness of influenza when he was a boy of 10, was never vaccinated nor inoculated, and is extremely fortunate that his body was never poisoned with the vile substances called "medicine."

"There are just two conditions of the body and they are Good Health and bad Health. The symptoms of bad Health are what doctors are trained to study, group together, and give them empty names (diagnosis) which mean nothing, and term "diseases" that may kill the patient unless treated and "cured" according to the teachings of medical art. We write from experience and knowledge, not from theory and speculation. For fifteen years we treated in our sanitarium patients from all over the country, the majority of them given up by other doctors as hopeless and incurable. We saved them all, losing not one.

In the treatment of them we observed the law of Life as follows:

1. Men can live for weeks without eating, but he stops living when he stops breathing. To preserve health, the air must be in motion and free of pollution. Stagnant air in homes, hospitals, bedrooms, stores, shops, etc., is foul like stagnant pools of water. So he put patients in fresh air, kept in circulation with electric fans.

2. Water is next. the greater part of the blood and body consists of fluid. To promote health all water entering the body must be pure and free of all pollutants, and "purifiers' used by health boards. So his patients got pure rain water that had not touched the ground.

3. Greatest freedom of function is next. This is secured by fasting, taking no food but air and water, the two foremost foods for man.

Under this natural, health-building regime, the patients recovered as if by magic. This Law of life we learned from the bugs and birds. they are never ill, have no hospitals, no doctors, no drugs, no vaccines, no serums, and yet they are ruled by the same law that governs man. If we follow that Law, we cannot go astray. That is the Law we teach. There is none better."

For more information I highly suggest purchasing this book! "Ancient Secrets of Personal Power Tetragrammaton", by Professor Hilton Hotema. Wow! What a fantastic read! But I must warn you- if you believe in Jesus and the Bible, this book is going to be a major wake-up call for you! Only purchase this book if you're ready to hear the truth!

So in response to reading this book, I just purchased two electric fans to keep the air circulated in my home. Ahh! Quiet refreshing! No more stagnant air! I also just started drinking distilled water again (similar to rain water). I get it from Mountain Valley. They sell distilled water in glass bottles! I'm also about to try Richard's Rainwater which is sold in glass bottles at Whole Foods. I'm continuing to drink my Ophora Oxygen water which I started drinking again (coincidentally just before reading this book). They sell this water at Erewhon in California. I'm also about to purchase Dexterity Health Liquid Oxygen Drops. This has been recommended to me by my mentors.

I am also about to purchase some organically grown (air-purifying and oxygenating) snake plants from either Rusty Gates in Los Angeles or the California Nursery in Reseda. I hope I can keep them alive this time! :( By the way, did you know that the snake plants sold at Home Depot have a cancer and reproductive health warning on them? In fact, most commercial plant stores sell plants that have been grown with toxic chemical fertilizers! Yeah! Sure don't want those plants! I'm good on that! lol And ofcourse I already have a Hepa Air Purifer in my home to clean the air. This is necessary with 3 cats! Til next time... Stay well my friends!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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