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The World Has Declared War on the Unvaccinated! (Ready for the Mercury Retrograde Madness?)

Its official! I can't talk about covid or vaccines in public anymore! This past Sunday, at my neighborhood farmers market, a girl overheard me having a discussion with a vendor friend of mine about not taking the covid-19 vaccine. Right in the middle of my conversation with the vendor this girl interjected rather abruptly and unexpectedly. With intense passion and tears in her eyes she asked me to please not talk about covid-19 or the vaccine. It was apparent that she was affected in a bad way. Her energy was shaky and she appeared very close to losing it completely... She was in self combustion mode. This really caught me off guard. I think she said that she either lost both of her parents or both of her grandparents 'supposedly' because they didn't take the covid-19 vaccine. I don't know... I was attempting to block her out and not hear anything she was trying to tell me. She was imposing on my energy. She was crying and I felt anger and judgement being projected at me which made me feel angry. I was angry that she interrupted my discussion... A discussion that she was not invited into. I was angry that I even had to deal with her angry energy. I quickly turned to acknowledge this emotional puss bag without making eye contact. I apologized for upsetting her, then I immediately went right back into my discussion as if this young lady didn't exist. In reality...she didn't exist!

If the world is a stage, this irrational covidiot was a background player that needed to be removed from the scene. I believe I started to go into even greater detail now as to why people are really dying. Out of my peripheral I could see this young lady hovering near me with explosive intensity. I felt her anger transmuting into violence... I wasn't going to allow myself to be the target of her unwarranted aggression. So I had to end my discussion and walk away. However, this entire situation begs the question... Instead of just standing by and listening to me talk about a topic that is obviously upsetting why didn't the lady just walk away? Do I not have the right to express my opinion or must I censor my voice publicly to appease the disturbed and depressed masses that are within my vicinity?

I must admit... I felt no sympathy for this lady. She should've just walked away, not interrupted my discussion with her belligerent, self righteous poor me mentality. Don't chime in and tell me what I can and cant say in a public place where I should be able to speak my mind! F you lady! That's how I felt... but I chose to behave civilized, which I believe is quite important when faced with barbaric emotionally disturbed zombie humanoids. In the end, covid-19 and vaccines are just not a topic worth discussing around the masses anymore. I simply become a target for their anger and distress.... and perhaps eventually their animalistic brutality? If people knew what natural remedies to take no one would die. But that's not the agenda. So natural cures will always be suppressed and people will remain ignorant and many will die from ignorance alone. I may sound like a real a hole when I say this but I have no sympathy for ignorance or ignorant people. And anyone trying to censor my self expression to spare their unbalanced emotional state shall receive no sympathy from me as well. And anyone who demands my attention by directing sadness, anger, negativity or self righteous belligerence in my direction deserves to be ignored as well.

So in summary, to spare myself from having to deal with all this unpleasant negativity being directed at me, now I must silence my "controversial covid' voice when traveling in the public arena... I think this is important for my safety, well being and peace of mind. The unvaccinated have now become the world's number one enemy. We are dangerous. Spreading lies and misinformation! We are conspiracy theorists... And we must be stopped! People like me are the reason why people are dying...if that makes any sense? (Not really) But hey, the people need a scapegoat...and ofcourse it can't be the government, or the FDA or the CDC because the government, FDA and CDC know what's best for us... Right? Or so they'd like us to believe!

On another note... Ready for some comic relief? Check out Comedian Eddie Griffin on the war on the unvaccinated! This man is so on point! Finally... an entertainer that's brave enough to speak out against these toxic vaccines!

Anyway...We are in the shadow phase of Mercury Retrograde yet again. And I've been told that people are going to be majorly self combusting during this retrograde period so now is a good time to practice silence, pretend to fit in with the rest of the zombies and try not to stir up the pot! The universe always lets me know in one way or another. Tis the season to remain hidden, quiet and uninvolved in the chaos that's about to ensue! Stay safe my friends! Don't allow the covidiots to get to you!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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