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LIFE is more Important than Furniture!

It boggles my mind that so many people prioritize furniture over their pets. Furniture is an inanimate object. It is not alive, nor does it have feelings. Yes, furniture helps bring a sense of style and comfort to your home, but it should not be considered more important than life. By life, I am referring to the beautiful animals we have taken into our homes by making a conscious choice to adopt and care for them. Yet it is quite alarming to find that so many people decide to surrender their pets to animal shelters after finding that their precious furniture has been destroyed, or is at risk of being destroyed by their so-called beloved pets. How is it that a beautiful creature that is alive and breathing becomes secondary to an inanimate object? People... are we so shallow and materialistic that our furniture has become more important than a living breathing entity? Sadly, in many cases the answer is an astounding “Yes!” So I am here today to yell at the top of my lungs in this article “NO NO NO! Absolutely NOT!” LIFE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN FURNITURE! Okay, I get it,'ve worked very hard and then paid a ton of money for that gorgeous new couch of yours and you don't want cat claws tearing it all up. So you decide to declaw your cat's claws...which is illegal in several states and countries by the way! It is considered to be a cruel and inhumane practice. Did you know this? Or did your dog accidentally pee on that amazing new rug of yours so you decided to take him to an animal shelter where he may get euthanized if he's not adopted in a certain amount of time. Ok, yeah... dog pee on the rug sucks... but come on?... You mean to tell me that the couch or rug is more important than the beautiful cat or dog (or other animal) that you love so much? You adopted a pet to be your companion for life...for better or for worse. Have we become so selfish that an animal's life is secondary to furniture? Furniture can be replaced, refurbished, covered in plastic, or covered with pet proof fabric! Yes, pet proof fabric actually exists! Here's a great article about pet proof furniture and fabrics: Pet Proof Furniture and Fabrics You have options! Cats can be trained to scratch on scratching posts. Yes, invest in scratching posts...geez! Ok, so you don't want your apartment bombarded with ugly scratching posts? Well, guess what, there's some very fancy shmancy scratching posts and cat furniture available that look extremely stylish and chic. You like nice furniture? Why not buy some modern cat furniture to match your stylish décor? So your dog is peeing in the wrong place? Invest in some dog training! Or... as I mentioned before.... pet proof fabric! There are ways to fix these issues... Better ways than hurting your pet by abandoning it! Can you imagine how a cat or dog feels when it gets dropped off at a shelter? No, I assume not, as you're too busy thinking about your furniture! Read my poem “Old Shelter Dog” in my spiritual poetry book “A Lover in the Land of Hell” and you may get a clue as to how a surrendered animal feels! Yes, animals do have feelings! Shame on you! Have you no compassion? No empathy? Perhaps not! Would you give birth to a baby only to decide that you don't want your baby anymore because it took crayons and drew all over the wall? Ofcourse not! You teach the baby not to do such things. Animals are very smart and can learn right from wrong very quickly. Don't give up so easily! I'm deeply saddened by our society's egoistic and materialistic way of being...but I'm even more saddened by all the animals that must suffer and/or be euthanized simply because they did not conform to their owner's expectations. I have 3 beautiful cats that I rescued: Roscoe, Felix and Dottie. When I adopted Dottie, the last of the 3, she was a very nervous skiddish cat. She was getting chased and terrorized by my other cat Roscoe to no end. I started finding doo doo underneath furniture at the crime scene where Roscoe had been chasing her. It was a bit disgusting. I had thoughts of taking her back to the animal sanctuary, but you know what? That never happened...because I love her, for better or for worse. She is a beautiful, amazing being that has been through so much. She spent 5 years in a cage scared to come out. When I adopted her she finally found her forever home. There's no way I could take her back to the animal sanctuary to continue living life in a cage. So I did the best I could to mediate the problem. I punished Roscoe when he chased her and I even worked with an animal communicator to help solve the issue. I was patient and loving with everyone. I knew things would improve in time. Well, guess what? It's 6 years later and Roscoe and Dottie have learned to get along. I am no longer constantly finding doo doo's under the furniture. I'm not going to lie. Sometimes I do find a little doo doo here and there... but tons of progress has been made! I didn't give up on my beautiful sweet Dottie! You know why? Because LIFE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN FURNITURE! So people...please do the right thing! Don't be a materialistic asshole! If you decide to adopt a cat or dog, know that this is a commitment. You are providing a home, a life, for a living breathing being! Show your pet unconditional love, appreciation and respect.... They are special magical little beings, therapeutic companions and should be considered part of the family and please remember, at the very least, they should be considered MORE IMPORTANT THAN FURNITURE!

Jennie Haiman is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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