An Antidote for the Vaccine?

I've recently started searching for a cure/ antidote for the covid-19 vaccine. I became very troubled when I discovered that my mother and father had decided to take the vaccine. I became even more concerned when my mother confided to me that she had a bout of vertigo/ dizziness. She blamed it on old age. But I have other thoughts on the matter. Vertigo is one of the top side effects of the covid-19 vaccine. FYI, my mother took the Moderna vaccine and my father took Pfizer. My father says he feels great... no side effects for him. But he told me that his friend took Moderna and had a 105 fever!

Besides containing quite a few toxic ingredients, the covid-19 vaccine is also said to contain a microchip. Recently, animals, particularly micro-chipped cats and dogs, have been acting extra weird, aggressive and violent. So have quite a few vaccinated people. Could it be that the 5G is interacting with the microchips and causing mental disturbances? Well, yes, my mentors have told me that this is exactly what is happening.

Even worse, I've been made aware that the vaccine is communicable. Supposedly there have been many reported cases of unvaccinated people, particularly women, becoming very ill after spending time with vaccinated family and friends. Some symptoms reported have been hemorrhaging, seizures and miscarriages.

My vaccinated father is planning to visit me next week. He will be spending the night at my place. I am not vaccinated. When I told my mentors that my father was visiting me, I was given a stern warning. I was told to keep a weapon nearby just in case my father goes crazy and tries to attack me. Terrible! I know my father would never hurt me. It makes me sad to think that this is even a possibility.

My best guy friend invested in a baseball bat and recommended that I do the same. So I went on amazon and purchased a little self defense baseball bat for myself. I could never imagine having to use a baseball bat to defend myself against my dad, however, I may need one to defend myself against other people and their pets very soon. I really hope not! But better safe then sorry?

I've also been told to take certain supplements to boost my immune system and protect myself from the vaccinated. One of my mentors recommends taking colloidal silver, organic sulfur and pure gum spirits of turpentine. I already take silver and sulfur on a daily basis. Turpentine is for special parasite cleansing occasions. Each of these three supplements will deactivate the virus and/or viral shedding from the vaccinated. I was also told to take sulfur baths, go to the hot springs and soak in the sulfur rich water and take mud baths. Investing in the powerful Ye Ming Ju/ Dragon Pearl stone will also provide energetic protection. So glad I have two of these!

When at my first ever myofascial massage session this week, I had a wonderful conversation with my practitioner. She told me that she hasn't been sick in over 26 years and she believes she owes this to the Quinine Tincture she's been taking. I told my friend about this and he said that Trump mentioned Quinine a while back. This practitioner told me to take 1 dropperful of Quinine tincture twice a week and I'll never get sick again. She said she used to take it daily but her doctor told her she was taking too much. Twice a week is all that's needed.

She also recommended pine needles to protect from the viral shedding of the vaccinated. Wow! I couldn't believe it! I just started taking pine needle powder a few weeks ago. I place 1/2 teaspoon of pine needle powder in my superfood shake ever day. It's actually delicious! My practitioner recommended that I take extra pine needle powder before, during and after my father's visit. Most people that know about pine needles drink pine needle tea. My practitioner told me that she ingests pine needle essential oil (sold by scentsiblelife) on a sugar cube. This reminded me of the turpentine parasite cleanse. She told me that you can also add the pine needle oil to oatmeal, but it needs to be added to something as a carrier agent. Fascinating! This visit allowed me to understand that I am completely synchronized with the universe! The answers always come to me... and quickly!

Another enlightened individual who I purchase colloidal silver from on Etsy stated to me in an email "I don't know why people volunteer to take high risks with an experimental vaccine when there are cures like Ivermectin, HQC, Chlorine Dioxide, Zinc, Silver and others. Once people realize that sickness is a choice, the gig is up. Big P wants you on chemical pills and vaccines from childhood to death. A life long corporate treatment plan. Crazy people doing bad things are usually on prescriptions."

As I was doing my research online, I discovered a few articles that explain what one should take to detox from the chemicals/ poisons in the vaccine. Some supplements mentioned are Elemental Hydrogen, Glycine, Spirulina, Chlorella, Cilantro, NAC, B vitamins, Vitamin D and Vitamin C. I actually take Spirulina, Chlorella, NAC, and Vitamins B, D and C everyday. I also recently started taking Elemental Hydrogen just to see what it would do. I have been experiencing some detoxification symptoms... but so far so good! I love testing new supplements! My good friend was in a car with a Lyft driver recently and the Lyft driver told him that some type of special Gold is the antidote for the vaccine. He found this Gold on the dark web. I'm not 100% sure but the Lyft driver may have been talking about colloidal gold. I take this everyday and totally recommend it. I'm not sure if it's actually an antidote for the vaccine, but it's a great supplement to take regardless.... Finally, if you've taken the vaccine and you're truly serious about removing the vaccine from your body (toxins and all), then you are going to have to remove the microchip. This is the ultimate vaccine antidote! This can be performed by a surgeon. I'm not sure how one would go about finding this surgeon. I've heard that there are some underground doctors that will perform the procedure. And perhaps there are some actual medical professionals that you can look up online that will remove the chip from your arm. From what I've been told, it is not an easy procedure. The doctor has to use a special magnet to find the chip and then cut into your arm and dig the chip out. Not fun! But hey... if you decided to take the vaccine then you did do this to yourself ehhh?

Isn't it nice to know that there's a cure for the vaccine (and the virus)? There's a cure for everything! Thank the heavens! My research always pays off! Now if I can just convince my parents to take all these supplements and dig a chip out of their arms! Ha ha! Probably a no go! You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink! 'Til next time...remember folks... you do have choices! You don't have to poison yourself if you don't want to! And if you do poison yourself you can detox the poisons out! Easy Peasy! Stay safe!

UPDATE JUNE 3, 2021: After publishing this article one of my mentors recommended this website to me:

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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