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How to Apply for Your Covid-19 Vaccine Religious Exemption Part 2!

At long last... How to Apply for Your Covid-19 Vaccine Religious Exemption Part 2! In my last article, "How to Apply for Your Covid-19 Vaccine Religious Exemption Part 1", I described how to fill out a form that you may receive from your employer, college, etc. in order to exercise your right to a religious exemption from the covid-19 vaccine. In this article I will explain how to write your long form exemption letter, which can also be used to help you fill out your check box form! So let's jump into it!

You will start your letter off by explaining who you believe in. This higher power can have a name such as Jesus, Allah, Hashem, Gaia or whatever the name of your God is. Your God can also remain nameless. It's your choice, but it seems better if you use a name. I think more people can relate to that. Example: "I believe in a higher power that I refer to as Allah. He/ She is an all knowing, all loving God that created heaven and earth. I believe that I was created in Allah's image, etc, etc... "

The next part of the letter should be an explanation of your religious background. Example: "I was a raised Jewish and attended synagogue mostly on the High Holidays, etc, etc." Easy enough right?After describing your religious background you should explain what you do every day as part of your religious practice. Example: "I pray to Zod everyday. I meditate on Zod. I give Zod offerings at his altar on a daily basis...etc.."

Next and most importantly, how does the vaccine go against your sincere religious beliefs? You may utilize bible quotes or quotes from any religious scripture of your choice in this section. Here's some examples: "The bible says that my body is my temple and that I am created in the image of God, therefore if I put a vaccine in my body I am defiling the perfection that God created and that is a sin. Jesus said that you don't need a doctor if you're not sick." You can even say that God told you not to take the vaccine. Who can question what Gold told you? Nobody! That is a private discussion between you and your God. The covid-19 vaccine also includes aborted fetal cell lines which can go against one's sincere religious beliefs as well. Example: "Thou shalt not kill!"

It's important that you always use the word religion, not the word spiritual when writing this letter. Also never mention that the vaccine contains dangerous toxic ingredients or micro-chips or any scientific data/ statistics regarding the vaccine. None of this has anything to do with your sincere religious beliefs! Also, it's best to make the letter more traditional so it doesn't sound quacky.

After explaining why you can't take the vaccine due to your sincere religious beliefs add the statement "I attest to the fact that these are my sincere religious beliefs." Finally, at the end of the letter, add a statement of confidentiality that goes something like this, "If you need to share my vaccine status with other parties you may do so however for confidentiality reasons I request that you do not share my religious exemption letter with other parties."

If you have a pastor or religious leader who will vouch for you then you may add your religious leader's name and number or email address to the letter with their permission. You can say something like, "If you have any questions regarding my sincere religious beliefs you may contact my Rabbi so and so...etc..." But this is not a necessary part of the letter. Only add this if you have a religious leader who is okay with being contacted on your behalf.

And there you have it! If you have any questions regarding this process I highly suggest contacting A voice for choice Advocacy Non Profit Organization.

Til next time... There's always a loophole my friends. Stay free!

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 29th, 2021: I just found out that the religious exemption letter I created, based on all the information I talk about in my religious exemption articles, did in fact work for a friend of a friend of mine. She was about to lose her job as a massage therapist if she didn't take the vaccine and the letter I wrote saved her job! I So if you are in need of a religious exemption letter with the added benefit of a religious leader who will vouch for you I can create a customized letter for you (for a reasonable fee). Just email with 'Religious Exemption Letter' in the subject line. Blessings!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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