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How to Apply for Your Covid-19 Vaccine Religious Exemption Part 1!

I recently had the wonderful opportunity of listening to a webinar presented by a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping people opt out of the coivd-19 vaccine. In this webinar some very important points were discussed. The webinar also describes how to properly write a long form religious exemption letter that will be accepted by your employer, college or whoever. Most individuals in need of an exemption are facing the loss of employment for not getting vaccinated or they are college students who will not be able to attend school without a covid-19 vaccine. This religious exemption process will allow you to lawfully bypass these stringent covid-19 vaccination mandates so you can continue working and attending school!

So according to the law what constitutes an acceptable religious exemption? The webinar I listened to is based on California Law which is the most defined because there's a lot of case law behind it, so if you follow California Law then that should work in most states for your religious exemption. So in California, in order for your religious exemption to be acceptable, one must have a religious foundation which includes believing in a higher power, one must be sincere about their religious beliefs and one must have express tenants which are key pieces that people in the religion adhere to.

It's important to note that you don't have to adhere to all of the tenants of your religion. Also, your religious beliefs may change over time and you don't have to be scrupulous in your religious observances, so supposed inconsistencies in your practices do not mean that you are insincere about your religious beliefs! This is case law! So here's some important things to keep in mind... You can't just say that vaccinations are against your religious beliefs! That won't work. You have to explain why vaccinations, specifically covid-19 vaccinations, are against your religious beliefs!

Also, please keep in mind that veganism is not a religious belief. So that line of reasoning won't work either! Most importantly your religious beliefs must be your own personal truths! No one can write your religious exemption for you. Do not use internet templates. This can work against you as you may appear insincere about your beliefs. You don't have to prove your religious beliefs but your beliefs do need to be sincere and that point may need to be proven! That is the law with religious exemptions!

So in regards to applying for your religious exemption, most individuals will either receive a form to fill out with checkboxes or be asked for a long form religious exemption letter. In some cases you may be asked for both. The questions on the form will most likely be the following:

1) What are your religious beliefs? You may say that you believe in Jesus, Allah, a higher power, or whoever you believe in... You may name a specific religion if you'd like and you may state that you believe that your God is the supreme power and creator of all life or the universe, etc.

2) Why can't you take the vaccine based on your beliefs? You may state that the vaccine contains aborted fetal cell lines which goes against your religious belief "Thou Shall Not Kill", etc... I will go into more details about this question in my next article, however it is important that you have at least one solid reason why you can't take the vaccine. It can't just be that it goes against your religion (as I stated earlier).

3) Additional Information for religious accommodation (example: wearing masks and getting covid-19 tests done weekly). It's important to say that you are open to discussion on this. Accommodations can be negotiated. Otherwise your employer may be eligible to fire you based on your religious accommodations not adhering to the company's accommodation policy. Same thing goes for colleges, etc.

4) They may ask for a letter from a religious leader. Do not download letters from the internet or from pastors you never met! If you have a religious leader that will write you a personal letter than maybe use that. Otherwise you may state something like "Per our first amendment I am not required to be part of a religious organization and therefore I am not required to have a religious leader therefore I am not required to have a letter from a religious leader!"

Next week I will discuss how to write your long form religious exemption letter which can also be used to help you fill out your checkbox form! Stay tuned!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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