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Small Wins Lead to Bigger Wins!

According to an article titled "Celebrate the small stuff" posted on the University of Minnesota Extension website, "Our brains are wired to respond to rewards. Celebrating the completion of small accomplishments leads to the completion of larger goals. According to research by Teresa Amabile from Harvard Business School, people who tracked their small achievements every day enhanced their motivation. The simple practice of recording your progress helps you to appreciate your small wins which in turn boosts your sense of confidence. Why? Any accomplishment, no matter how small, releases the neurotransmitter dopamine which boosts your mood, motivation and attention. It also signals you to keep doing the activity again and again."

For the past 2 months or so I've been telling myself over and over again that small wins lead to bigger wins... And I believe that most often negative occurrences and challenging situations will ultimately contribute to creating positive change in some way... even if we can't see this while the so-called negativity is actually occurring! It's not always so easy to understand the good involved in suffering and how these challenges make us stronger and better. Yet, there is always something materializing outside of our radar field. We simply must trust that the universe (a higher power) is working diligently to manifest a greater good for all of us. Our intention sets this energy in motion.

As my inner and outer environment is now re-organizing, upgrading and evolving, I am starting to understand my past challenges and why they had to occur. There are no accidents! Everything happens for a reason!

For the last 13, almost 14 years, my apartment has been physically deteriorating. Obnoxious piles have accumulated everywhere. Dirt and grime have accumulated. I never had quite enough energy to tackle the immense task of throwing out things that were no longer needed, cleaning the mess and repairing things that needed to be repaired. In fact, I didn't even have the energy or motivation to complain to my landlord/ corporate office, about the terrible state that my apartment was in. I just wanted to move out and start over again! But I wasn't sure that doing so would accomplish much. I was concerned that the piles, uncleanliness and repairs would just follow me to the new place. Yet, I still envisioned a better home. Finally I had attracted an amazing situation whereby my close relative would buy me a new condo. I was ecstatic!

Then all of a sudden I was hit with a terrible blow- a most devastating and disappointing situation. I was told by this close family member that he actually couldn't afford to buy me the new condo. Then when another close family member stepped up to help pay for the condo, the two relatives just couldn't agree to work together to help me. I had reached a critical tipping point in my life. A point of immense frustration and disappointment. Something had to change and only I could create this change. No one else! I realized that if I wanted to move to the beach and be financially free I would have to find a way to manifest it myself. My family members were no longer capable of helping me to get to the next level with their limited finances and communication issues. Ofcourse I am still truly grateful for all of the help they've been providing me with and currently provide me with...

So I gathered all the energy and strength I could muster....and began my personal revolt! I contacted the Los Angeles Housing Department and The Los Angeles Department of Health and opened up cases on my landlord. As I was stirring up the pot and getting things fixed at my residence, my car started having problems again.... problems that have been occurring for over 4 years that Honda has never been able to fix. I contacted Honda and mentioned the possibility of a lawsuit and then opened up a case on them. They apologized and handed me an $1100 check which paid for some new furniture to make my apartment look even better. The check arrived just in time! I was able to buy my new furniture right as my new living room carpeting was being installed.

It's been a little over 2 months now since I was triggered to do all this... and everything has changed! I have set something in motion that cannot be stopped. I am winning in life and I am starting to experience that small wins lead to bigger wins. Everyday I seem to accomplish more and more...However, if it wasn't for the frustration, devastation and disappointment I had experienced, none of this would be happening right now! If it wasn't for my car not starting on me several times over the last 4 years, and Honda not being able to resolve the issue, I wouldn't have received that glorious payment that redecorated my home. I always new there was a reason for my suffering. A greater plan... and now I finally get to see that greater plan coming to fruition!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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