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The Truth Finally Comes to Light... I've Been Poisoning Myself With Crystal Geyser!

For approximately 3 months now I've been wondering why I've been so sick and why it's been so difficult to stop coughing. I am super healthy and yet I had Bronchitis, Pneumonia and the Flu all within one month. This never happens! So knowing that something was truly amiss, I started going back to see my acupuncturist in Korea town. For 3 weeks in a row I was getting acupuncture and taking asian herbs daily. By my third appointment (the 3rd week), and $395 later (I somehow miraculously managed to scrape $395 together to do this), although my voice sounded better, my acupuncturist seemed surprised that I still had a bit of a cough. Besides giving me the usual herbs to take twice a day for a week, my acupuncturist actually recommended that I take a new detox tea that he just received from Korea. I figured why not? The kind lady at the front desk told me that I would be the first patient to try this new detox tea. I was excited! So I started drinking the tea, and taking my herbs... and I had an immediate immune response... sneezing and runny nose! More sickness! Wow!

I ended up having a somewhat exhausting weekend. I attended a rollerskating party with my step daughter who never skated before. I spent over 2 hours trying to hold her up and keep her from falling and hurting herself as we skated together. By Sunday I was a wreck. I spent some time sitting in the sun to try to restore my energy. Monday arrived. It was the 12th- and my 8 month anniversary of receiving a very special powerful healing stone from China. Something good always occurs on the 12th of the month... our anniversary! I was expecting something... and then it happened! My close friend/ roommate told me that he was about to do some kind of a healing meditation online...something called Rasha! Although I wouldn't normally stare at a computer screen without blue light glasses on, nor would I wear headphones connected to a computer for long periods of time, I decided to forgo all that and engage in the full Rasha experience. It was calling me! And somehow my friend was able to connect two pairs of headphones to his computer at the same time so we could do it together!

It was quite interesting and by the end of the experience I was feeling super energized in a jittery, not so comfortable way. However, my friend told me that this Rasha Technology does a whole bunch of super powerful things to heal diseases and upgrade one's DNA and manifest great things in life. So I awaited the unfoldment of something special... My friend started attracting a whole bunch of positive stuff... and then my moment of truth arrived! My friend told me that he was on the phone with a guy we both know. This guy was providing my friend with some secret Korean herbs for his heart. Out of nowhere he asked my friend how my health was doing and what kind of water I was drinking. My friend told him I was drinking Crystal Geyser. This guy immediately told my friend that I must stop drinking Crystal Geyser. It is seriously toxic! Supposedly it used to be okay, but the government took over and now they are polluting the water with all kinds of toxins. There are actually lawsuits against Crystal Geyser for making people sick! How did I not know this?

Eureka! I immediately threw out all my bottles of Crystal Geyser. The thing that makes me feel the worst about all this is that I was giving my 3 cats Crystal Geyser, and the hummingbirds on my balcony and the squirrels around my building. They were all getting Crystal Geyser water.

So when and why did I start drinking Crystal Geyser? Last year, after starting a Dr. Sebi diet I decided that I had to switch from drinking purified water to spring water. I started drinking Mountain Valley Spring Water in glass but it became too expensive and so I switched to Crystal Geyser around the end of August 2023. By October I started getting sick. Wow! If I had the money I would go back to Mountain Valley right now... Instead I've switched to Arrowhead which is supposedly okay. I'd rather not drink out of plastic but that's where my budget is right now.

This week has been truly eye opening! And I am actually starting to feel better! Geez! It was seriously the water this whole time! What a blunder! I was awaiting an answer from the universe and the truth finally revealed itself! Now I have to find a way to do more Rasha Sessions! I have added it to my manifestation wish list! It will happen all in due time! Another mystery is solved!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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