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It's Not About Curing Things You Don't Have... It's About Preventing Them!

My dad and his wife were in LA for a few hours the other day so I took my stepdaughter and drove to the Hyatt Regency in LAX to see them! Ofcourse our visits together,nowadays at least, are always wonderful, with the exception of those pesky little moments when I casually bring up topics about health and natural healing. I don't do it on purpose to try to annoy them. It's just a natural thing for me... It's a lifestyle choice that seems to reveal itself in many social situations, especially at restaurants or when food is involved.

My dad and his wife appear to have a most apparent aversion to any discussion about natural healing that I attempt to discuss. They will even find excuses for why my reasoning is flawed. They drink alcohol at every meal and I drink water. So in the past they have mentioned how one could get sick drinking too much water. It was very upsetting to me that their cat had to die of cancer so early in life. I had told my dad years ago to change the cat's diet, but my annoying opinions always receive the eye roll and end up falling on deaf ears. Even when the cat was diagnosed with cancer, I tried to tell them to change the cat's diet immediately. I didn't even mention the natural cures I knew about because the food wasn't even changed. They finally decided to euthanize the poor soul which I agreed was a good idea since they obviously weren't going to try to save it. They wouldn't even take my advice to change the food! I even told them what brand of food to buy. Ziwi peak or feline naturals! Crickets!

My dad has a blood disease that supposedly won't kill him before he dies of natural causes and that's okay with him after all he is 81 now. His wife had cancer and beat it thankfully. But I never knew about this until after the fact. If she is sick now, which is quite possible, I'm sure that no one would tell me about it. But the fact of the matter remains, they are in their 80's and just want to enjoy the time they have left in this world without having to hear about sicknesses, diseases and cures... And I can definitely respect that! I am most certainly an absolute douche bag for bringing up any topic about natural healing. And being that I am empathic, I am always affected by their reaction no matter how subtle it may be. Then my mind becomes a sh*t storm and I have to write an article like this one!

So were all sitting in the restaurant at the Hyatt Regency. My dad and his wife suspect that I will be ordering the vegan salad meal. However, lately I slipped off the vegan diet and started eating animal protein again. I proceeded to ask the waiter if they had anything grass fed or organic. The waiter became very excited about the question. " Why Yes", he exclaimed! "The two steaks on the menu are not only grass fed but they are grass finished which is very difficult to find." Thus the typical annoying conversation that you can always expect from me about healthy eating began with the waiter!' So then we start talking about alkaline water and spring water. Then the waiter admits that he used to have cancer and that's when he changed his diet, started drinking alkaline water and lost over 350 lbs. So I mention that I recently started taking a lot of organic sulfur which is known to cure cancer. An uncomfortable silence emerged and the waiter walked away with a weird look on his face. I had said something wrong but couldn't figure out what it was. Perhaps stating that I was taking a cancer cure was too bold of a statement? Perhaps I appeared to be trivializing his suffering...or trivializing 'cancer'?... And that's when my dad and his wife turned and gave each other the ever familiar look of annoyance.

As usual I did it again! I upset everyone! So for some reason food grade hydrogen peroxide comes up in conversation and how it oxygenates the whole body similar to organic sulfur and cures many health issues. It's at this point in the conversation when my dad's wife turns to me and says,"Why are you trying to cure things that you don't even have?" I was shocked because she really missed the whole point! I'm not trying to cure anything,...It's all about prevention! We live in a society where everybody just seems to accept living an unhealthy lifestyle and just waits to get sick before doing anything about it. Instead of waiting for inevitable sickness to arrive, how about just preventing it in the first place? The whole conversation seemed to come to an end when I decided to eat the sweet potato fries soaked in toxic reused canola oil and I exclaimed, 'Sometimes you just have to enjoy life and not worry... But we should always remember to DETOX DETOX DETOX! But as usual, my dad and his wife probably didn't even hear me say that. I ended up fasting on spring water, sulfur crystals, Irish sea moss and watermelon the next day! DETOX DETOX DETOX!

Why wait helplessly for diseases to manifest when you can simply take steps to prevent them?

Sulfur! Only buy it from this site: It is very difficult to find on Google. They are purposely hiding it! Other sulfurs are fakes! The YouTube video even appears to lead you to a fake site! What a world we live in! FYI  I do not work for the sulfur company... I do not make a cent off of referring you to their site! I just make good karmic points with the universe for helping people and animals!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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