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It's Time for Me to Quit Eating WHEAT (Grains and Starches) AGAIN!

So against my better judgment I recently re-incorporated wheat back into my diet. Always organic ofcourse! This was in an effort to observe shabbat and all of the Jewish Holidays correctly. Shabbat calls for challah bread, most typically made with wheat... Passover calls for matza, once again typically made with wheat! The problem is... Wheat is really not healthy! I was on a gluten free diet for a very long time and it worked out well for me. Now, although there are some wheat free/ gluten free challah bread/ matza options out there, many of these alternatives contain other ingredients that I can't eat... Honey, yeast , or a combination of just too many ingredients...etc... If I do manage to find something good it's usually just too far of a commute for me to drive.

For a while I was baking my own gluten free challah bread that tasted nothing like challah at all! It was pretty bad! I finally just caved and started eating challah made with wheat! I found a really delicious organic challah bread made fresh every Friday morning right by where I live! It's soooo good! I could eat a whole loaf in one sitting... which is a problem! It also contains some dairy which I typically don't consume. But I was willing to eat this bread for the sake of observing shabbat! However, all the while I was wondering to myself... Have I made a mistake reincorporating wheat (and a little dairy) back into my diet? I believe so!

My immune system has definitely taken a toll since I started eating wheat bread and wheat products again... There has been a noticeable difference. In fact I became very sick recently after eating challah bread and vegan lasagna made with wheat. It was a sickness that was difficult for me to cure. This is highly unusual for me! I usually don't get sick. I have all types of otherworldly remedies that I take that typically defeat any and all symptoms of sickness... But this time around I was experiencing quite a difficult time removing sickness from my body. I finally had to invest in a new immune system supplement called "Riovida." Great stuff by the way! Then I started fasting on shakes and water for a few days at a time, and finally I started taking 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide again. Now that kicked the sickness right out of me! Ha ha! But I was still left to wonder... did the wheat bread (and wheat lasagna) bring my defenses down? I think it did... among other things.

In the past, on a few occasions, I searched the internet to see if it was possible to observe shabbat without challah bread. I had found a really good article on the chabad site called "My Doctor Ordered Me Off Challah!" In summary, if all else fails one can skip the Hamotzi prayer over the bread and "After Kiddush, refill your cup and have a largish l'chaim. Drinking a revi'it (2.9 fl oz) of wine or grape juice..." Even after reading this several times though I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Shabbat just seems incomplete without challah and the hamotzi prayer!

Then I found out through my friend/ spiritual mentor that the Hebrew Israelites (black jews) do not recite a prayer over bread on shabbat. This gave me more hope that it was possible to give up challah. But I just couldn't do it yet. One reason is because my friend/ mentor was unable to find the exact Hebrew Israelite shabbat prayers for me. I would really like to know exactly what their shabbat/ sabbath prayers are.... But they are very difficult to find online! As much as I search for information on the Hebrew Israelites prayers and rituals I always come up empty handed. I even invested in a Hebrew Israelite book called "All About the SABBATHS: Keeping, Guarding & Remembering Keeping, Guarding & Remembering" by Unknown Hebrew. But unfortunately, this book did not include what I was looking for...the shabbat/ sabbath prayers!

I suppose I was looking for a real sign from above to let me know that I should quit the challah! That I should quit wheat... again! And then it happened... This past Friday!

If you've been following my blog articles closely then you know that besides performing Jewish rituals and prayers I am also involved in providing prayers and offerings for a very powerful Taoist God/ Immortal spirit named the Jade Emperor. I've mentioned him in some of my articles. In a way The Jade Emperor competes for my attention because of all the Hebrew prayers I recite daily, and all the Jewish books I read and Torah studying that I do. Last week I felt that he wanted me to read and learn more about him. So I went online and read as much as I could about the Jade Emperor. Then I found a book on amazon called "The Jade Emperor's Mind Seal Classic: The Taoist Guide to Health, Longevity, and Immortality The Taoist Guide to Health, Longevity, and Immortality" by Stuart Alve Olson. I decided to buy it! Wow what an incredible read! Then I got to the part of the book that changed everything... The sign that I had been searching for appeared. I was reading a very simple description, a list if you will, of what one must do to achieve longevity and/or immortality. The list included some obvious things... meditation...breathing exercises... etc... But what really through me for a loop was when it said to eliminate grains and starches from ones diet! There was the sign! I could no longer ignore it.

So this Friday night will be my first shabbat without challah! It's terrible because I am already craving the challah. It's so delicious! Even worse... this full moon got me craving sizzler cheese toast, which I must now convince myself never to eat again! No more bread! No more pasta! No more delicious vegan lasagna! No more rice! No more beans! Now the rice issue is going to be a little difficult. My vegan protein is made with brown rice and it's the best vegan protein I've found thus far. So I've decided to slowly ween off of it and see what happens.

So that's the story! I'm going to try my best to make this work! It takes serious willpower... but I'm an extremist and very determined! I was able to quit smoking years ago without any help... pure will power! I was able to quit caffeine! Pure will power! I recently quit chicken and beef and all meats that need to be certified kosher. I've just been eating eggs and wild caught sockeye salmon as my animal protein. I know I can do this and I'm gonna do this! Immortality here I come! Lol And when I finally become an immortal my first offering request will be challah bread and sizzler cheese toast! Ha ha! Then I'll grant you all your wishes! Yeah, what I would do right now for a piece of bread! God help me! Lol!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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