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Not Ready For The Covid-19 Vaccine? Here's how to Legally Opt Out!

Many of us in the conscious community are concerned about the possibility of a mandatory covid-19 vaccination to be implemented in the near future. There are concerns about the safety of vaccines, especially a brand new barely tested one! Others are concerned about Agenda 21- the elite's nefarious plan to depopulate the planet. And many are simply concerned about the infringement of their individual rights, liberties and freedoms and the overall societal implications of making this vaccine mandatory!

Are we headed towards a tyrannical totalitarian socialist/ communist new world order? I sure hope not! But just in case things get extra crazy real fast...We may ask ourselves: Is there a way out of all this? Can we legally avoid a mandatory vaccine order? The answer is "Yes"! But it will take some work and a little monetary investment if you want things done right! Is your health and freedom worth it? You must decide for yourself!

The first step is to change your status! You must change your status from a public U.S. Citizen (corporate entity/ strawman) to a Non US Citizen/ American National/ State Citizen/ Secured Party Creditor Private Banker (a real live flesh and blood human being with God given rights). Never heard of such a thing? Go to the Moziah Corporation and Understand Contract Law and You Win websites to learn more. They both offer a paid service to help you change your status.

During the process of changing your status you will file a UCC-1 financial statement online. When you file your UCC-1 financial statement you should add a notarized notice & affidavit of refusal of vaccine for cause and waiver of benefits & privileges. Moziah Corporation offers this legal document for free on their website. Just download it, fill it out, notarize it and upload it to your UCC-1. You should also laminate and carry this affidavit with you everywhere you go.

It would also be wise to submit an application to the State Department for a diplomatic state citizen passport (always expedited-or you'll never receive it). Yusef El (one of my mentors) explains how to fill out the DS-11 form to receive this diplomatic passport. Here's the link for instructions: Yusef El also has some great videos on youtube. I recommend looking him up to learn more.

And finally, the Moziah Corporation offers a Non US Citizen ID card with a scannable QR code that connects directly to your filed UCC-1 financial statement. With your new status, ID cards and laminated refusal of vaccine affidavit in hand, no one (government, law enforcement, etc) will be able to force you to do anything against your will- including taking a mandatory covid-19 vaccine!

Perhaps a vaccine opt out card will become available in the near future? Who knows?

Sadly, in the end, the very best option may just be to invest in a 2nd passport for a country that is strongly against communism. Some examples are Georgia, Bulgaria and Cuba. Pretty soon, regardless of status, we may no longer wish to live in this country (The USA). Whether you know it or not, the United States is currently undergoing a planned demolition. So having a 2nd passport available may end up being our greatest asset in the end! And don't worry...Obtaining a 2nd passport is not very difficult at all. Many of these countries would love to have more citizens. It helps their economy!

If I find out anymore information I will surely update this article! Your welcome! Now stay safe, stay healthy and please stay out of trouble!

PS Now changing your status comes with great responsibility! You will need to be able to govern yourself! Are you ready to grow up and no longer be a child of the state? I think it's time that we all grow up and become responsible adults! And a responsible society as a whole! But that's yet to be seen. Perhaps all in due time!

UPDATE DECEMBER 16, 2020: I've just been told that carrying a laminated Affidavit of Identity as another form of ID is also advisable! You can download this affidavit as well as instructions on how to fill it out and where to mail it (so it's on file with the proper government agencies) at Yusef El's website when you become a Platinum Member of his SPC University. It's important that you become an SPC (Secured Party Creditor) before you implement this process otherwise it probably won't work! Becoming an SPC is very important if you wish to be sovereign. To be continued...

UPDATE JANUARY 26, 2021: The Moziah Corporation is now selling a PRIVATE MEDICAL IDENTIFICATION CARD & AFFIDAVIT. As stated on their website: "The Private Medical Identification Card and Affidavit contain key information for the Private Man or Woman to identify him/herself and provide an Affidavit to Notice entities of your Medical Condition, Religious Convictions & Creed and Reserve ALL of your rights via UCC 1-308, Establish fees for the violation of your rights, indicates your UCC-1 Financing Statement ID Number (if applicable) and lists your personal identifying information and photo on the front. It contains a Security Hologram with your photo superimposed within the Hologram for extra security and forgery prevention. All while NOT CONSENTING to the codes, statutes and adhesion contracts associated with the administration of any Medical treatment that involves SYNTHETIC substances. "Here's the link:

UPDATE JANUARY 31, 2021: Just found out that only Jehovahs witnesses and Christian scientists can legally be exempt from the covid-19 vaccine for religious reasons. So if you need a religious exemption I suggest joining one of these religions! If you don't believe in either religion don't worry... God will forgive you! God understands your dilemma! Don't wait to be saved... Save yourself! :)

UPDATE AUGUST 19, 2021: Forget about becoming a Jehovah's witness or Christian Scientist... There's an easier way to do this folks! Check out my article: The Best Way to Opt out of the Covid-19 Vaccine

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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