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Racial Profiling At Its Finest- It's Lawsuit Time You Racist Coppers!

If it can happen to my best friend/ spiritual mentor then it can happen to any man (of color)... Probably worse! I woke up around 9:30am this past Saturday morning and noticed that my best guy friend was missing. He had gone out the night before and didn't come home! My energy was extra high. I couldn't meditate as peacefully as usual and so I knew that something was off. I tried texting my friend several times... For anonymity's sake let's call him "Devin". Devin never texted me back. Then I tried calling him several times but the phone would go straight to voicemail. I was concerned... but then again, I've known Devin for over 17/ 18 years. He's done this to me on several occasions. He disappears and then his phone dies... And then he comes back home with the excuse that his phone died and so he couldn't contact me. So I'm used to this... But this time was different!

I decided to take a very long walk in the blistering heat which is something I do not normally do on a Saturday... my Shabbat day of rest! After eating breakfast I continued reading the Torah portion "Devarim." As usual I got tired and fell asleep in my meditation pyramid for a little while (this time while holding a powerful ye ming zhu stone in each hand). When I awoke around 5pm I was very nervous. Devin was still gone! He was gone too long. He would usually be home by now! I decided to send him some reiki distance healing energy and recite some powerful prayers for him from my meditation pyramid. I asked the spirit to help Devin to pick up my next phone call and to help him come home soon. Devin's energy was terribly off and I became seriously worried for him. My eyes started to tear up. I decided that I would have to take a drive to his other home/ office in Pasadena to try to find him... something I've contemplated doing in the past but never actually did. I stepped out of my meditation pyramid and called Devin. He didn't pick up... I texted him telling him that I was about to drive to his home/ office to check on him... 5 seconds later he called me. I picked up the phone and immediately asked him where he was. Devin told me that he had been arrested the night before and had spent the entire night and much of the day in jail! This was the first time he had ever spent a night in jail ever! He told me that the police let him go around 3 hours earlier and that he was about to be at his home/ office to Pasadena. So I told him that I would come get him.

Upon arrival my friend Devin was very angry and told me that his wrists still hurt from the handcuffs that were placed on him the night before. Devin proceeded to tell me the story about what had transpired with the police. On Friday night, the night before, Devin met up with some celebrity filmmakers that he knew. He affectionately referred to them as "white boys." Devin is African American. They all went to an after hours spot together near Pasadena, CA. It was after midnight when they all left the after hours spot and were walking down the street together. That's when the cops pulled up and hand cuffed Devin. Then they searched for his ID but they couldn't find it! Devin had forgot his ID at home! FYI If he had taken his ID with him the cops would've had to let him go. Devin is a secured party creditor/ private banker and he has a diplomatic passport that when scanned by the police would read something like DO NOT ARREST, DO NOT DETAIN, LIFETIME LICENSE TO CARRY FIREARMS, etc. But Devin messed up and didn't have this ID with him. What a f*ck up!

The police asked the "white boys" if they were okay and they responded that they were fine, but they were very upset about what was happening to Devin. Apparently Devin fit the description of someone who had broke into a car that night. One of the two police officers pushed Devin down to the ground with his head against the pavement. Then he proceeded to place his knee into Devin's back. Devin asked "What are you doing? Why is your knee in my back? I didn't do anything!" The policer officer screamed at Devin, "Shut your mother f*cking mouth!" The white filmmakers were appalled at the mistreatment of Devin and told the police that what they were doing was very wrong. They told the police that Devin had been with them all night. They were arresting the wrong person! The police officer told them to shut up. Then the white filmmakers proceeded to ask for the police officer's badge number. I don't think he gave it to them. So then they took down the license plate number for the police vehicle.

As Devin recalls, he was in the car with two cops... one was a white racist cop and the other was an Italian cop who didn't appear racist at all. The white racist cop got on the police radio and announced, " We got a big one... A big guerilla... a big buck... but he's really calm (or peaceful...or something to that effect)." Then Devin overheard the police officers whispering to each other,

"Why didn't he react aggressively when you kneed him? He's not average. He's not like the others. Usually when they're big like that they try to fight." (FYI Devin is a body builder) The Italian cop responded, "Do you think this is the right guy? Racist cop," Yeah, he fits the description." Italian cop, "But he doesn't act like the description."

When they arrived at the police station they finger printed Devin and placed him in a jail cell with approximately 7 other men. Although Devin gave the police officers his real name they decided to call him by another name that they chose... "Dwayne." While in the jail cell Devin asked the police officers for water several times. He was dehydrated from a night out drinking. The police just ignored him and kept walking by. An old black man that was in the jail cell with him, the only one in the cell brave enough to talk to him, told Devin, "Don't even bother asking. You're just going to get yourself in trouble. You'll be lucky if you see a judge on Monday. I've been waiting a week and a half to see a judge." Devin spent the entire night sleeping on the hard floor, dehydrated with no water to drink. And even the next morning and afternoon he wasn't given any water! There was no clock on the wall , and ofcourse no one had a cell phone, so Devin had no idea what time it was.

Finally on Saturday around 3pm (Devin thought it was 10am...) the police asked Devin for his social security number. They ran the number and 5 minutes later Devin was released. They told him that they found the real criminal. With a cocky smile the police officer said to Devin, "You're free to go boy. It's your lucky day boy. Youz a lucky one!" Before leaving his jail cell the old black man told Devin, "Remember this... Don't get caught walking on these streets after midnight. You look like you got some sense but you sure ain't acting like it. Man, you don't walk anywhere after midnight without your ID. And I know what you're saying about that strawman sh*t. It's real. I know people who did it. But what does it matter if you're not gonna carry your ID! Stay on lit up streets. Don't go on any back streets... no alleys! You look like you got some sense and talk like you have sense...but why don't you have an ID? That makes no sense! If they wanted to take you to New York right now they could do that. A man with no ID fits all descriptions. A black man is not safe walking after midnight. They have bounty on all our heads." So much for Black Lives Matter huh?

On the way out the door of the police station Devin asked the police officer for his paperwork. Devin told him, "I know there's documents for this." The officer told him that he wasn't arrested (just detained) so there was no documents for him to take. He refused to give him any paperwork. He said to Devin, "Go on and get out of here!" Apparently the police provided him with a free ride to his home/office in Pasadena since he was innocent! That was nice of them!

I told Devin that he had a lawsuit. But Devin told me that he couldn't sue the police because they wouldn't give him any paperwork. They never officially arrested him! I think that made him even angrier! Devin should at least be able to file a lawsuit for the way he was treated! Anyway, long story short... Devin is going to file a lawsuit. He spoke with his mentor who is planning to contact the chief of police and the DA to obtain the video surveillance footage from the police station. That will serve as proof that he was detained against his will.

Ironically... Devin is very well versed in private law and is always helping people that have been taken hostage by the crooked biased unrighteous judicial system. Devin is highly intelligent. It makes absolutely no sense that he didn't have his ID on him! But I'll tell you this... If he wasn't a secured party creditor/ private banker with diplomatic status (and a high ranking member of quite a few elite societies) he would surely still be in jail right now. Let this be a lesson to all melanated men! Be careful and watch yourself! Black (male) lives apparently still do not matter in this society!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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