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My Experience with Reiki Distance Healing

Around October of 2012 my cat Felix became very ill with a condition called "Cryptococcus" which affected his central nervous system. He developed trouble walking and jumping. After starting his medication he lost his appetite and refused to eat. He was losing weight rapidly. I was extremely concerned. Something told me to try reiki. So I contacted a reiki energy healer online who sent reiki from a distance to Felix and then I had another reiki energy healer visit at my apartment to give Felix an in-person session. After that, Felix started eating again, gained weight and achieved a miraculous recovery. This was my very first experience with reiki and it changed my life in quite a profound way.

A few months later in 2013 I decided to become a Reiki Energy Healer. I signed up for Reiki Levels 1 & 2 at the International Center for Reiki Training with Jessica Miller in La Crescenta, CA. In this class I was introduced to 3 Japanese reiki symbols. One of these symbols, the distance healing symbol, was to be used to send reiki energy healing remotely from a distance.

I vividly remember my first experience using this symbol in class. My teacher Jessica Miller asked all the students to draw out the distance symbol in the air and say it three times. Then she told us to say our own names 3 times and place ourselves in the distance symbol. We were to send reiki distance healing to ourselves. But it all became quite abstract & otherworldly when she had us all travel into the past to send reiki energy healing to ourselves when we were born.

All of a sudden I realized that with reiki time did not exist and in fact reiki has no boundaries. It can be sent to the past, present and future. Reiki can be sent to people, pets, plants, homes, couples, groups, individual body parts and organs, events, meetings, etc. Reiki energy not only heals and balances the body, mind, and spirit but it can also be used to repair relationships. Reiki can be used for anything! It can also travel any distance! I was amazed!

I had a few more enlightening and mind expansive moments sending reiki distance healing to myself in this particular class. I even broke down and started to cry profusely, almost to the point of having a panic attack, when sending reiki to myself at the age of four years old. It was a tough year for me. My teacher saw that I had become engulfed in a state of shocked overwhelmment and told me to send reiki to another time in my life. As soon as I shifted the distance healing to another time my crying immediately stopped. I actually felt the energy shift. Wow! What a rollercoaster ride that class was!

After finishing the class I started doing distance healing sessions for family and friends. I remember the first time I drew out the distance symbol in the air in front of my cat Dottie. Her eyes got real big and she looked shocked as if she was actually able to see the distance symbol floating in the air.

Animals are so interesting. They have such heightened senses and can often see things we can't see. My cats got used to me drawing out the symbols and it's become normal to them. However, when I've given reiki to cats and dogs at animal shelters and sanctuaries there have been a few cases where the cat or dog would react quite strongly when I drew the symbols out in the air, as if they had seen something unusual. I found this to be fascinating! This experience also made me realize that sending reiki from a distance may be a more appropriate choice of healing for more sensitive animals.

Nowadays I have a reiki business whereby I send reiki distance healing to clients (people and pets). The way I send the energy has pretty much always remained the same, although I have a whole ritual that's always evolving. I start out by placing reiki symbols on every wall in the room (not literally, but energetically I envision them). I also visualize the symbols on myself (all my chakras) as well as in the meditation pyramid that I sit in.

Before I begin sending reiki to my client I place my hands together and envision the symbols in my hands to get the energy flowing. I draw out the distance symbol in the air three times while saying it three times and then I say "here" as I place the symbol right in front of me. Then I say the client's name three times and "here" placing my client right into the reiki distance symbol. I ask the spirits to help guide me with the session, say a little kabbalistic prayer and then I start at the client's head and work my way down their chakras using my hands to sense their energy. I also add certain reiki symbols to each of their chakras to enhance the healing.

I typically feel sensations in my hands, in my body and sometimes emotions will run through me as well. By the end of the session I will have a pretty good idea of what's going on with the client's energy. At the very least I know where the weaknesses and imbalances lie. Sometimes a storyline or scenario will play out in my head based on the energy I feel. Even if this storyline is not entirely 100% accurate, I still feel that providing the client with my interpretation could be helpful in facilitating their own understanding of what is taking place in their energy field/ aura and in their life. I'm quite empathic and tend to amplify other people's emotions and so oftentimes I will feel repressed emotions that the client is not even aware that they are feeling.

I allow the client to know that I am not a trained psychic and I will never claim to know everything. Taking the energy I feel and expressing it into words is not always an easy thing to do but I try my best to accurately express what I sense and feel from the session. Regardless of what I feel though, the reiki is going to balance out whatever needs to be balanced whether I'm aware of the issue or not. That's the beauty of reiki! It does what it needs to do regardless of my opinion on the matter! It's spiritually guided life force energy. I'm just the channel for the energy... The spirit is the guide! So in essence, my input is really not necessary... although I like to provide input as long as the client is okay with this.

Being that I'm relentless in my pursuit to be the best reiki healer that I can possibly be, I am constantly trying new things to increase my awareness, psychic abilities and the effectiveness of the reiki. I use the most incredibly energized meditation pyramid for my distance healing sessions. This pyramid is full of high frequency crystals, orgonite, shungite and tensor field generators. It's truly a site to be seen! With the help of my spirit guides/ intuition I've taken the utmost care to put this brilliant work of energetic art together.

I also use moldavite oil on all my chakras and I take some tinctures with gold, frankincense, myrrh, moldavite and other energy enhancing metals before each session to heighten my sensitivities . I also like to burn incense and play music/ healing frequencies to raise the vibration and intensity of the session. Besides sending reiki distance healing manually from my meditation pyramid, I also have a distance healing crystal grid that I charge up every evening. Everyone I give reiki to is automatically added to this grid so they can continue receiving reiki energy healing even after their session is complete. This will help amplify the healing to create even more balance, positivity, synchronicities and boost intuition in their everyday life. Sometimes one distance healing session will resolve a long standing health issue or imbalance. Others times more sessions are needed.

The reiki distance healing session may only last approximately 15 minutes or so, but the impact can be just as powerful and sometimes even more powerful then a full 1 hour in-person reiki healing session. Interested in learning more? Check out my site at Jennie's Reiki for details! I'm also now offering spiritual counseling sessions. If you're interested in taking your energy to the next level please send an email to I look forward to hearing from you! Stay well!

FYI Jennie's Reiki is a subsidiary of Self Saviorz Society California Nonprofit 501(c)(3

For more details please visit You may also make a donation by clicking on the donation button below. Peace and Blessings!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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