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Re-Program Yourself NOT to Curse!

Let me start off by saying that I grew up in NYC...the capitol of... "Go F yourself!" I remember the first time I learned a curse word. I was in nursery school and one of my classmates gave me the middle finger and said "F*ck You." I didn't know what that meant. So when I got home I gave my mother the middle finger and asked her what "F*ck You" meant. She told me that it meant "For unlawful carnal knowledge." I had no clue what she was talking about. But sooner or later I would figure it out. We all do at some point.

My mother was (and still is) no saint when it comes to cursing though. Growing up she would drink beer or wine and curse up a storm. My father would tell really bad off-color jokes filled with curse words and he had no problem telling these jokes to me at a young age. In the summer time I attended a Jewish sleep away camp where we would recite prayers before and after ever meal, then go back to our tents and rap along with Onyx...and curse our brains out! I believe I was 14 years old the summer my girl friends and I all memorized a bunch of songs from Onyx's "Bacdafucup" album. We were rapping to "Slam" almost every day that summer.

Fast forward to my adult life... I had a spiritual awakening and decided to travel the spiritual path. I stopped watching television. I started meditating. I became a reiki energy healer. I started dabbling in alternative health and natural cures. But I was still cursing like a drunk sailor at times. Especially with my best guy friend/ roommate.

Even though I stopped watching normal television, my friend got me hooked on the show "Sopranos." We also used to watch a lot of mob movies together. My favorite words became "c*cksucker" and "motherf*cker". And oftentimes, my friend was such an "*a-hole" that I would refer to him as "c*cksucker" instead of by his name. I suppose you can take the girl out of New York but you can't take the New York out of the girl right?

I've done pretty well for myself not cursing much in public, or around children or reiki clients. But as soon as I would get home and see my friend it was curses galore. And it doesn't help that my friend and I make music together... rap/ hip hop music. Quite a few of our songs have curses in them. My friend happens to be the cursing king. He gets on the phone and it's "f*ck this, f*ck that... God d*mn, b*tches, sh*t, etc. Then I get on the phone with my mom and she's cursing like crazy... F*ck this and that. This a-hole and that a-hole. This motherf*cker and that motherf*cker. and And as an empath I absorb everything in my environment. But I really never thought anything of it. I never felt bad about my cursing habit and I never felt like I needed to change this habit. Then Tybro happened!

My friend who curses all the time also happens to be one of my spiritual mentors. Ironic isn't it? His friend in Ohio, who is also on the spiritual path, recently shared a website with him called I listened in on their conversation and decided that I had to check out this Tybro site that they were talking about. Well, I was immediately overtaken with this amazing online spiritual superstore. I started downloading all types of audios for free. Then I was buying audios. Then I decided to buy my first medallion, which is actually called "The First Medallion." This medallion is designed to provide energetic protection among other things.

Now, I wrote a whole article about my crazy experience with this medallion. It's actually the last article that I published. I was battling negative entities. But I won't go into that story again. The reason I bring up this medallion is because it comes with very specific rules. You can't get it wet...and when you wear it you can't drink alcohol, make love (have sex)...or CURSE! If you do any of these things then you must apologize to the Gods and they will forgive you. However, if you mess up enough times the medallion may start working against you. And we definitely don't want that!

I thought I could handle these easy rules! I don't drink alcohol and I barely have a sex life... but the cursing! Ahhh! I was programmed to curse! I still didn't think much of it...until the first curse slipped out of my mouth on the first day I was wearing my First Medallion. I had repeated some curse words that my friend had said. I felt terrible. Then I cursed a second time out of being upset for cursing. And I felt even worse. So I apologized to the Gods and took my medallion off for a little while. This would happen a few more times until I managed to get my mouth under control. In fact, I was really having a difficult time until my 2nd medallion, the AOS 8.0 medallion arrived.

This 2nd medallion, the AOS Medallion, is very strong. Even more energetic protection then the First medallion! I think I may have cursed one time (maybe two times), said my apology to the Gods, and then the energy of the medallion started working to help me not curse anymore. It was pretty miraculous actually. I've managed to not curse for days. At least not while wearing my medallions. I've even started censoring words that are not actual curse words but are negative in nature like "idiot" and "hell." If I do say such words I still apologize to the Gods just to play it safe. And you know what? I am feeling really good about this new change in my life.

In fact, I find this whole situation rather fascinating because I never intended to quit cursing. It just kinda happened. I fell in love with these medallions. They have such a beautiful high vibrational energy. I do not wish to corrupt this magnificent energy with curse words. And I definitely do not want these medallions to start working against me!

So I started to think about the universe and how everything happens for a reason. If it wasn't for these medallions entering my life I would still be cursing. Now I have the opportunity to change a lifelong bad habit. If you are familiar with energy then you know that thoughts carry energy and thoughts create things. Words carry energy too and words are very strong. Therefore, when one utters unpleasant and ugly words, aka curses, we are putting that energy out into the ether. And whatever thoughts and words we project into the universe will always come back to us in some way. Think about this... There's a reason why we refer to curse words as "curses." We actually curse ourselves and the people around us when we use these words. So in reality we really shouldn't curse at all. It's not positive. It's counterproductive and destructive. I realize now that reprogramming myself to stop cursing is an immense blessing.

It may seem coincidental that I purchased some spiritual medallions that have basically forced me to censor my dirty mouth. But in reality, there are no coincidences. Somehow, after apologizing to the Gods several times, asking for mercy and forgiveness for the curse words that accidentally slipped out of my lips... somehow, the words stopped slipping out! I don't know how...but in just a matter of days I have stopped cursing. Now, if I can stop cursing... anybody can! Yes, it takes a little determination, but try apologizing to the Gods every time you slip up. Sooner or later you'll get tired of apologizing and you'll stop the bad behavior. What an interesting time this has been!

Final thought. I originally wrote all the curse words out entirely in this article without editing them. And I was wearing my medallions while writing this article and while writing the full curse words. As I finished writing this article I had an epiphany. I should not be writing curse words while wearing my medallions. It still constitutes an act of cursing. So I removed my medallions from off my body and once again, I apologized to the Gods and asked for their forgiveness. It was an honest mistake.

Then I decided that I should take things one step further and edit the curse words so that they're not entirely curse words anymore. I learned a valuable lesson. Wow! I am going to stop speaking curses AND stop writing them as well. Even if the words don't come out of my mouth literally, they are still being expressed on paper. And that still constitutes cursing!

What a lesson! So this article will be the last of my cursing (even with editing). Well, the last of my cursing while wearing my medallions. I will however do my very best to not curse whether wearing the medallions or not. This whole experience has been eye opening for me. Once again, just to reiterate, I apologize to the Gods for wearing the medallions while writing this article that "was" full of unedited curse words. Please forgive me for my transgressions. I sincerely thank you for your mercy and kindness and forgiveness in this matter!

Do you have a cursing habit? Perhaps now is the time to give it up and raise your vibration to a higher frequency! If anything it's a wonderful challenge...and I love challenges! Interested in trying one of Tybro's fabulous medallions? Here's a link for 15% off!

Til next time...Peace and Blessings!

UPDATE February 24th, 2021: I managed to completely stop cursing! Hurray! Funny thing... Last Thursday I said a curse word in my dream. It was the strangest thing. My subconscious had become so programmed not to curse that I awakened in my dream and remembered that I was wearing my medallions while I was sleeping. So I actually apologized to the Gods in my dream! Pretty crazy right? How's that for discipline? Also... My close friend talks in his sleep and he happened to say a curse word out loud while asleep with a medallion on. He woke up, remembered that he cursed in his dream and apologized to the Gods. He decided that it's safer not to sleep with his medallion on. Thought I would share these stories with you! Interesting huh?

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Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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