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My Latest Discoveries in Negative Entity Protection

I recently started listening to some super powerful high frequency audios for awakening the magical creative side of the brain, manipulating reality, becoming a more powerful healer, manifesting abundance, removing negative karma, etc... I found these amazing audios on an incredible website that my best friend/ spiritual mentor told me about called I was becoming enchanted and completely immersed in these frequencies. But one day as I was looking through Tybro's comprehensive list of audios, books and medallions trying to figure out what I needed to download or buy next, an audio called "Spirit Attachment Removal Audio Download" caught my eye. I felt a weird sensation in my body. Something didn't want me to download this audio!

I had a momentary recollection of the day before. I was resting all day in my meditation pyramid. But I was feeling terrible. Unusually terrible. And I wasn't sure why. As I was staring at my computer screen looking at this Spirit Attachment Removal Audio it dawned on me! I might just be harboring a negative entity! Something quivered in my lower back. It didn't want me to purchase this download. I knew something was up! Perhaps all the audios I had been listening to opened up my energy to the point of attracting this nasty little entity? Or maybe it was all the colloidal metals I had been ingesting? Or the fact that I hadn't eaten any animal protein in approximately 2 weeks? I am sensitive and easily affected by a lack of animal protein.

I am not a newbie to entity attachments though. I've been there done that. In fact, a few years back I was getting haunted relentlessly while taking monatomic gold on a raw vegan diet. It was a wild adventure! I learned that I can't take monoatomic gold or be on a raw vegan diet for too long. Perhaps the same goes for colloidal gold and a vegan diet? This has been my recent endeavor. And yet, time does tend to repeat itself doesn't it? Perhaps there's more for me to learn about entities. It appears that's the case... So here we go again!

I actually decided to purchase the Spirit Attachment Removal Special Edition Audio Download. This is basically the same audio except that the Ana B' koach prayer is silently repeated in the background. As I attempted to make the credit card payment the computer was showing signs of resistance. Whatever was in me was trying to stop the purchase. But it didn't work. The sale went through. But unfortunately it would take 3 days for me to receive the download. 3 days of harboring a negative entity attachment! Or perhaps not? When I went to sleep that night holding my selenite crystals I felt something being removed from my energy field. Perhaps this Spirit Attachment download would still come in handy though!

So as I awaited my download I read through the Spirit Attachment reviews. There were some warnings about this audio. Many people found themselves faced with a dilemma. Some negative entities did not wish to leave and were even putting up a fight. A few reviewers stated that one should not even listen to the audio until they've purchased a protection medallion. I decided to purchase the First Medallion. It was on sale for $89.95. The rest of the medallions were $300 and $400. It was an easy decision. But perhaps not the best decision!

The First Medallion is said to Increase Spiritual Power, Protects the wearer from negative forces, Adds the power of the 42 Letter Name of God to the Aura, Infuses the wearer with the Power of the Four Seraphim, Strengthens the Aura, Improves Health, Helps Connect the Subconscious mind to the celestial realm, Improves one's contact with the indwelling divine essence and Helps to diminish and weaken forces of darkness within the wearer. This is all taken verbatim from the website by the way!

So I finally receive the Spirit Attachment download and add it to my mp3 player. I decide to take my chances and listen to it on my speaker without wearing a protection medallion. At around midnight I play the audio on my speaker and get the shock of my life. The high pitched sound pierced right through my entire being. My body was in absolute shock. My best friend/ roommate immediately screams at me to turn it off. He says he doesn't want to deal with belligerent negative entities. So after about 10 seconds I turn the audio off. It took me another 20 or 30 minutes to fully recover from the shock. Wow! That was a powerful blast! I decided I would try listening to it again the next day in the afternoon, since evening time can be a bit spooky.

I was concerned that the high pitched sound of the audio would upset my cats, however the next day when I played the audio with my cats in the room their ears barely moved. They even sat near the speaker as if they didn't notice the sound. This time around the audio was not so harsh on my system. Perhaps I was better prepared as I knew what to expect. I almost got a headache from listening to it but after about a minute the head pain dissipated and I actually started to adapt to the high pitched sound.

I listened to the audio for about an hour and then moved on. The next day I listened to the audio again for approximately an hour at around 1pm (24 hours later as is recommended). That same evening I placed hyssop oil all around the apartment and sprayed the apartment with an essential oil blend that had hyssop oil in it. I even sprayed my friend/ roommate with this spray. Hyssop is supposed to provide protection and purification from negative entities. They talk about it in the bible and in the Zohar.

Anyway, the next day I'm about to play the spirit attachment audio and my friend tells me not to. He tells me that he saw some shadows out of his peripheral vision the night before. He seemed quite spooked. He's never seen the shadows before. I've seen them many times and knew exactly what he was talking about. He tells me that he doesn't want me to play the audio again because he doesn't want me to get the entities all riled up. He tells me that I have to wait until my protection medallion arrives and then I can play the audio.

So I wait and finally my protection medallion (The First Medallion) arrives and it comes with some very specific rules. You can't drink alcohol, curse or make love while wearing this medallion and you can't get it wet! If you mess up you have to apologize to the Gods and they will forgive you. If you mess up enough the medallion may start working against you. I figured I could handle following these easy rules!

The medallion was strong! I started feeling all types of sensations in my right arm and hand that was holding the box with the medallion in it. When I opened the package I had sensations in my head. Within a short period of time I went outside to put my bare feet on the grass and watch the sunset. Not something I typically do but I want to start doing this! The sun was already gone! However, I managed to run into a man who was watching four little children play on the grass. Two of them were his and the other two were friends. Usually people at my building react negatively towards me when I enter the grass area. People get weird and territorial. However, this time was different. All of a sudden I'm playing with these children and they are all over me. They seemed to want to be close to me. Even the little girl told her own father that she preferred that I push her on the swing. And her father was a good guy. But she wanted to spend time with me.

So I'm answering all their questions and were having very enlightened discussions. It was an amazing time. It was super positive. I guessed that the little girl was a pisces just like me and she was. I could feel that she was a healer just like me as well. She was only 3! But she was advanced.

Then I took a walk and this lady was chasing her little puppy dog down the block. I offered to help. I had spoken to her before. Long story short, the little puppy comes up to me and allows me to lay my hand on him to give him some reiki energy healing. The lady exclaimed that I must have great energy because this dog never goes near anyone. I wanted to recite some power words for healing but the dog could see that his person was cold and so he walked away from me. I went home and things were great until my best guy friend told a story and he cursed. Then I repeated what he said and I cursed. I felt miserable. A horrible feeling ran through me. I apologized profusely to the Gods. Then I cursed again because I felt so bad about cursing. More apologies to the Gods. Oh goodness! I was so upset. I just got this medallion and a few hours in I'm cursing.

Anyway, I just kept apologizing to the Gods and then I took the medallion off and placed it on my bed as punishment and to ensure that the mistake would not repeat again. I finally put the medallion back on and the energy was stronger than ever. The difference I felt between having it off and on was quite noticeable. I went to sleep wearing my medallion (after meditating in my meditation pyramid for 90 or so minutes). As I was falling asleep I felt a strange sensation.

FYI I've been feeling like an entity has been crawling on top of me to sleep on me at night (and drain my energy...that's what they do!). I knew this after taking a thc/ cbd oil one night a few months ago. I actually felt this thing crawling on me. I got up in the middle of the night and screamed. When I went back into bed I felt it crawl back on me in a more subtle gentle way. It was being extra careful not to upset me.

Anyway... I've had my suspicions that this has been going on for a while now. So back to the story... All of a sudden I get this warming sensation in my body right where the medallion is. It felt as if the entity had crawled on me again but this time the medallion absorbed and evaporated it. That's the best words I can use to describe what I felt. I don't know if this is really what happened but that's what it felt like. Then I went right to sleep. I went to sleep at 2am and woke up 4 hours later. I never have any energy or motivation to get up so early but I wanted to catch the sunrise and do sun gazing barefoot on grass. I don't know how I managed to do it but I got out of bed and made that happen. Pretty miraculous if you ask me. So yeah, this medallion is awesome.

But then I cursed again! What is wrong with me? More apologies to the Gods. I'm realizing I really have a problem controlling my mouth and I must get this under control. So it's Friday night and my 4th week since I started practicing Shabbat. I've been trying to strengthen my connection to the highest power/ God energy. After a light dinner I went into my meditation pyramid and tried to rest since I was only on 4 hours of sleep, but the best I could do is lie there awake and/or meditate. FYI I take organic sulfur and a ton of superfoods daily so my energy is really high.

I had received another energy healing device in the mail that day from Tybro. It's called the Portal. The portal is a combination of healing waters, metallic colloids, herbs, and spiritual essences that form an energetic conduit. This conduit shuttles dark and negative energy away from the soul, body, mind, and aura into the fifth heaven where it is transformed into higher positive light. One only needs to place the golden vessel filled with light anywhere on the body for five minutes. The portal will open and shuttle darkness away from you. (That was verbatim from the website I placed the portal on my throat for 5 minutes. You're only supposed to use it for a total of 5 minutes per day. I felt a lot of energy running through me. Then I placed the portal under my chair in the pyramid but I could still feel strong currents of energy running through my body.

Finally, against my better judgement I did a third eye chakra meditation. It was a strong meditation. Stronger than ever! After saying my prayers and doing my night time meditation I went to the bedroom to go to sleep. As I was lying in bed with my First Medallion on I started to feel frightened. My third eye was a bit too open. It felt as if the room was filled with angry negative entities. They wanted to get into my energy. But they knew I was wearing the protection medallion. I think they were trying to get me to take it off. I was horrified. My cat was sleeping behind my head. I reached to hold his little paws. He gave me reassurance. I would not take the Medallion off. Finally I turned to sleep on my side with my back facing the room. As I was falling asleep I felt that warming sensation in my body again right where the medallion was resting. Something had just got absorbed and evaporated again. However, I had suffered up to that point!

The next day I went out to lie in the sun for a while. I placed the portal on my stomach for 5 minutes. I did 12 seconds of barefoot sun gazing before the sun set. Then a bird shit on my arm! I can't recall the last time that happened! Then I looked at my chair and saw orange liquid dripping everywhere. The liquid got all over my arm. I felt like this was a bad omen. Either the Gods were upset and didn't forgive me for cursing while wearing the medallion or the negative entities were upset and messing with me. Another thought had crossed my mind. I was told a while back by my spiritual mentor that someone had placed a curse on me. Perhaps the curse was reacting to the medallion? Perhaps the First Medallion was not strong enough for the darkness I was dealing with?

So I decided to purchase the AOS 8.0 Medallion which dissolves negative karma, Builds positive karmic forces within the body, Heals negative events in the past and the future, Helps humans begin new projects, Helps bring the wearer new ideas, Protects from hexes and curses, Prevents attaching spirits from getting into the aura, Removes demons, negative elementals, and other dark forces, & Cleanses negative forces from the soul. (Verbatim from the site again) Perhaps this medallion would save the day? But I would have to wait a few days before it arrives!

So in the meantime, before I go to sleep that night I look at my cat Roscoe who I'm very close to and the look he gives me gets me a little frightened. It felt as if a negative entity had jumped into him. So I take some copaiba oil to calm my nerves.... and I decide to sleep wearing the first medallion while playing the Spirit attachment audio all night long. It helped. It really helped a lot. I didn't feel like I was surrounded by angry negative entities. The room felt clear. And I didn't get that warming, absorbing, evaporating feeling. Nothing came near me...or so it seemed!

However the next day when I woke up my friend/ roommate was acting as if he was possessed. He was spewing all kinds of curse words at me and laughing. It was supposed to be a joke because he knew I was trying not to curse. But it wasn't funny at all. Something was trying to get at me through my friend.

Later that day I place $270 plus another $100 in the same spot in the kitchen. Approximately 90 minutes later the $100 is missing. I never lose money. I search the area but try as I might I can't find the $100 anywhere. Once again, something doesn't feel right. I take my copaiba oil again to calm my nerves and I go to sleep wearing my First Medallion and listening to the Spirit Attachment Audio again. All is clear and I'm able to sleep well... not spooked at all. Thank goodness!

The next day I wake up and everything is different. The energy shifted dramatically! My friend isn't cursing at me and laughing anymore, bitcoin goes up like crazy along with Dogecoin... I make a nice profit on my investment. My cat Felix jumps into my friend/ roommate's lap for this first time in 11 years. Something had definitely changed! A few hours later my AOS 8.0 Medallion arrives one day early. That's what changed! Even my friend started acting a little different. I showed him the medallion and he was immediately interested in buying one for himself. All day long I kept getting calls and emails for reiki sessions. I had been dealing with car issues whereby my battery would have difficulties holding a charge and for some reason my car radio had stopped working a few days earlier, however on this particular day the radio started working again! Brilliant! If a curse had been placed on me, it definitely ended when the AOS medallion arrived!

So it was time to go to sleep. Once again I took my copaiba oil to calm my nerves because I've been getting a little edgy at night ever since I started going to war with negative entities. They were definitely retaliating against my plan to remove them and it wasn't pleasant at all. But the war had finally ended! I wore my First Medallion & AOS Medallion to sleep as I listened to the Spirit Attachment Audio. I feel more energetically protected than I've ever felt in my entire life. Are you seeking protection against negative entities and/or curses? I highly recommend trying Tybro's products! In fact, here's a 15% off coupon just for you: Tybro 15 percent off Coupon Enjoy!

Did you find this article helpful? If so... Please consider making a donation! Blessings!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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