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Worst Birthday Ever! But I'm Still Alive,... So Maybe Not That Bad? BEWARE BRONCHITIS!

It was just last week, Thursday night March 16th, the eve of my March 17th birthday, when the dreaded thought of dying in my sleep and not making it to see my birthday entered my mind. I had been coughing up a storm. A cough worse than I remember ever experiencing in my lifetime. Perhaps the closest thing to this cough was the asthma attack I experienced at 4 years old when I was rushed to the hospital emergency room. The cough was so bad that I felt that I might stop breathing in my sleep. As I sat in my meditation pyramid on my bed I proceeded to send myself reiki distance healing. I was very concerned. As I lied down to go to sleep the cough became progressively worse to the point that my good friend came into my bedroom to check on me. He offered me an over the counter pharmaceutical similar to mucinex and a natural herbal pill that contained ginger. Although my friend was quite persistent, I thanked him but decided not to take either of the pills. I somehow fell sleep... and thankfully woke up the next day on my birthday! Hurray! I was still alive! Guess it wasn't my time to go yet?

It wasn't a very pleasant birthday though! My step daughter was being a real a-hole that morning! After I dropped her off at school, I raced over to my acupunturist to receive a last minute emergency treatment for my coughing. Thank goodness he was available! I was coughing through the whole session. The coughing was so bad that my acupunturist offered me a cough drop. But when I asked him what the ingredients in the cough drop were, he wasn't able to tell me. Most cough drops contain sugar, honey and citric acid. None of those ingredients work for me so I thanked him but turned down the cough drop. My acupuncturist gave me a week's worth of herbs for free for my birthday. What a wonderful gift! He told me that my cough should be gone within 3 days. I was so grateful! I took my first dose of herbs immediately. Then hours later I took my second dose. But the cough was not abating. It was just as bad as ever... perhaps worse?

I lit the candles for Friday night Shabbat, recited the prayers and ate dinner. My friend casually asked me for my mother's phone number. He told me that someone had been contacting him from a 917 number. So I gave him my mother's phone number without a second thought. Some time went by and just as I was about to recite birkat hamazon (grace after meals) my friend walked up to me and in a very serious tone he told me that he had been texting with my mother and that an ambulance was on it's way! I started to cry. He explained that he was very worried about me and that in the almost 20 years that we've known each other he's never seen me so sick. He told me that the ambulance workers were just going to come in and check my vitals. I don't have to go anywhere with them. I let him know that I wasn't planning on going anywhere with them anyway!

So a few minutes later I hear the siren of an ambulance in the distance. "Oy!, I thought, "Here we go!" Worst Birthday Ever! So these two EMT guys show up at the door. They were actually pretty cool. They checked my heart and my lungs. Everything looked good. However, they thought my skin felt a little warm to the touch and suggested that I may have a temperature. They offered to take me to the hospital but I declined.... and so they left!

After that, my goodd friend once again (and my step daughter) tried to force me to take an over the counter medication. They were badgering me so much that I had to tell them to stop because they were stressing me out. I told my friend to give me the pill and that I would take it later. Around 5:30am the cough got so bad that I had to take the pill (some version of mucinex). This was the first conventional medication that I've taken in years! I was desperate! It helped... so I kept taking it every 4 hours... but I felt like my body was adjusting to the pill. I knew that this wouldn't be enough to fix the problem. I was also taking other stuff like colloidal silver and zinc no avail! My friend decided to test me for covid. My first covid test ever! It came out negative!

So Sunday arrived and I decided to do the unthinkable! I drove to a walk in clinic to get checked out! The place was empty... a real miracle! Supposedly ever room had been filled with patients just a little while earlier. My timing was seriously on point! For some reason I knew that I needed an antibiotic and I wanted an antibiotic, although under normal circumstances I would be quite resistant to the idea of taking a conventional antibiotic. But this was no normal circumstance. This was an emergency! I mentioned getting an antibiotic to the doctor, but she told me that antibiotics were normally only prescribed for bacterial infections and what I had appeared to be viral. I didn't press the issue.

I was tested for covid, strep throat and the flu. All tests came out negative! I was finally diagnosed with bronchitis! The doctor decided to give me a nebulizer treatment. After the treatment was over I was on the floor coughing my brains out. The doctor walked in and saw me coughing like crazy and then left. When she came back in she told me that after seeing me coughing so bad she decided to add an antibiotic to my list of treatments. Bingo! See how the universe works? Supposedly for very serious coughs an antibiotic may be prescribed. So I was prescribed the antibiotic azithromycin, an inhaler called albuterol sulfate, a cough pill called benzonatate and ibuprofen for pain and fever. I've been taking everything except the doesn't seem necessary. I don't have any pain and I stopped waking up in a pool of cold sweat (yeah, that was happening too...along with a runny nose and sneezing... but the cough was the absolute worst!)

So that's where I'm at right now! As I write this article it's been approximately 2 days that I've been on prescription medications. My nose is not so runny anymore, I'm not feverish and waking up in a wet pool of cold sweat anymore and I'm not sneezing so much. My cough has improved but I still experience cough attacks, especially at night while lying down in bed. Night time is the absolute worst! But the good news is that I don't have to set my clock to wake up to take medications... I constantly wake up coughing. Perfect! All my medications have been taken right on time! I haven't had a good night's rest in days! Yet oddly I feel well rested everyday...until around early evening when I'm ready to pass out! I'm sure it helps that I'm in bed around 8:30/ 9pm though! And I was so tired I almost couldn't get out of bed this morning. That's actually good news! The cough didn't wake me up this morning! I think I actually slept without interruption from around 2:30am-5:50am this morning.

Besides taking all of these conventional medications I also just started taking my organic sulfur again! Running out of sulfur may have started this whole problem! I also started taking large doses of glutathione which appears to be helping. I am not coughing my brains out in the library today since taking 6 glutathione pills! I also have a natural lung and bronchial remedy on it's way through amazon. It's called Christopher's Lung and Bronchial. Excellent Reviews! And all the herbs are cooling in Traditional Chinese Medicine! Perfecto!

So that's the story! Oh...except I forgot to mention one important thing... My good friend/ roommate and his daughter (my step daughter) also have the cough. We've all had it for over a month now... My cough just happened to get really out of control last week! Now why did this happen to me (us)? That's an explanation for another time... But here's the short version.... Poisonous chemtrails! Oy! Supposedly millions of people have already died from bronchitis but nobody's taking about it. So now you know! Now I know! It's time to take care of our lungs folks! They are purposely attacking our lungs right now! Beware Bronchitis!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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