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You can't trust the mainstream media (Especially with Covid-19 Information)

Dear Dad,

I received your voice message this morning (obviously) because I called you back and left you a voice message as well. However, after some contemplation I decided that instead of directing your attention to anti-vaccine sentiment, perhaps it would be more beneficial to introduce you to the world of propaganda? You can't possibly relate to what I am saying until you gain a full understanding that the mainstream media is not to be trusted! The mainstream media is not a reliable source if information. If you believe wholeheartedly in the mainstream news... if you've been completely indoctrinated by ABC, NBC, FOX, CNN, etc (as most Americans have been since their early childhood) then you may never be able to see or hear the truth of any situation (not just the vaccine...but any situation). There are many books describing the propaganda and mass indoctrination of the planet through the mainstream media news outlets. Authors have been discussing this topic since the early 1800's. One book which was recommended to me is called the "Tavistock Institute: Social Engineering the Masses" by Daniel Estulin PhD. "The real story behind the Tavistock Institute and its network, from a popular conspiracy expert. The Tavistock Institute, in Sussex, England, describes itself as a nonprofit charity that applies social science to contemporary issues and problems. But this book posits that it is the world’s center for mass brainwashing and social engineering activities. It grew from a somewhat crude beginning at Wellington House into a sophisticated organization that was to shape the destiny of the entire planet, and in the process, change the paradigm of modern society. In this eye-opening work, both the Tavistock network and the methods of brainwashing and psychological warfare are uncovered. With connections to U.S. research institutes, think tanks, and the drug industry, the Tavistock has a large reach, and Tavistock Institute attempts to show that the conspiracy is real, who is behind it, what its final long term objectives are, and how we the people can stop them." Another book that was recommended to me is the one I mentioned on your voicemail. It's called "Hollywood Propaganda: How TV, Movies, and Music Shape Our Culture" by Mark Dice. "Films and television shows aren’t just entertainment. They are powerful vehicles that influence social and political trends, ultimately shaping the very fabric of our culture. Because of this potential, there are various agencies which work behind the scenes in Hollywood to harness these forces for their own aims or those of their clients. Few people outside the industry are aware that such agencies exist and are hired by advocacy groups to lobby studios, writers, and producers in order to get their ideas inserted into plots of popular works. These Hollywood lobbyists have been instrumental in successfully paving the path for same-sex marriage to become legal, destigmatizing abortion, encouraging mass immigration, and sounding the alarm about climate change; all under the cloak of mere “entertainment.” More recently we’ve seen these same powers levied against President Trump, his supporters, and used to demonize “white privilege” as an invisible enemy that’s supposedly around every corner. Even sports and late-night comedy shows are employed for political causes, violating the once unwritten cardinal rules of their industries. In this groundbreaking work, media analyst Mark Dice details the true power of entertainment and proves how it is being used to wage a psychological war against the world." I realize this book is describing entertainment more so then the mainstream media, however, if the mainstream media is lying to us, which they appear to be doing most of the time, then it's no longer the news... it's entertainment... and indoctrination! And as for these anti-vax conspiracy warning articles, please consider that these were created to condemn and discredit anyone who questions the views and opinions of mainstream's "so-called" experts. I've already viewed quite a few of these articles. It's just more propaganda! By the way, I found this very interesting article about conspiracy theories: You may find it to be an interesting read. And here's an article that I sent you in the past about the word conspiracy theory: In case you decide not to read this short article... here goes... "CIA Popularized "Conspiracy Theory" Term to Silence Dissent Abby Martin talks to Lance deHaven-Smith, Florida State University professor and author of 'Conspiracy Theory in America', about some of the US' most controversial events and how labeling truth-seekers as 'conspiracy theorists' damages democracy. For further reading, here is an excerpt from Kevin R. Ryan's excellent article, Do we need another 9/11 conspiracy theory? "The use of “conspiracy theory” to deter citizens from investigating historic events is paradoxical, to be sure. It suggests that those who commit criminal conspiracies can only be relatively powerless people who happen to live on the most strategically important lands, and conspiracies among rich, powerful people are impossible or absurd.

Basically, our entire legal system is based on the idea of conspiracy. Despite this fact we have been conditioned by the government and the media to blindly accept the official reports and to treat any questioning of those reports as “conspiracy theorizing.” That is, you are a conspiracy theorist if you don’t believe the government’s conspiracy theory.

This cultural phenomenon goes back to 1967. At that time, in response to questions about the Warren Commission Report (which President Ford helped create), the CIA issued a memorandum calling for mainstream media sources to begin countering “conspiracy theorists.”[13] In the 45 years before the CIA memo came out, the phrase “conspiracy theory” appeared in the Washington Post and New York Times only 50 times, or about once per year. In the 45 years after the CIA memo, the phrase appeared 2,630 times, or about once per week.

Before the CIA memo came out, the Washington Post and New York Times had never used the phrase “conspiracy theorist.” After the CIA memo came out, these two newspapers have used that phrase 1,118 times. Of course, in these uses the phrase is always delivered in a context in which “conspiracy theorists” were made to seem less intelligent and less rationale than people who uncritically accept official explanations for major events.

President George W. Bush and his colleagues often used the phrase conspiracy theory in attempts to deter questioning about their activities. When questioned by reporters about an emerging scandal in September 2000, Bush said the idea that his presidential campaign was flashing subliminal messages in advertisements was absurd, and he added that “conspiracy theories abound in America’s politics.”[14] When in 1994, Bush’s former company Harken Energy was linked to the fraudulent Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) through several investors, Bush’s spokeswoman, Karen Hughes, shut down the inquiry by telling the Associated Press — “We have no response to silly conspiracy theories.”

Because Bush’s campaign had, in fact, been flashing subliminal messages in its advertisements, and Harken Energy was actually linked to BCCI, people began to wonder what Bush and his colleagues meant when they made diversionary comments about conspiracy theories. More importantly, that track record raised questions about Bush’s statement after the 9/11 attacks, in which he said in a televised speech — “Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th.”

There is no question that criminal government-sponsored conspiracies exist. History is replete with them and they usually involve the government claiming that the country was under attack from “terrorists.” This was true of Hitler’s Reichstag fire and it was true of the attacks that occurred in 20th century Western Europe under the guise of Operation Gladio. An example more relevant to 9/11 was the conspiracy behind Operation Northwoods, a plan drafted and approved in 1962 by the highest levels within the U.S. military.

Author James Bamford wrote of Operation Northwoods that it called “for a wave of violent terrorism to be launched in Washington, D.C., Miami, and elsewhere. People would be framed for bombings they did not commit; planes would be hijacked. [This would provide] the public and international backing they needed to launch their war.”[15] The signed documents are available to everyone today and because of this we know that high level U.S. government representatives do conspire, on occasion, to commit crimes against the American people for the purpose of starting wars.[16] Ofcourse, if you google "CIA Invested Conspiracy Theory" you will find that this is a conspiracy theory! Ahhh! What to do? Do you know how controlled google is?"

By the way dad, thanks for initiating this conversation... Thanks for the inspiration. I think this is going to be my next article! Afterall, how could anyone believe in not taking the vaccine if they've been completely indoctrinated by the mainstream news media outlets and believe that conspiracy theorists are dangerous? So called conspiracy theorists are not dangerous. The only thing that's dangerous is not thinking for yourself and allowing the mainstream media to think for you! Dear Dad,

I'd like to add that the mainstream media isn't just blatantly lying to us and misinforming us, but they are purposely suppressing important information as well. Did you actually read the covid-19 vaccine fact sheet that was attached to one of the emails I sent you? I attached it again to this email. I just realized that you may have not read it if you're still asking me to pay close attention and follow the mainstream news and what they are reporting to the public regarding the covid-19 virus and vaccine. You probably just read the email correspondence between myself and Moshe, right? Please direct your attention to #2, #6, and #9 on the fact sheet attached to this message. #8 is a good one too for this topic of misinformation. #2 There are preventions and cures which are tragically being suppressed. #6 Thousands of reported deaths and injuries, although the CDC denies causation and the media willfully suppresses the stories. The government's database of these reports (VAERS) can be accessed at #9 Thousands of scientists, virologists and doctors around the world have risked their careers to publicly state that the covid vaccines are liable to cause great short and long term harm but their opinions are being suppressed. For an extensive list of doctors worldwide warning of the dangers of the covid-19 vaccine visit And ofcourse, money plays a pivotal role in all of this! #8 The local health care organizations in each community are receiving millions of dollars from the federal government under the American Rescue Plan to push the covid vaccine on local residents. Finally, over the weekend I read this Jewish Group's entire website/ book called "Look Before You Leap: Critical Covid Vaccine Safety Information." Wow! This was an absolutely horrifying read. It made me depressed for a day and I had to snap myself out of it. I am not trying to make you depressed... Just enlighten you to what's really going on. If after reading this book, you still believe that I need to follow the mainstream news, come to my senses and take the vaccine, then I'm sorry dad, I'll know for sure that you've officially lost your mind. You ask me to be open-minded. But open-mindedness means taking into consideration views and opinions that may not necessarily be considered popular or conventional. By taking into consideration unpopular and unconventional viewpoints that are not being widely expressed or accepted...that is the true definition of open-mindedness. Blindly believing the mainstream news and what google search and fact checkers tells you is true is not being open-minded. It's called being brainwashed. It's when you take into consideration what's not being said, what's being suppressed from the public, and when you search for real answers... that's when mind expansion occurs.

And ofcourse, as stated earlier you must also take into consideration that the mainstream media will always play on the idea of "conspiracy theories" and "conspiracy theorists" in an effort to make anyone who questions popular opinions and beliefs or anything widely acknowledged as true to seem just seem plain crazy. The mainstream media will go as far as they can to vilify and condemn anyone who speaks out against their agenda. I'll end here. I think I've emailed you enough for now. Hope you start to see and understand what I'm saying. I sure wish you didn't take that vaccine. But life is all about learning lessons. We all make decisions in life and if were lucky we learn lessons from the decisions we make. There is nothing to fear. There's no such thing as death. We will all be back here again. I know that everything will work out the way it supposed to in the end. I have faith. God, the universe, the divine spirit is watching over all of us. I pray for you and my mom everyday. Tetragrammaton. Love, Jennie

UPDATE JULY 27, 2021:

More information has emerged about the media...

"In order to have an effective dialogue about this topic, it is necessary to acknowledge the open and proven fact of the censorship of information about effective corona treatments (and of the dangers of the vaccine). For an excellent presentation showing the censorship in the media, please see The media is open about and proud of their censorship, and they have an agreement called “the trusted news initiative”. This is not a secret. You can look it up."

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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