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Quite a few years back I started shopping at a neighborhood crystal store. It became my new favorite hobby to discover crystals and their metaphysical properties. I really enjoyed just walking through the store and taking in all the positive energy as well! I spent quite a bit of money on crystals. Some I would meditate with, others sleep with and others would just sit around my apartment looking pretty. One day I decided that I had spent enough money on crystals. I had so many crystals it just seemed unnecessary to purchase any more- at least not for myself! However, I wanted a reason to continue going back to the crystal store. So I decided since I no longer needed any new crystals for myself, I would just buy a bunch of small, relatively inexpensive crystals once a week or so and start giving them away to people. Little did I know how fulfilling my new hobby would become!

I started giving out crystals to everyone I met- always with the intention that the crystals were infused with positive healing energy! I gave crystals to random people I met at grocery stores, restaurants, the post office, etc… Most people were so amazingly open to receive the crystal, while others were concerned that I had an agenda. The skeptical ones thought I wanted something in return or that they would owe me something and so they refused it. Some actually tried to take out money and pay me. I would tell them that the crystal is free! “A gift” I would say with a big smile! Such a shock would appear on their faces. “Nothing is ever for free” they thought.

Some were superstitious and believed perhaps that the crystal was evil. They would look scared, say no thank you and walk away quickly. Others would say it was against their religion to take a crystal from me! Occasionally I would see a glimmer of light appear in the receiver’s eyes as if I’ve awakened them to a new reality of generosity- a reality that they never believed to be possible on this planet in this day and age. The interactions were beyond fascinating!

I could tell who was used to receiving gifts and who wasn’t. Those who seemed to have a consciousness of abundance were very accepting. Others who seemed to have a poor state of mind were not. It amazed me how many excuses people had for not accepting my simple gift- a gift I was sincerely giving just for the sake of giving! In fact, every time someone accepted my gift I would become overwhelmed with a sense of joy. It felt like I had received a gift myself. I started to realize that their energy of acceptance was in fact my gift! And when my gift was rejected I felt some sadness. However, I did not want to seem pushy and make people feel uncomfortable. So I let it be! I would say “I understand” and that would be that! Understandably, some may have just been uncomfortable with my energy. We all seem to resonate at different frequencies. Sometimes we match other people’s frequencies and other times we don’t.

But to get to my point…Giving is Good!- Not just for the receiver but for the giver as well! It is a very positive action that everyone should be engaging in. Try it out! Find something small and simple to start giving away to people and experience the joy that comes with giving just to give…with no expectations! I truly believe that a simple act of giving just to give on a daily basis is quite life-changing! I believe it raises our vibration more than we know and actually helps us attract more of what we want and need in life. And to take things one step further, I believe generosity not only encompasses the act of giving but also the act of receiving. So one should be more open to give as well as to receive! Become more generous! Give, Receive and watch how your life transforms!

Jennie Haiman is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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