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Navigating Through Mercury Retrograde

Brace yourself! We've just entered into a Mercury Retrograde phase yet again! For those unfamiliar with this astrological term, Mercury Retrograde is a common celestial phenomenon that occurs 3-4 times a year and lasts approximately 3 weeks. It's a time when the planet Mercury appears to be traveling backwards in the sky, and all on planet earth tends to go awry! Mercury is the planet associated with communication and so when Mercury goes into retrograde our communication becomes affected. It's a time notorious for miscommunications! Mercury Retrograde has developed quite the bad reputation as a dreaded time when everything seems to go wrong. And it's true. A lot can go wrong. However a lot can also go right.

Common negative occurrences during Mercury Retrograde are problems with electronics, accidents, extra traffic, arguments, sickness, death, getting fired from a job, relationship break ups, delays, unreliability, confusion and misunderstandings. One is often warned not to start new projects or sign any new contracts during a Mercury Retrograde otherwise they may be doomed to failure. If one absolutely must sign a contract it is best to read it over several times to make sure nothing is missed. Double check everything as mistakes are more prevalent during this time. Also practice caution, be more attentive and give oneself extra time when traveling anywhere.

Although quite a few things could go wrong during a Mercury Retrograde, what many people fail to realize is that Mercury Retrograde can also be a very positive, dreamy, and spiritual time. It's a good time to slow down, rest and reflect on life. It's a time of heightened psychic abilities, vivid dreams and synchronicities. It's a time to revisit the past, finish old projects, focus on one's health... Oftentimes people from the past will resurface, either in person, as a phone call, email, social media or in a dream during a Mercury Retrograde.

The interesting thing I have found about Mercury Retrograde is that is seems to affect everyone differently and not every retrograde has the same affect. So while one person may be suffering through turmoil, another person may be winning the lotto or a lawsuit. This is because we all have different astrological placements and the Retrograde itself has it's own astrological placements. Some Mercury Retrogrades tend to be very angry and argumentative. Others are peaceful. Some bring money. Others bring drought. Collectively we all experience certain similar affects, however we also have our own personal experiences that differ from one another. For example, right as our current Mercury Retrograde was beginning, one of my friends was having vivid dreams. My other friend was feeling incredible anger. My other friend ended up leasing a new car after his old one just got totaled. My mother injured her hand slipping in a room that she's walked in and out of for 49 years without a problem. As the Mercury Retrograde was approaching I had completely lost my appetite and was feeling edgy. I too had some vivid dreams. I also experienced some stomach upset and headache. And as usual, my computer had become annoyingly slow. Then one of my phones permanently died. The power button stopped working. Electronics really do seem to short circuit during this time. So you see... we were all sensing this new energy, yet we were all affected by it differently.

Before each Mercury Retrograde I tend to brace myself for the worst, but may soon discover that I am actually bracing myself for the best. As soon as my appetite came back and I didn't feel edgy anymore, I started getting more calls for reiki sessions and ended up making more money than usual. Now that's always positive! So you see...It's difficult to tell what a new Mercury Retrograde will bring. And law of attraction is always at play as well. Therefore if we believe we are going to have a difficult Mercury Retrograde then we may actual create a difficult one. And if we believe we are going to have a positive Mercury Retrograde then we may manifest a positive one. A lot of times Mercury Retrograde is neither good nor bad... just plain weird!

There's so many different energies at play when dealing with a Mercury Retrograde... The key point to remember is that knowledge is power. If you are aware of the possibilities of what to expect during this time, it can make circumstances a lot easier to deal with. My advice for the Mercury Retrograde period is to be open to the new energy. Stay positive. Stay alert and watch for the signs. Have a deeper understanding and know that sometimes bad things happen for good reasons. Don't allow potential chaos to disturb your inner peace. Be patient with yourself and with others! There is a method to the universe's madness. In the heat of an intense moment remind yourself to stay calm. Take it easy. Look inward and see where improvements can be made in your life. Mercury Retrograde is a time for reflection... a time to evolve consciously. Treat yourself with love, kindness and compassion during this time, and always ofcourse! Remember...the world wouldn't be the same without you! Make an effort to harness the energy of the Mercury Retrograde for the greater good of yourself and of this world. Wishing you a Happy, Blessed and Productive Mercury Retrograde!

Jennie Haiman is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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