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My Profound Introduction to SuperFoods

The first time I heard anything about a superfood was during my college years. I was also going through a spiritual awakening. I went from being an atheist (raised by two atheist Jews) to believing in a higher power. I was re-born. I had become super receptive to spiritually conscious information. I also happened to be in the middle of reading a most inspiring book called “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch. My best friend at the time shared this book with me. She was very much into self help books. I felt closer than ever to the universal spirit/ God energy. Everything appeared to be synchronizing for me. I was practicing the law of attraction without even knowing that I was doing so. It was a truly magical time for me.

My father was a very sociable individual. He had many friends and would always take me to visit them. One day we went to visit his running buddy Dominick. Dominick was a very handsome athletic Italian man with a beautiful heart and a fighting spirit. This was the first and only time I ever visited Dominick at his home. And it was during this visit that I found out that he was dying of cancer. But surprisingly Dominick didn't look very sick at all. He appeared to be happy, energetic and immensely positive. He just knew that he was going to beat the cancer.

Dominick had a gorgeous wife who I could tell was a lovely person. From what I can remember they also had a very young handsome son... and a bird (or two)! It was a very long time ago so I don't remember too many specifics. However, I have the most vivid recollection of Dominick standing in his kitchen chopping vegetables and talking about spirulina. I barely even remember what he was saying about the spirulina. Perhaps something about it being a superfood that would cure his cancer? But the vibration of his words and his energy resonated with me quite deeply.

At the time I would've never believed that one day I would be writing this article about Dominick and I'm sure he wouldn't have believed it either. But there was something very special about this visit. It was a most profound visit that I will never forget. Although I wasn't quite aware of it at the time. Dominick had inspired me. He seemed so strong and brave. He wasn't scared at all... or at least he didn't appear to be fearful. He was a true warrior and I admired his determination. I believed in him and I believed in his spirulina. Unfortunately this was the last time I ever saw Dominick. He passed away soon after this visit. But for some reason I could never get this visit out of my head, nor the vision of Dominick chopping vegetables and talking about spirulina.

Dominick had given me my first ever introduction to superfoods and he had planted a very important seed in my mind. He made me believe that it was possible to cure diseases naturally with superfoods. And had the internet been a bit more popular back then, I have no doubt that Dominick would have done his research and discovered a cure for his cancer.

Soon after this fateful day with Dominick, I started drinking fruit shakes with spirulina in them to try to cure my own health issues... particularly stomach problems. These shakes were in fact quite helpful. And it took me many many years, but eventually superfoods like spirulina would become a very important staple in my diet. In fact, I currently drink a shake everyday with spirulina in it... Spirulina, chlorella, moringa, wheatgrass, blue green algae, red marine algae, water lentils, matcha, irish moss, kelp, camu camu, goji, acai, blackstrap molasses, mct oil, beef liver pills... The energy I feel from these superfoods is phenomenal! I'm healthier now than I've ever been in my entire life!, So Dominick... wherever you are in space and time... I just want to say THANK YOU! You were and will always be a true inspiration to me!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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