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DIY Yin/ Yang Negative Energy Clearing Spray

In my last article, “Are you Getting Haunted by Negative Entities?”, I discuss how we are constantly surrounded by spirits, entities and energies that are both positive, negative and everything in between. Most of us, however, are unable to sense (see, hear, smell or feel) the presence of these multi-dimensional beings or energies. But that doesn't mean that they don't exist... nor does it mean that these entities or energies are not affecting us on a subtle energetic vibratory level.

We as humans are always being affected by energy whether we realize it or not. We are affected by other people's energies that we come into contact with. We are affected by the energies of our environment and we are even affected by the energy of our subconscious and conscious thoughts! Television programming affects our energy! Music affects out energy! Empath or not, we are all at the mercy of the energy we are exposed to on a daily basis. Energies carry vibrations which affect our mood and our health.

So what can we do to protect ourselves from negative or bad energy? A negative energy clearing spray is the perfect solution! Besides removing negative entities or spirits from a room or from a person's energy field, these sprays are just good to transmute negative energy into positive energy. If one is experiencing negative emotions like depression, anger or anxiety, these sprays can help reduce or even eliminate these feelings.

So what exactly is a negative energy clearing spray? And how do you create one? Clearing sprays are made mostly from purified water, essentials oils and salt (specifically himalayan pink salt and/or sea salt.) I personally like to use a blend of both himalayan pink salt and sea salt sole. This is a super saturated liquid salt and is very strong! The purified water can actually be enhanced with reiki energy and crystals. I like to take things one step further and allow the reiki-infused crystals to soak in the water while sitting in my orgone copper meditation pyramid. But all this extra fancy stuff is really not necessary. You should do what feels right for you when creating your spray! If you are not a reiki healer but would like to add some positive energy to the spray, a simple prayer or positive affirmation should be sufficient!

Now in terms of oils, I've been using sage, rosemary and juniper for a very long time to remove negative energies and entities. These are excellent oils, however, I recently discovered that some essential oils are more yin in nature while others are more yang in nature. And this does make a significant difference especially if you are extra sensitive to energy like I am! Yin is a more feminine, calming, cooling earthly vibration and yang is a more masculine, energetic, warming and etheric vibration. Being that I have an excessive rise of liver yang, according to my korean acupuncturist, I recently decided to switch up my negative energy clearing spray recipe.

Unfortunately sage, rosemary and juniper are all yang in nature and perhaps too energizing for me. And my recent addition of the very potent black spruce oil is also yang in nature and a bit too strong for me! It's actually one of the highest frequency essential oils available. I thought that was a good thing. I love high frequency stuff... however, the other day when I sprayed my yang clearing spray I didn't feel so good and actually became a bit jumpy. So I would say that anyone getting haunted, or that gets spooked very easily, may have an excess of yang energy and would do better with a yin based negative energy clearing spray.

So in regards to the oils that you would use for your negative energy clearing spray... My top yin oil choices are vetiver, lemon verbena, lavender, german

(blue) chamomile and geranium oil. Vetiver oil is very grounding and

quite possibly the most yin of all the essential oils. Lemon verbena is good for psychic cleansing and purifying. Lavender is traditionally used to neutralize bad frequencies during cleansing rituals. It also promotes a sense of well-being, peace, relaxation and helps with feelings of anxiety and depression. German chamomile is helpful for feelings of frustration, bitterness, aggression and anger... And geranium oil helps dispel depression, nervous anxiety and fear. My top yang oils for clearing negative energy are rosemary, juniper, black spruce, sage and myrhh. Rosemary oil acts to cleanse and purify the environment as well as remove negative energy and fatigue. Juniper oil cleanses energies harmful to good health and can also transmute negative emotions into positive ones. Black spruce is grounding, calming but also uplifting. Sage creates a psychic shield of protection and neutralizes negative energy. And myrhh purifies the environment and increases the potency of other oils that it's combined with.

Frankincense is another excellent oil that helps remove negative influences in the body, aura and environment. Supposedly frankincense is a balance of both yin and yang energies and may be added to either recipe. After recently having a bad reaction from a frankincense (Boswelia Serrata) supplement I personally decided not to add the frankincense to my new yin oil. But I would say to just go with your intuition. Clary sage is also supposedly a balance of yin and yang energies, although some say it is more yang. So I decided to add some clary sage to my yin spray as well, but in a smaller amount than the other oils. Clary sage, like sage, helps remove negative energy. It's also helpful for hormonal imbalances. The jury is still out on the ultra spiritual palo santo oil, which is popular for clearing negative energy just like sage. I'm not sure if it's yin or yang. I'll probably run some tests on myself soon to figure this out though.

In terms of the amount of oils to use, a few drops of each oil should suffice. And a few drops of salt sole should be good. There's really no right or wrong or absolutes with this. Experiment and see what feels right to you! So in summary, you would need a spray bottle filled mostly with purified (energized) water, a few drops of yin or yang (or both) essential oils and some salt. And there you have it... your very own negative energy clearing spray! Pretty easy! So... feel free to spray yourself, your home, your furniture... I even keep a spray in my car! It's actually a yang spray, which is better for driving because it's energizing. You don't want to be too calm and relaxed when your behind the wheel!

Spray yourself before an important phone call... spray yourself after an argument... spray yourself when you're feeling bad... spray your bed before you go to sleep... spray your car before a long road trip.... In my opinion you can never use too much negative energy clearing spray! This world is a crazy place... So I make a conscious effort to keep my personal energy and the energy of my environment as positive and as balanced as possible at all times! It makes life much more pleasant! Til next time... Peace and blessings!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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