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My Comprehensive Alternative News Corona Virus Covid-19 Pandemic Video and Website List!

So what is really going on with this corona virus covid-19 pandemic? Do you want to know the truth? Can you handle the truth? If you are a truth seeker like myself, then you may just be apt to turn off your television, stop listening to the mainstream news and start trying to figure out what is really going on here! Or, if you are trapped in a state of fear and completely believe everything the mainstream media is telling you, then you may just choose to hide in your closet with a mask on, receive amazon fresh deliveries and skip this article! Or perhaps you are angry... deeply troubled that anyone could have the audacity to question the reality of our current pandemic and/or what the mainstream news is reporting to us. Seriously dude! People are sick and dying! How could anyone be saying that this is not real?

Or if you are simply in a state of peaceful oblivion, which is an awesome place to be by the way (I am there quite a bit myself), then you may or may not view all the videos and web links below because none of this really matters anyway. Afterall, this world is but an illusion and our thoughts create our reality! In the end...the spirit shall protect those who are meant to be protected. Or you may just be too busy living your life and surviving this pandemic right now to explore alternative information... In essence... you really don't give a sh*t! Hey... I don't judge... whatever floats your boat! Regardless.... if you've read this far... why not continue? It's really your choice! I don't force information on people... I just present it!

Now I would never claim that I actually know the entire truth about what is going on with this pandemic. I receive information from various sources and then I attempt to interpret the information with a clear, objective and open mind. And as always, most importantly, I ask the spirit for guidance, protection and to allow me to know what I need to know when I need to know it. It is not always necessary to know everything all the time! Information overload can be very taxing on one's energy. However, I do believe that it is necessary to know what is necessary to know in the necessary time... whatever that is! Only the spirit really knows! Did you catch that? :) But back to this pandemic...

So there appears to be quite a few underlying agendas with this corona virus COVID-19 crisis. I suggest viewing the videos and the web links below and deciding for yourself what may or may not be true. At the very least, you should be aware of how to protect yourself. And when I say protect yourself, there are many levels to protecting yourself as you shall discover while viewing the links below. Regardless, I believe the most important thing is to stay balanced mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. If you are feeling overwhelmed, in a state of heightened stress, anger, sadness, mood disorder, etc. and you cannot handle viewing or reading certain alternative information then you may not be ready to view or read the following links.

This information is not for everyone... or perhaps it is for everyone... but the timing for everyone is different! You may not be ready for this information today, but perhaps next week, next month, next year or next lifetime will be better for you! If you do not have an open mind, some of this information will be beyond difficult to grasp. And it's very possible that you may think you have an open mind and actually don't. Or perhaps your mind is just not ready to open yet? That's for you to figure out and decide. We have all been exposed to massive indoctrination and programming by the system and our families since we arrived on this planet when we were born. So for some, unplugging from the programming will be a very difficult feat. For others, like myself, a crisis of some sort may force us to wake up. And I am truly grateful for all the suffering that has brought me to my current state of peace. We all get the challenges that we need to help us evolve. Perhaps there is a blessing in this pandemic curse? Regardless... I am simply a healer and a truth seeker, hoping to help humanity and this planet (or at least a few individuals) by sharing my findings with you. So do as thou wilt! Enjoy!

FYI Just a heads up... Youtube has been doing some major censoring of alternative news videos lately so if the link doesn't work just google or youtube search the video title! Thankfully the conscious community is very persistent at keeping these videos up and running!

Dr. Phil Valentine- The Coronavirus Cover-Up (An Excellent video!)

'Covid 19' And 5G - What's The Connection? The David Icke Dot Connector Videocast

(Another Great One!)

The Anatomy of Covid-19 (Dr. Kaufman: Follow up to David Icke's video)

Event 201 Pandemic Exercise: Highlights Reel

The US Is Planning Martial Law Due to the Coronavirus - Important Info On Protecting Yourself!

CIVIL UNREST IS COMING As Retailers Board Up Their Shops! Get Ready For “ORDER OUT OF CHAOS”!!!

The Threat of 5G

Breaking: Secret Court Covering Up The Truth About Coronavirus

David Icke's site

5G Bill Signed Into Law While Everyone Is Distracted By Coronavirus

How to Protect Yourself from 5G and EMF Radiation

Coronavirus testing kits heading to the UK found to be contaminated with Covid-19

Testing kits heading to the UK contaminated with coronavirus | Metro News

5 Damn Good Reasons to Avoid the Flu Shot

Is Colloidal silver a cure for coronavirus?

DigestaCure AUTOIMMUNE-X Advanced Formula: Concentrated Immune Modulating Components. All Natural. 270 Capsules

Chloroquine phosphate, a drug used for the treatment of malaria, chikungunya fever, Zika virus, and HIV, is shown to be effective against COVID-19. It appears that Chloroquine is basically a medicalized zinc drug ref

Diplomatic State Citizen Passport

Secured Party Creditor Info

Just Stop And Listen - Coronavirus - Why Is This Happening? [English Version] (Really Beautiful... Must Listen!)

Conscious Youtube Channels:

Dollar Vigilante

The AI Organization

Gematria effects sports

Gematria effects news

High Frequency Radio/ Yusef El


Old Dog New Tricks

Truth unedited

Press For Truth

As I discover more information on this pandemic I shall update this article accordingly! Stay safe... and well informed! Blessings!


YoungPharaoh Youtube channel


George Soros And Bill Gates Funding Facebook’s Fact Checkers

Secured Party Creditor Private Banker GLOBAL ID

Trump Administration Opposes Bill Gates’ Vaccine Tracking System on ‘Personal Liberty’ Grounds



Bill Gates' Huge Influence On The World Health Organization Exposed

CDC’s failed coronavirus tests were tainted with coronavirus, feds confirm

The Next News Network Youtube channel


You Will Wish You Watched This (2020)

You Need To Know This (2020)

Dr Buttar EXPOSES Bill Gates - Fauci - David Icke Truth! Must Watch!! London Real Army

Whistleblowing ER Docs Urge "Open Up Society Now" Because "Lockdowns Are Weakening Our Immune Systems"

U.S. says will not take part in WHO global drugs, vaccine initiative launch

US Hospitals Getting Paid More to Label Cause of Death as ‘Coronavirus’

Milgram experiment

American Cop



Doctor Says 6 Feet Apart, We Are All Dead

Study Shows Direct Correlation between 5G Networks and “Coronavirus” Outbreaks

Your New Fasco-Communist Order - Censorship, Police State, Food Shortages, Famines and Tyranny

London Real Youtube Channel

CIA Popularized "Conspiracy Theory" Term to Silence Dissent


New York mom with coronavirus saved by medical-student son’s quick thinking for videos instead of heavily censored Youtube!


Former AIDS Scientist Judy Mikovits PHD Exposes Dr FAUCI ,Dr BIRX HIV & Cancer with Christina Aguayo

New York Launches Contact Tracing Program Ahead of Reopening State

Ask the Expert: Can a VPN Protect You From Government Surveillance?

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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