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Gracefully Adapting to Change

Change is indeed upon us! Even more change is on the horizon! In fact... the only thing we can truly count on in this life is change! Change is inevitable in our current reality. Therefore since the concept of change appears to be a universal truth... you'd think that we would all stay well prepared for any change that may come our way. Yet many of us falter, perhaps even become immobilized when faced with an abrupt and unexpected change... especially when this change is something we are not interested in experiencing! Like a sudden divorce, death, an accident... perhaps a worldwide pandemic? What a shock to the system right? Was anyone expecting the year 2020 to be so crazy?

I had a reiki client visit me for a session recently. I had my left hand under his neck and my right hand over his heart. I could feel that he had some pain in his neck, but what caught me off guard was what I felt in his heart. Typically when my hand is on the client's heart I will sense some type of pent up emotion (stress, sadness, anxiety) as if there's an unresolved issue that needs to be released. But in the case of this client, it appeared that he was holding onto nothing! Any emotional turbulence that he had experienced in this lifetime seemed to be cleared away. Not typical! Especially from someone who doesn't meditate or practice energy healing. And this was his first reiki energy healing session ever!

I was so amazed by what I felt (or rather by what I didn't feel) that I had to voice my thoughts to this client. He immediately recalled a life changing experience that he had many years ago. He was involved in a situation where he got a young lady pregnant at the age of 16 or so. So one day this young lady abruptly came out and told him that she didn't want him to be the father of the baby. This young man got so angry that he actually fainted. When he awakened (in the hospital) the doctor told him that he could've died... If he had just been a little angrier he may have not made it.

At that moment the young man realized that he had to change the way he responded to life's adversities. He couldn't allow himself to get so upset again otherwise it could be fatal for him. His whole view about life changed. He had an awakening! He chose not to allow anything to upset him anymore! He chose to let go of all negative thoughts and feelings and he stopped reacting negatively to change. What a blessing, right?

So what's interesting about the timing of this reiki session is that I had just finished reading a whole section about 'adapting to change' in an amazing book I've been reading called "Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money." In this book, in the section about change, the author, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, explains how there was a study done where they found that most people who had experienced heart attacks had them around 9 am in the morning. Rabbi Daniel Lapin goes on to explain that most people are either driving to work or just getting to work around 9 am. This is a very stressful time... namely because most people are just waking up (having been asleep for many hours) and abruptly getting dressed and running out the door to get to work.

Now, transitioning from a sleep state to a state of racing to a job in rush hour traffic is quite an abrupt change. And this change is most definitely a shock to the system. It is indeed unhealthy and can rightfully lead to a heart attack. Rabbi Daniel Lapin suggests taking some time in the morning to pray. This prayer time allows one to adjust from being in a state of sleep to being in a state of wakefulness. It helps ease the transition so the body, mind and spirit is not forced to adjust to change so abruptly.

In fact, Rabbi Daniel Lapin states that any abrupt change that one encounters in life should be eased into slowly. Yes, you can get fired from your job but you shouldn't react right away. Take a moment to grasp what is happening. There's no need to freak out. One should take there time and slowly adapt to change... In this type of situation one should gradually transition from being employed to not being employed. Nothing has to be rushed... and it shouldn't be! This is how one gracefully adapts to change... slowly! And this slow gradual adaptation to change should be performed with any and all changes that come your way. This prevents heart attacks, strokes, angry outbursts, and all other negative consequences that come from reacting too quickly to change.

Remember... your wife asks for a divorce, your beloved family member passes away... a car crashes into you... I'm not trying to put out any negative thoughts here by the way... But unpleasant things do happen at times and it's important to take a deep breath and slowly ease your way into dealing with new circumstances you encounter in life.

Even something positive like winning the lotto. That's a shocking change! Take your time with your newfound wealth. Don't go crazy and drive to a casino. Ease your way into this new wealthy reality! Take things slow and you will be more apt to handle your new blessing (or what may appear to be a curse). Sometimes there is a blessing in the curse and it just takes some reflection to realize this. Not all changes that appear to be bad are actually bad. Like if you get fired from a job, there may actually be a better job waiting for you. One never knows!

Just remember... change is a part of life... so be prepared to handle any change that comes your way gracefully by slowly and gradually adapting to this change! This slow and gradual adjustment period will help you tremendously and allow you to avoid any detrimental pitfalls. Til next time... Peace and Blessings!

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Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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