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It’s Time To Take A Day Off To Rest!

So as I type this article it's Monday, September 28th, 2020, just two days before I must publish this article! Perhaps it's that crazy Mercury Retrograde phase we are now headed into yet again ... or perhaps it's the full moon coming up in approximately 2 days... or perhaps a bit of both? But things are starting to get a bit rocky lately!

Last Thursday my internet connection stopped working. On Friday I had to drive to the spectrum store to trade in my old modem for a new modem. Now, just 3 days later, the new modem isn't getting a signal! I had to schedule an appointment for a spectrum technician to come out and fix the issue. Guess when their next appointment availability is? Sunday October 4th! So no internet for 6 days! Ha ha! I think not!

So how do I run all of my businesses without internet for 6 days? I have a reiki business, a non-profit, my book and blog, an ebay business and a new amazon business that I just started! How will this all get done without internet? Not possible!

As I woke up this morning, before this internet disconnection fiasco took place, my spiritual mentor told me that within the next few days a civil war or some type of catastrophe was to commence. He told me to get in all the walking I can cause in a moment no one will be allowed to walk on the streets. Supposedly the streets will be flooded with military. What a way to start the day right? And then the internet goes out...

So how does this all lead into taking a day off to rest? Well, it seems that sometimes the universe will force us to rest. Whether by disrupting our internet service or throwing some other type of curve ball at us... if we don't take the opportunity to slow down and give ourselves a much needed break, oftentimes the universe will step in and lend us a helping hand. Ofcourse in our minds these disruptions to our daily life are in no way helpful at all. But perhaps we need to see things from a different perspective?

I recently decided to take one day off per week. One day off from everything! A vacation day if you will… Friday night through Saturday night to be exact! There's a lot of powerful energy to be absorbed in these hours (especially Saturday afternoon), yet it becomes difficult to harness this powerful energy if were too busy being busy living life. In order to truly take advantage of this energy one should turn off all electronic devices. So that's no phone and no computer for a full 24 hours! And no television! (I don't watch tv anyway though) Think you can handle that?

So for the past few weeks this is exactly what I've been doing. On Friday night, as the sun begins to set, I turn off my cell phones and computer. During this 24 hour period I do not drive nor do I use any electronics. I don't work. I don't even do any house cleaning. Well, on my first Saturday I ended up doing tons of cleaning. But I decided that the cleaning had to be eliminated if this were truly to be a day of rest. So no cleaning! Just eating and reading and contemplating, sunbathing, cuddling with my cats, meditating, etc…

I started to find myself looking forward to this period of time (Friday night through Saturday night). It had become the long awaited oasis of my week. I found myself trying to finish up a million tasks by Friday's sunset. Not optimal... Perhaps even a bit stressful! But somehow, as soon as that sunset hit, I had programmed myself to completely turn off and unplug from the world. No more worries! Nothing more to do but rest!

This past Saturday I decided to take things one step further. It just didn't seem right to me that although I was resting for 24 hours my stomach still had to process food and work to digest it. So I decided to eliminate solid food! I still drank my superfood shake so technically I was still eating and digesting... but with way less of a burden on my digestive system! I even decided to stop taking all of my supplements for that day. Perhaps by next Saturday I'll graduate to a 24 hour water fast. Shouldn't be too difficult considering that I made it through 4 grueling days of a distilled water fast recently.

But anyway, I've realized how important this one day of rest per week has been for me. I believe it is vitally important for all of us to unplug from this reality for at least one day a week. Even better if we can unplug for a few hours a day and then for one full day every week. Since implementing this new day of rest into my schedule I've realized that I also needed to create a new schedule for my electronics usage.

I recently started to get anxiety in the morning. I soon realized that the anxiety started when I turned my cell phones on. Yes, I am super sensitive to EMFs! So I decided that I wouldn't turn my cell phones on until 12:30pm. I realize that this may not be possible for many people, especially for people with earlier work schedules. But for me, turning the phone on too early in the day is a detriment to my energy! I also decided not to turn on my computer until even later in the day! The computer affects my energy as well... perhaps not as bad as the phone...but it still affects me!

I also decided to limit my time spent on the internet... So instead of sitting at the computer for hours and getting fried I only go online for 30 minutes at a time. Then I step away from the computer and involve myself in another activity for approximately 30 minutes or so before resuming my internet work. Doing this allows my energy to get a break from the harmful radioactive frequencies emitted by the computer.

So in summary... if you haven't been allowing yourself to get adequate rest lately perhaps now is the time to start implementing a rest schedule! Taking a few hours off per day and one whole day off per week (at the very least) is optimal. I highly recommend doing this Friday evening through Saturday evening. However, do what works best for your schedule!

Taking time off from using electronics is an excellent way to recharge your energy as well. And being that we are currently in the shadow phase of mercury retrograde, a perilous astrological period of time when electronics and communications are known to go haywire, now is the best time to do this! Take some time to unplug from those devices that you’ve become so dependent on!

Mercury retrograde is also the perfect time to slow down, meditate and reflect on life. Remember... if you don't take the time to slow down... the universe may just have to do it for you! If this happens try to keep an open mind and realize that perhaps everything is happening for a good reason! Getting adequate rest is essential to our well being!

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Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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