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Chemtrails... Plus 5G... Plus the Vaccine... Equals the No Longer Human You!

The pieces to the puzzle have finally started to fall into place! And wow... it just keeps getting worse and worse! This is all starting to sound like a supernatural A.I. sci-fi horror film- but unfortunately this appears to be our reality. Well, this appears to be the reality for those of us who take the covid-19 vaccine. Always remember, you do have a choice... no matter how difficult the government makes things for us! Adversity is indeed supposed to make us stronger, right? We can overcome this!

So it all started with the chemtrail nanobots being placed in our atmosphere. Then the 5G plan was implemented and finally covid-19 vaccines were mandated. So what does this all mean? The chemtrails, 5G and vaccines are a trinity- They all work together to create the new robotic non-human hive-minded slave being. Let's start with the vaccine.

It has now come out that the vaccine appears to contain parasitic amoeba-like creatures that have a nano operating system in them. Check out this newest video to see what Dr. Carie Madej has discovered in the Moderna and J&J injection vials. Supposedly this operating system has been programmed to create all new organs for the vaccine recipient...organs of artificial intelligence! So when you take the vaccine you are technically no longer human, and the longer it's in your system the less human and more robotic you become. This is the dawning of transhumanism!

The chemtrail nanobots have been getting pumped into our atmosphere for a while now so we all have them in us! However, the vaccine amoebas and chemtrail nanobots do not fully connect without the implementation of the electrical currents emanating from the 5G satellites and towers. This is the signal that turns everything on! So when everything gets turned on and connects with the 5G the vaccine recipient officially becomes a part of the 5G worldwide web hive-minded computer networking system. You will no longer be able to think for yourself. Your robotic operating system along with its nanobots will be doing your thinking for you. You will be a computer controlled A.I. robotic being. Some may say a "zombie."

Quite a few vaccine recipients will live for a while and other won't. I suppose not everyone's body will be able to handle the shock of an invading A.I. amoeba, especially if they get a hot dose of the vaccine which I heard happens quite a bit- and explains why so many people are dying after taking it. But if you do manage to survive the 1st and 2nd shots, that just means that your immune system/ genetics are perhaps stronger than the others who did not survive the injections.

I had an Aha! moment when writing this article. I read a very eye-opening book called "Look Before You Leap: Critical Covid Vaccine Safety Information" that explains how none of the animals in the covid-19 trials ever lived through the trials. Some died early on and all died within 2 years. So here's the thing... When you take the vaccine and are slowly (or quickly) dying from it, the A.I. amoeba is in the process of re-building your body. If you are one of the lucky ones (I suppose) you will basically evolve into a re-animated corpse- the human you will die but get completely replaced with the A.I. you. So you're still alive sort of?

If you die early on, you will still have this amoeba in your body rebuilding all your organs, and in fact you may literally become a re-animated corpse at some point in the game? Perhaps when the "powers that be" press a special button? Then we will have a zombie apocalypse for sure! A re-enactment of the show "The Walking Dead."

So I guess we have a choice... We can become a robotic zombie or we can remain human and eventually fight robotic zombies? Or just become outcasts on an A.I. robotic planet where you can't do anything if you are not a robot zombie yourself? Or you can just get rich- buy private land and completely opt out of society! Easier said than done!

But wa wa wait- it gets worse! I've been told that purple and black lights are being installed in cities everywhere. They are starting in small cities and working their way up to bigger cities. So what are these lights for exactly? Well, these lights were created to detect the amoebas in people. It's basically a way of knowing whether or not a person has taken the vaccine. Pretty soon it will be mandated for everyone to take the vaccine. And if they catch you with these lights and see that you haven't taken the vaccine then you will be arrested- and given the vaccine anyway. Ofcourse if you have your religious exemption on you at all times than you should be protected (maybe).

My good friend says it's going to be like the tv show "The Strain." I never watched the whole show-but my friend says they were testing people with some special light on one episode. The light would allow you to know whether or not the person contained this worm creature.

So anyway, long story short, were in for some interesting times folks! Ofcourse it gets deeper, it always gets deeper. I've heard that different shots contain different types of A.I. technology. One shot may turn you into a vampire, while another shot turns you into a robotic zombie slave, while another may just kill you. The programming in the shots may become even more specific as time goes on. My friend even suggests that vaccines could be prepared and programmed specifically for certain ethnic groups, age groups and even industries that people work in. Only time will tell! I guess were just going to have to wait and see how this all plays out!

I'm not sure about you- but I'd prefer to stay in control of my mind... ehhh-maybe I just have control issues! I really don't like being told what to do! And if you've read my parasite cleansing articles then you know I'm not much into parasites living in my body either! So an A.I. computer amoeba taking over my thoughts- well, that's gonna be a no-go for me!

Til next time... How does it feel to be living in revelations? Will you take the mark of the beast or rapture yourself out of the entire system? Seems like an easy choice to me! But it ain't gonna be easy for most people! Goodluck!

I just want to add one more thing... The Law of Attraction is very strong right now. Energy on the planet is super duper high. So I think it's best that I end this somewhat depressing article on a positive note. I do believe that the power of prayer, positive affirmations, positive thoughts, and energy healing can override and counteract these vaccine poisons and A.I. amoebas. I believe that it is possible to override the dark side and the negative agenda that is upon is. I am very hopeful. All I can be is hopeful. I've been working quite diligently to raise my vibration in an effort to channel a tremendous amount of healing energy towards my loved ones who have taken the vaccine. I believe in myself, my connection to the divine God frequency and my power to heal anything and everything. There are no boundaries. My powers are limitless....and we all have the ability to channel these divine miraculous healing powers. It's all a matter of belief. When you change your thoughts you change your world. Never underestimate the power of the mind! Have faith! We will all get through this together and we will be a better planet and a better people for having gone through this. Stay positive and know that you and your loved ones are protected. Stay empowered with love, light and divine energy. There is nothing to fear. There is no death. And thank the Universe/ God daily for your blessings! Be grateful! You made it this far!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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