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Experiencing Credit Difficulties? Investing in a CPN could help!

A Credit Privacy Number, also known as a C.P.N., is a new private 9 digit number established for financial reporting purposes. A C.P.N. can help you reestablish credit. This number is fully tri-merged with the Social Security Administration. It's like having a whole new credit profile and starting over with zero credit and history. You cannot get any government based loans, or buy a house with your CPN/ SCN number. However you can rebuild credit, rent an apartment, get a car loan, a personal loan and start up a business! This number is NOT a new social security number. It is simply an available file number at the credit bureaus that can have financial information reported. You have the right to establish this number only once, so do not abuse it. The bureaus or the IRS can take part in this process to establish your CPN. Please be aware that YOU ARE LIABLE FOR PAYING BACK ANYTHING THAT IS BORROWED with this new CPN. C.P.N.'s are used by celebrities, congress members/ government workers and for witness protection reasons. For example, celebrities use it because the media can use their SS# to track what they are buying and where they are simply by tracking their credit cards. Furthermore, congress holds special privileges to the law; therefore, their privacy needs to be protected. In another example, witnesses under protection can be located if they use their true social security number for transactions. These are the reasons for the existence of a Credit Privacy Number. Reasons are not limited to the previous examples, so why shouldn't you have a CPN? Legality of CPN: Presently, federal law allows the ability for someone to legally use a private ID # for financial reporting purposes instead of a Social Security Number. Title 5, Section 7 of Publication Law 93-579 of Government Organization and Employees Act: (a) (1) It shall be unlawful for any Federal, State or Local Government Agency to deny any individual any right, benefit, or privilege provided by law because of such individual's refusal to disclose his or hers Social Security Account Number. What this means is Federal Law protects those who do not wish to disclose their personal information (SS#) except where required to do so. Disclosure of your social security number is only required when dealing with the IRS, your employer, or when applying for a federally insured mortgage. Instead of a Social Security Number, you now have the opportunity to establish a Credit Privacy Number (CPN).

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q: Do you really understand how your social security number is used? A: The social security administration was created during the great depression. The Federal Government's intention was to allow Americans to save for our retirement so that we may live in our senior years. Like it or not that was the plan. Over the years, the "social security" number, which was intended to identify your retirement accounts, has become a tool for the government and other private organizations to track us in numerous ways. Although, that was not the original intent of a "Social Security Number", it has become an easy way for different organizations to identify us. For example, you are often asked for your SS # for a new bank account, credit union, or when applying for a driver's license. Q: Why do these organizations insist on requiring your social security number to identify you? A: Because we allow them to! The sole purpose of your social security number is for tax and social security use ONLY! The law states that No federal, state, or local government agency may deny you any right, privilege or benefit due to your refusal to provide your SS # for any other reason than producing money for retirement account with the Social Security Administration, the IRS and your employer today. Credit Bureaus are not legally allowed to "require" your Social Security Number. In our country's present credit reporting system a person may be assumed guilty and then must expend a great deal of time and resources to prove his or her innocence. Additionally, once a negative item is in a credit file it may remain long past the 7 year time period most people believe is used. Additionally, a misreported item can show up in a credit report multiple times. Q: What Will My New Credit Score Be? A: Your new credit file will be completely blank, and it will take the acquiring of credit accounts and credit history to attain a new credit score. Q: Am I still responsible for all my old debts? A: Yes. You are still completely responsible to handle all of your prior debts. Q: Is this a second social security number? A: No. Your new nine digit credit profile number will not be used for any government interactions. Employment, Drivers License's, Welfare, and any other social welfare was meant to utilize your Social Security Number to gain benefits. Q: Can I use this number just like a Social Security Number? A: No. This number is for credit purposes only and is not to be used for the following: Military, Child support, DSS income, SSI, taxes, FHA, VA, or any government programs or funding. Q: What Can I Use With My New Credit Profile? A: This new credit profile can be used for credit purposes only. It can be used for attaining credit cards, car loans, mortgages (private party only), personal unsecured loans and more. If you have any other questions pertaining to the use of a CPN/ SCN, please do not hesitate to email your questions to

This program is not intended to be used as a method of defrauding banks, creditors, or any other organization that requires your social security number as identification. This program is not a method to avoid paying your existing or future debts. If you created the debt, you are responsible to repay that debt. We will not support, facilitate, nor condone any fraudulent activity. The information contained on this site is for informational purposes only and for you to use at your own risk. We are not lawyers nor do we provide any legal services. We have a non refund policy due to the work involved in creating brand new fully tri-merged CPNs for our clients.


Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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